Chapter 1459: Wisdom And Strategy

At the end of the phone, the square-faced man’s accomplice took in a very obvious breath. When Ye Jian heard it, a very faint light flashed in the depths of her eyes.


Obviously, the other party was not only confused, but he was also emotionally affected because things did not proceed according to their plan.

This was a good thing for her.


“Chairman has great hopes for us. If we can’t even do such a simple thing, how are we going to explain it to the Chairman? We didn’t do a good job. Mr. Charlie will definitely not contact the Chairman for our sake.”


The man on the cell phone was obviously anxious, and he accidentally let out some secrets, “Darned it, if until 1 a.m, we still can’t proceed with our plan, then we will just set the fire. It doesn’t matter whether that director has moved in or not! First, set the fire, then talk.”


Set fire at 1 a.m, Mr. Charlie, Chairman… Ye Jian, who caught the sensitive words, suddenly realized that she could arrest the primary target, “Chairman” through getting information from the man named “Charlie”, and this square-faced man and the man on the phone could contact Mr. Charlie.


That means that these people were just small people.

Well, small people have their own benefits. They are timid, fearful, and not intimidated, so let’s get Mr. Charlie out first.


“Sure, no problem. Let’s just set it on fire! Alright, stop talking nonsense; I will come up to you.” Ye Jian mimicked the square-faced man’s voice perfectly; she even mimicked his Guilin accent.


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Ye Jian, in her previous life, was forced by Ye Ying to live all over the country, without a fixed place. So, she had also lived in Guilin for two months. And that had really helped her a lot at this moment.


“You come up first, I’ll pick you up at the elevator.” On the phone, the accomplice of the square-faced man obviously didn’t have a clue. He raised his hand and pulled the curtains to look under the hotel again. Seeing that there was no car entering, he said: “Come up first, hurry!”

Ye Jian also has to know which elevator they were meeting at, so she asked softly, “Okay, which elevator is more convenient?”

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“That elevator entrance on the fifth floor, hurry up.” The man without the slightest doubt motioned his “comrade” to come up as soon as possible. Their target person had yet to show up, and it was already so late, making him anxious and not knowing what to do.


The fifth floor it is then. Ye Jian turned the square-faced man’s cell phone to silent and walked towards the fifth floor with a calm expression as she walked out of the bathroom. After a while, she pretended to be nervous again, and said to the other party on the phone, “I think you better don’t meet me at the elevator. I don’t know why, but I’m feeling very flustered. You leave a gap at the door of your room. I will go to your room. Don’t hang up the cell phone so we can keep in contact immediately.”

With the same voice as the square-faced man, Ye Jian went up to the fifth floor. She didn’t look at the room close to the left to see if there was an open gap. Instead, all she looked at was to the right, starting from the room facing the front of the hotel.


On the phone, the man also mentioned that he did not see any car driving into the hotel. That means that from his observation position, he was just opposite the hotel road. Coupled with his timid, fearful and impulsive temperament, he most probably wouldn’t be going anywhere other than observing in his room.

Asking him to leave a gap in the room’s door was also a test to see if he was in his room. The man did not refuse. Instead, he readily agreed. And with that, Ye Jian had confirmed that the other party was in his room.

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