Chapter 1457: Work Hard To Train Her

Ye Jian, who walked into her hotel room, lowered her head slightly, her eyes darkened slightly.


She had to resolve the man in the lobby and his accomplice in the hotel. So, how many criminals are there in this hotel? What is her next move?

Since it involves cleaning up Tongzhou, she must contact the Tongzhou police department. The director personally uses himself as bait; the police department can’t just do nothing.


So, what is she going to do next?

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Sitting by the bed, Ye Jian’s brows tightened lightly. The Major General told her that her main task is to protect the safety of the director during the big celebration and also during the next two days… But the problem is 1) she wasn’t with the director now.

2) she must enter a mountain village in Guilin, find the policemen who were killed and cruelly dismembered by those criminals so that the sacrificed policemen can have a complete body. The Major General said that this was her follow-up task.

Now since she wasn’t protecting the director, and she didn’t receive an order to go to a mountain village in Guilin, then I would only be staying alone in the hotel tonight… serving like a target.

Even if she was a just target, she must let the criminals know her presence, but obviously, the other party… didn’t know about her, otherwise, when she passed the square-faced man just now, at the very least, he should have turned his head at her, but, no!

Ye Jian suddenly couldn’t understand the military department’s arrangement.

She didn’t understand, but Xia Jinyuan did. Since Ye Jian drove into Tongzhou by herself, he had already guessed the military’s intention.

They are taking this opportunity to train Ye Jian! This is their only purpose!


Moreover, they had even specifically instructed him not to contact Ye Jian immediately, nor did they allow anyone, including Pigeon, to contact Ye Jian, leaving Ye Jian in a completely helpless situation.

After thinking about this carefully, his Little Fox indeed had not performed any task alone, nor had she encountered any situation that would make her feel isolated and helpless.


This arrangement would let her gain some experience, but it worried the director, who did not know the military’s intention.


Xia Jinyuan had no objection to the arrangement. His Little Fox took him as the goal; she wanted to enter the Elite Platoon; she wanted to join as soon as she graduated. And so, the military department’s requirements for her would only be stricter.

Xia Jinyuan thought about the matter; his face became a little cold; K7 in the same car couldn’t help but glance at him several times.

“Concentrate on driving.” Xia Jinyuan reminded faintly, without lifting his eyes, “There are people coming and going, and pedestrians running red lights. We do not want to be the laughing matter if we accidentally cause trouble on the busy streets.”

The Tongzhou International Hotel is located on the side of the downtown area, so there are many people. Cars entering the downtown streets will slow down involuntarily to avoid any accidents with pedestrians who suddenly rush out.

Crane had already seen the neon red “Tongzhou International Hotel” signboard. He looked around the busy streets, his brows frowned slightly, “Any move from the enemy and the consequences will be disastrous.”

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“Ye Jian will not give them a chance to make a move.” Xia Jinyuan immediately replied, “She will not sit in the hotel and wait; as long as she finds a trace, she will act immediately, and then the Tongzhou police will secretly ambush the hotel. The entire hotel is under surveillance; no one will give criminals a chance to make a move.”

They already knew the other party’s movement, now they just needed to catch them. Naturally, it is necessary to keep abreast of the other party’s situation. Guilin’s police cooperate with Tongzhou police. Tongzhou International Hotel will not be too peaceful tonight.

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