Chapter 1463 Waiting For You To Return

After all, all soldiers sent from the army had to come to Guilin instead of catching criminals.


Xia Jinyuan had no objection to the Secretary’s arrangement, as he too had the same idea. As a soldier, it was not suitable to be involved in local government affairs. Although the police and army were in the same family, it was important to know where one stands and not get involved in other people’s affairs, just in case it would end up making things worse.


The Tongzhou police had already deployed, and the members of the Elite Platoon were currently watching Ye Jian resolve the other suspects.


The night entered an extremely cold temperature. Ye Jian, who was close to the stairs, called a criminal who was guarding the computer room of the hotel. She had just dealt with the criminals guarding in the parking lot and at the back of the hotel. Her back was soaked in sweat.

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Raising her hand to wipe the sweat from her forehead, the faint blue screen of the phone illuminated Ye Jian’s facial features; it was half bright and half dark as if her face was covered with a cold blue colour.


She learned the voice of the young man so vividly that it was difficult to distinguish the true from the false. Just like how she dealt with the previous criminals, she first learned the specific location of the target person before taking action.


The hotel’s computer room was on the second floor, and there were security guards on duty.


And she had to convince the guards that the criminal was among them.

From the underground parking lot to the second floor, Ye Jian didn’t walk slowly. She gently lowered her footsteps and then gently raised it to ensure that there would be no sound.


Walking through the corridor, she quietly pushed open the heavy fire door and easily saw two security guards sitting on an old sofa, smoking, and chatting.


The voices of the two people weren’t her targets. Ye Jian closed the door and dialed out a set of mobile phone numbers again.


After a short while, there was a sound of footsteps behind the fire door, walking towards her directly, Ye Jian’s back was pressed against the cold wall, and in the darkness, her black eyes looked like a beast creeping in the dark, staring straight at the door.


The fire emergency door opened, and a tall, fat figure entered Ye Jian’s sight.


The door was closed, and then there was a loud “bang, bang, bang” from the dark corridor. Then, some heavy objects fell and rolled on the floor. It was not until the end that when there were sounds of someone struggling and making a frightened “Uh Uh” sound.


Ye Jian took out the other party’s belt, buckled it into the criminal’s mouth abruptly, and then twisted it to the back of his head and locked it, only allowing the man to make an “uh-huh” sound.


The criminal in the security uniform had also helped her. After pulling out his belt and tying him up, she pulled the straps again and tied his legs together. No light source was needed. Ye Jian could attack in the dark with her fast hands and legs.


At this moment, the tall, fat criminal was tied into a reverse arch, his chest and belly were against the cold ground, his chin was raised high, and his entire body had no strength to struggle.


The third one is solved.


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“She took an average of five minutes.” K7 once again received a call from Ye Jian and raised his eyebrows. There was a smile on his cold face as he said to Crane: “Are you more looking forward to her now?”


Crane nodded; the smile on his face was much deeper than K7, “Yes, I am looking forward more and more.”


“These few guys are nothing to her.” From the beginning to the end, the handsome and calm Xia Jinyuan smiled lightly. No one knew how powerful his Little Fox was. His Little Fox was someone who wanted to be on the “throne”, so solving these few guys was not a big deal.

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