Chapter 1462 Stand Together Through Storms

Xia Jinyuan’s cold voice sounded through the phone, making Ye Jian feel shocked but only for three seconds.


It was not because of what he said, but because of his arrival… She had been in contact with Pigeon from Beijing to Tongzhou; when did Xia Jinyuan come?


“Any questions?”


Suddenly, when she heard his cold voice again, it felt as if it was an order.


Ye Jian replied with a tight expression: “No question. I will solve the remaining criminals as soon as possible, but I will need support with Mr. Charlie. I’m too close to the hotel. Any movement may cause him to flee immediately.”


She didn’t ask why he wanted her to solve all four criminals in Tongzhou International Hotel alone. Instead, she chose absolute obedience when facing orders.


K7 glanced at Xia Jinyuan and saw his captain nodded and agreed to Ye Jian’s request. He said to Ye Jian, “Yes, no problem. You must be careful.” When he was about to hang up, he suddenly thought of something, his calm voice became very serious, “A single soldier can also be the king. Every soldier in the Elite Platoon had been through a similar situation.”

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A person whose feelings were so dull that he usually had no emotions and desires suddenly came up with such an emotional sentence; not only Ye Jian was a little surprised, even Xia Jinyuan and Crane were surprised.


No, “amazed” would be the better word to describe their feelings.


“I understand; thank you for your reminder.” Ye Jian replied, smiling. Good, really good, even K7 cared about her, did that mean that she could assume that the Elite Platoon special force had accepted her and regarded her as their comrade?


K7 told her that every soldier in the Elite Platoon could fight alone, and they must win in every batter. They could fight against ten enemies. It is not that their comrades did not want to support, but that they believed in their capability.


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In Ye Jian’s opinion, it wasn’t hard to solve those small guys. She tied up the young man’s limbs and dragged him directly to the bathroom. Then she covered his mouth with a towel. To prevent him from breaking free, Ye Jian also used a bath towel to tie the man together to the toilet seat,…Finally, while closing the bathroom door, she also locked the door from the outside with a bathrobe.


“One suspect is in the men’s bathroom in the hotel lobby. The second one is in the bathroom in room 5015 on the fifth floor of the hotel. I will now go to the other criminals.”


Ye Jian reported to K7 the location of the suspects who had been resolved so that the follow-up work could be handed over to K7 or the Tongzhou police.


“Okay.” K7 ended the call with just one word, and then said to Xia Jinyuan: “The follow-up work will be handled by the Tongzhou police, and the criminal “Mr. Charlie” will also be handled by the Tongzhou police?”


For the police, this was an opportunity for meritorious service. Furthermore, the Elite Platoon couldn’t easily intervene in places, so it was better to make things clear first.


“Notify the Tongzhou police and tell them the location of the two suspects that have been captured. No need to say anything else for the time being. It won’t be too late if we only act when they need our help.” Xia Jinyuan was also well versed in local policies. Although they had a high chance of winning, the Tongzhou police already had the deployment completed, so the task would definitely be successfully completed.


Otherwise, how could the local officials report to the director who had made himself a bait?


As for Mr. Charlie, Xia Jinyuan pondered for a few seconds and gave an order to Crane, “Contact Pigeon, I need to ask the director.”


The Secretary, who hadn’t rested, immediately changed from a serious face to a smiley face when he received the call from Xia Jinyuan, “Ye Jian did a beautiful job. Charlie is the biggest fish in Tongzhou! The Tongzhou police will catch the fish, so you all don’t need to get involved in the local government affairs, so as not to increase your workload.”

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