Chapter 1444 Different Kind Of Love

The Major General personally came over and called Ye Jian to his car alone. This matter was obviously unusual.


“There is nothing unusual. The leader that she will be protecting is not a simple man. After the big celebration, it is not impossible to have any follow-up task arrangements. Have we not experienced it before?” Xia Jinyuan said lightly. His elegant and handsome face showed no sadness or joy; it only had a kind of peace that no one could understand.


“If she has a separate mission, the military will not let us know, and I have no right to ask.”


In short, he would not interfere with Ye Jian’s actions, let alone questioning her. This is the most fundamental principle of being a soldier.


The silent G3 suddenly raised his eyes and looked at Xia Jinyuan, “Ye Jian is your girlfriend, aren’t you worried?”


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“Even if I’m worried, what can I do?” Looking at his surprised comrade, Xia Jinyuan chuckled indifferently, “Can my worry be useful in performing tasks? G3, Ye Jian is my girlfriend and also my comrade.”


“How I fight with you all on the battlefield is how I will fight with Ye Jian. And the same goes when performing tasks.”


“We are not just lovers; we are also comrades who defend our home and our country. She performs her mission. I will pray for her safe return, and I only hope that she will complete her mission successfully.”

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“Of course, I will worry about her. Therefore, I pay great attention to her training and turn my worries into giving her harsh training so that she can successfully complete her tasks with her own ability and return safely.”


The love between Xia Jinyuan and Ye Jian does not have much romance; there is not much of a lovey-dovey like other relationships. Their love was strict; it involves mutual encouragement, support, hope, and wait…


Because this kind of love has too many unknowns and dangers. There is no way they can talk about eternity love; they can only strengthen their ability to fight so that the other party will not be too worried about themselves.


After listening to this, G3 was silent for a long time. It took at least five minutes before he nodded slightly, “I understand.” This was a different kind of love. They had different ways of getting along. This kind of unique love belonged to Q King and Ye Jian.


Until evening, Xia Jinyuan still hadn’t met Ye Jian. At four a.m. the next day, Xia Jinyuan saw a simply dressed Ye Jian passing his eyes.


He was responsible for guarding in secret while she was responsible for personal protection. They performed their duties without disturbing each other.


“Director, this way, please.” Ye Jian, who had only slept for three hours, remembered the leader’s itinerary in her mind and spent two hours marking the spots, walking through the places the director needed to pass during the day to confirm the locations. There would be some blind spots where danger may occur. Ye Jian had memorized all these details in advance.


The director was not tall, and he was a little skinny, but he walked vigorously, even though his temples were faintly pale, his energy was better than the young man.


Facing the female soldier sent by the military department for the first time, the director felt a little unbearable, but things had already progressed to this point, so he could only accept it.


“Little Ye, you walk behind me a little bit, don’t have to stand in front of everything.” At 4 a.m, all the leaders were already engaged in work. The 54-year-old director did not want Ye Jian to protect him with her life, so he reminded her from time to time.


Wearing a black slim-fitting women’s suit jacket and a white shirt underneath, Ye Jian, dressed as a translator, smiled and said, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

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