Chapter 1458: People With Superb Technical Skills Are Brave

Ye Jian, although she knew nothing, also knew that the hotel would not be peaceful tonight. She returned to the lobby again. At the same time, she was holding a cup of coffee.

The square-faced man was still there, but his expression became more and more impatient. From time to time, he raised his legs and put them down again. The newspaper in his hand was also making shaking sounds; his patience was also near the edge.

Ye Jian, with her sharp eyes, walked past the man, and when he suddenly switched his sitting position, she walked over quickly and acted as if the man had tripped her over.

The coffee fell on the clothes of the square-faced man. She was “tripped” seriously by him that she staggered forward for several steps and finally fell head first against the sofa.

“Are you blind!” The square-faced man didn’t realize he was wrong; he scolded Ye Jian, “Don’t you know how to walk! What the ****! Your coffee splashed all over my body!”

Ye Jian continued to put up an act, pretended that she could not stand still; she quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to your feet just now, I’m so sorry. Are you burned? I will pay for your clothes, or do you want to go to the bathroom to change them first? Let me send it to the hotel cleaners.”


Sometimes it is good to look pretty. The square-faced man, who was fierce at first, saw clearly the face of the woman who had accidentally spilled coffee on him. In the next second, his attitude improved a lot. Although he was still angry, at least he didn’t shout anymore; he just said, “Pay attention next time.”

Having said that, he stood up and took a look outside the hotel, and walked towards the bathroom.

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Ye Jian, who repeatedly apologized, looked at the back of the square-faced man and smiled deeply. After confirming that the other party was walking towards the bathroom, she followed him.

The male was at the left and the female at the right. Ye Jian pushed the door of the bathroom that was still slowly closing and conveniently hung the “cleaning in progress” work hard on the lock handle of the men’s bathroom. Then, she flashed into the men’s bathroom.


With a “click”, the bathroom door was locked. The square-faced man who was taking off his jacket was not paying attention to what was happening. It was too late when he felt something was wrong.

Ye Jian’s movements were very fast. The other party just managed to take off one sleeve, and she had already stepped forward and grabbed the man’s clothes. Before the man could take off the other sleeve, she picked up the man’s clothes and put them over his head.

“Who! What do you want to do!” The square-faced man whose head was covered couldn’t react on time. He only felt a quick flash, and then he couldn’t see anything, let alone who was behind him.

His other hand was brought to the back of his head with his sleeve, and his chin was forced downward by Ye Jian, who also grabbed his collar. The square-faced man had no chance to struggle. He bent over his shoulder, completely caught by Ye Jian.

“Uh, uh…uh… let go! Let go!” The man who fell to his chest was struggling hard. This man was tall but unskilled; how could he deal with Ye Jian, who was a special soldier? He could only struggle until he fainted in the end.

Ye Jian felt that no sense of accomplishment in defeating this man; it was too easy!

About three minutes later, the square-faced man’s voice suddenly sounded from the bathroom, “Darned it did something happen, they are still not here yet. How about let’s go out to have a look. Maybe they already entered the hotel, but I missed them.”

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“No way, you doubt yourself?” Another voice sounded from the phone, and Ye Jian, who was holding the phone, moved her eyes slightly and said: “I don’t know, anyway, I didn’t see anyone. Come and pick me. We should discuss whether we want to call the Chairman or not.”

The voice was indeed the voice of a square-faced man.

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