Chapter 1465 An Excellent Special Soldier

With a tight smile on his face, the Major General suddenly told Xia Jinyuan his plan, “You want her to go directly to the Elite Platoon after graduation, and I also have the same plan. We can’t always have you handle Pigeon and the others. We need a leader to succeed.”


This was the reason why they had dedicated so much effort to nurture Ye Jian because she had such an ability to lead the team, and her comprehensive ability was at the superior level, not worse than Xia Jinyuan at that time.


The big leader recommended Ye Jian to go to Beijing to protect the director meant that he had already thought ahead. He immediately discussed with the military department to let Ye Jian go to Beijing to protect the director and suggested that she join the suppression operation and arrange for her to carry out the operation alone.


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At the same time, he and the military department patted their chests and guaranteed that Ye Jian would become a qualified special soldier in four years and could immediately enter the Elite Platoon.


If she wanted to become an outstanding special soldier like Xia Jinyuan and the others, she had to be trained.


With her outstanding performance over the past few years, coupled with her hard-working temperament, she could possibly directly enter the Elite Platoon like Xia Jinyuan after graduation.


“Thank you for your trust in her. I can also assure you that Ye Jian will never let you down or let the military down.” She could temporarily put her hatred aside, just to be an excellent special soldier. Xia Jinyuan completely believed in the girl he loved and would not disappoint those who placed hope in her.


And he himself, as her goal, had witnessed her growth. It was so wonderful and so tricky, walking step by step, taking every step so calmly, without taking any shortcuts. Ye Jian, how could she not become an excellent special soldier?


The Major General also knew that Ye Jian would not let him down; after giving a few more advice solemnly, he said: “The director has been very worried. After this operation, ask Ye Jian to report to the director.”


The director was unaware that this was the military’s arrangement to test Ye Jian.


In the director’s opinion, Ye Jian staying in Tongzhou International Hotel alone would make her a living target. But for the military, it was a test for Ye Jian, and it was not dangerous at all.

If a special soldier couldn’t even deal with a few criminals, he didn’t deserve to be called a special soldier. He had better go home and sleep.


Ye Jian did not disappoint the Major General. She was able to find clues without any help. She could subdue the six criminals without any support. Obviously, her psychological quality had been very stable, and she had not panicked.


“A total of 20 barrels of gasoline, four bags of explosives, and five quilts soaked in gasoline were found. Twelve lighters and six spring daggers were found from six criminals.”


In the hotel, the Tongzhou police cleaned up the dangerous items found. A male policeman said while taking notes, “According to the confession, all items were brought into the hotel by criminals using their duties as fake hotel securities.”


Twenty barrels of 5 liters of gasoline, four bags of explosives, plus five quilts soaked in gasoline, it was enough to burn down the hotel!

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“It’s none of my business, it’s really none of my business. I don’t know anything. I just came to stay for one night.” The man begged for mercy in fear from the next room, snotting and tearing to defend himself.

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