Chapter 1456 Fight For Faith

The director had two hotels in Tongzhou, the other was bait, and Ye Jian was heading to that hotel.

The sky gradually darkens completely into the night, the neon lights lit up, adding charm to the night, the colorful streamer illuminates the street, adding a sense of mystery to the passing pedestrians.

At six p.m, a hotel in Tongzhou welcomed a special guest. The hotel person in charge respectfully led the important guest to the elevator. He bowed his head slightly to show his respect for the guest, “This way, please. Watch your step; the floor is slightly slippery.”

The director walked fast, with a particularly serious expression. After entering the elevator, he immediately said to the soldiers next to him: “The three of you go support Ye Jian as soon as possible. I don’t want to hear any bad news about her!”

The criminals were all staring at the Tong Hotel, where Ye Jian was staying. He was very surprised by the military arrangements, but he had no right to question it, so he could only urge Ye Jian’s comrades to go over quickly.

Xia Jinyuan raised his hand to block the elevator door and let the director enter before answering, “We will go support immediately. Don’t worry. We believe that our comrade will not let herself to fall into any danger.”


“I also believe you all. But this time is different than before. You all need to be more vigilant, and you all need to protect yourself. The army still needs you guys, and your comrades are also waiting for your return.” The director did not know the army had sent the super elite special force this time. So his caring words had warmed the elite soldiers’ hearts.


Fight for the country, fight for faith, fight for the leaders who contribute to this country! These are the unshirkable duties of every soldier, and they are also a sacred responsibility!


In the Tongzhou International Hotel, someone was staying in a room on the fifth floor. He took her binoculars to his eyes from time to time, carefully watching the entrance and exit of the hotel. He put the binoculars down and walked around in the room when he couldn’t spot his target.


“Not here yet, not here yet; it can’t be that something went wrong, right.” He was a little restless, walking for a while, then stopping for a while.

In the hotel lobby, someone was watching with a newspaper. Occasionally, he would look up at the door of the hotel and then gloomily looked down at the newspaper in his hand.


When Ye Jian came in alone, her eyes began to scan the place. When she walked to the front desk, she had already observed everything in the lobby.


The check-in information had already been registered, so she just took the room card and checked in.

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When she passed by the sofa in the hotel lobby, she nodded slightly and looked in the direction of the sofa.


A square face with a beard, thick brows, a wound at his brow peak, a man in a navy blue jacket, light blue jeans, a visual height of 1.74 meters, a sturdy body… Ye Jian remembered the person’s looks and clothes with just a glance.

Seeing the person moving his hands to take things from his jacket, Ye Jian couldn’t help slowing down. Then, the square-faced man took out a mobile phone, pressed a button, and said, “There’s nothing so far. Could it be traffic congestion?”

“You wait upstairs first, I’ll be guarding downstairs. No matter what, we must make a move at them when they are here. The earlier we get things done, the earlier the Chairman can be satisfied.”


The word “Chairman” floated to Ye Jian’s ears, causing her eyes to darken.

The leader of the cult organization is the “Chairman”! He was a man who came from a mountain village, an illiterate, but he relied on his mouth to influence people to join him!

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