Chapter 1455: Very Much Looking Forward To

Xia Jinyuan, who didn’t urge his comrades to drive, laughed lowly and softly. His deep black eyes looked at K7, whose emotions were so cold as if they were undesirable, and then turned to the gentle, but ruthless heart Crane, and said slowly: “Ye Jian. She is not weak.”


“It’s not a question of weakness. I mean, since now that the situation permits, why don’t we send someone to support in advance?” Crane frowned very shallowly. He didn’t quite understand Xia Jinyuan’s approach.

K7, who also wanted to support Ye Jian, was even more reluctant to speak than G3. He even still liked to read some forensic professional books. He helped Xia Jinyuan answer plainly, “Ye Jian’s goal is to be Q King, and the army she wants to be a member of Elite Platoon, and she wants to join in immediately after graduation.”


Without explaining too much, Crane instantly understood why Q King hadn’t arranged to support Ye Jian himself, “I see, then there’s no need to support.”

After graduating, she immediately wanted to join the Elite Platoon. That means before graduation, she must work very hard.

However, it is far more dangerous to carry out the task individually.

Luckily the task is carried out inside the country, so if there are any problems, they can contact one another immediately. If she was in a foreign country alone, and without support, she can only rely on her own strength… It’s impossible to return safely without any hard work.


After knowing Ye Jian’s goal, Crane stopped mentioning he would support Ye Jian. At this time, it was just some small issues, so it was good enough to train Ye Jian.


Now that Crane understood, Xia Jinyuan, who had already started the car, smiled again: “I’m not saying we can’t support her, just that, for now, we don’t have to. Later a bit, the three of us have to go to meet Ye Jian.”

Upon hearing this, the smile at the corner of Crane’s mouth suddenly deepened, “Then I look forward to it.”


It would be more interesting that way… Listening to Q King’s words, it seemed that he only intended to support silently, and not directly.

So cruel! But for the sake of his girlfriend’s future safety, Q King has indeed worked hard to train her.

Since that’s the case, then he, as a comrade, must cooperate; he will never drag his comrade down.

Knowing which hotel the director would rest in, K7 quickly caught up with Pigeon. He honked to remind them when the two cars were side by side.

Pigeon, who was in charge of surrounding observation, looked outside and saw Q King beckoning to him.

“Q King is here.” He whispered so as not to disturb the director who was communicating with his secretary. “The driver is T6. There is another person in the car. I don’t know who’s that.”

T6 took a quick look when the car was turning, and when he saw Xia Jinyuan, a trace of envy flashed in his eyes.

How great is it to be able to perform tasks with his girlfriend? This will deepen their relationship.

Although Jiaxin was inspired by him to join the army, if he wanted her to enter the Elite Platoon…, well, that’s a bit far-fetched.

Now, T6, who had become more and more concerned about An Jiaxin, tried his best to make his existence more visible to her. At the same time, he had not forgotten to brush up his military charm, so that An Jiaxin, who was originally influenced by Ye Jian, could think more of him.

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At this moment, T6 felt that it was necessary to make his existence more visible to her so that the girl he liked could be completely persuaded to join the army, and then he would think of a way to have her assigned nearer to him. He didn’t hope for her being his comrade, fighting together like how Q King and Ye Jian were. He just wanted to accidentally bump into her during training.

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The two cars drove across the street together to the real hotel where the director would be staying.

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