Chapter 1464: Are You Satisfied

Xia Jinyuan quietly waited for Ye Jian to remove the dangers in the hotel one by one, quietly waiting for her to complete the task tonight.

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The Army Major General sat in his office alone, with his head down. Except for occasionally raising his head to pick up some far away documents, he never looked up or walked around.


The alarm clock on his desk made a “ding, ding, ding” sound, and he looked up from a pile of documents, put his work aside, raised his hand, and picked up the landline microphone.


At half-past nine in the evening, Xia Jinyuan received a call from the Major General; he did not ask anything else, he only asked, “How is Ye Jian?”


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Xia Jinyuan seemed to be waiting for his call. Hearing this, he replied calmly, “All criminals have been resolved, and the Tongzhou police are clearing the dangerous goods in the hotel according to the criminals’ confession.”


“Ye Jian’s situation is very good. She solved six criminals in one hour and seven minutes. At the same time, she helped Tongzhou police catch one of the main criminals in Tongzhou.”

Looking at it, it was not difficult for Ye Jian.


The Major General, who was initially been serious, had a slight smile on his face, “The first time a single soldier without a weapon has successfully completed the mission, Little Ye, has a good start.”


For Ye Jian, this was a task, but for the military, it was her first time fighting alone, and it was also a test.


“Yes, it’s really a good start, Major General. I wonder if the military is satisfied?” Xia Jinyuan asked with a smile on his thin lips, his unfathomable black eyes staring at the outside of the car. Inside, the neon lights shined, making his cold eyes a little warm, “I think the military should be very satisfied.”


His self-questioning and self-response made the Major General laugh, “It seems that you have already guessed my intentions. Yes, Ye Jian controlled the whole scene well. She has submitted an answer sheet that is temporarily satisfactory to the military department, and I’m relieved for the time being.”


“Temporary,” “for the time being,” all these show that the test of Ye Jian has just begun.

The military wants to see whether she can face individual combat calmly and also to see whether she can find a solution as soon as possible when she is unsupported and clueless in performing her tasks.


Although the mission to rescue K7 was also a solitary operation, at least the goal was clear, and she knew that she had support, and she could immediately contact her comrades in the event of danger.


But this time, there was no clear goal, no definitive news, and she didn’t know whether she had the support or not, and there weren’t any clues for her too.


When she was asked to perform such a mission without any clues, the Major General was actually a little nervous when he made such a decision.


In addition to being bold and cautious, she also needed to know how to find clues, how to control the entire scene and to get information from the criminals. At the same time, she needed to complete tasks secretly and then successfully escape.


All of these require Ye Jian to think about and complete alone, and there must be no mistakes halfway.


Like this time, once she was exposed, the criminals would be aware, and they may directly take action and confront the police in the most extreme way.


Xia Jinyuan chuckled, “You believe in her and are willing to give her a chance.”


If he didn’t believe in Little Fox, how could he let her fight alone, and how could he arrange such a task to train her.

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