Chapter 1466: Return Of The Dead

Upon hearing the suspect, Ye Jian, who was in the Tongzhou Police Department, raised her head and said to the male policeman who was taking down notes: “This criminal is related to the matter. He has a cousin who is very close to the main criminal of the organization. When I was undercover, I learned that he intends to invite his cousin to meet with the “Chairman” after setting the fire.”


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Ye Jian was what the biggest hero in this operation, so naturally, the male policeman did not question her at all, “Okay, I will report it right away!”


“Okay, I think you’re done with her, too, right?” Ye Jian, who was planning to hand over the criminals to the Tongzhou police, wanted to leave soon. She removed her mask, and black eyes like black shining stones with a shallow smile stared at the male policeman, “The crisis in the hotel has been resolved, so I think I should also go. Thank you for your hard work.”


The male policeman who was about to go through the things in the next room, immediately replied, “Are you not staying in the hotel tonight? If you are leaving now, I will call the Deputy Director first?” The male policeman was very young. He had just graduated from police academy a year ago; he didn’t have the majesty of those policemen searching outside; he looked very inexperienced. Otherwise, they wouldn’t ask him to stay here to clean up dangerous supplies.


He said shyly, looking a little bit embarrassed, “I was told by the Deputy Director, if you want to go, I have to tell…”


As he spoke, a few footsteps accompanied by some voices were heard. They walked very fast and appeared in the room in the blink of an eye. The male policeman looked to his back, and his shy expression suddenly became serious, “Director Cai, Deputy Director!”


“Have you cleaned up the place? Have you found any other dangerous items?” The man who spoke was about 45 years old, his face was serious, with the authority of a leader, and he looked at the young male policeman with a torch-like look: “Be careful when taking inventory.”


The male policeman straightened his back and answered, “Yes, Director Cai!”


The Deputy Director said: “Director Cai, this is Comrade Ye who helped us with the operation tonight. Without her, we would not be able to complete the search so smoothly.”


He smiled and introduced to Ye Jian: “Comrade Ye, this is Director Cai.”  

Compared to the Deputy Director, who had a slightly comfortable smile, Ye Jian felt that this serious-looking Director Cai, with a righteous eyebrow, was easier to talk to, “Hello Director Cai, I am Ye Jian, active soldier.”


She didn’t say anything else, not even mentioning the director.


Ye Jian stood behind the male policeman earlier, so Director Cai didn’t immediately notice her. At this moment, she walked out generously, and Director Cai’s gaze directly flew to her face.


Such a young girl. She has a military temperament; even in casual clothes, it is evident that she is a soldier.


But these are not important. The important thing is… When Director Cai saw her young face clearly, his expression quietly changed, and his cold eyes flashed slightly before reaching out, “Thank you, Comrade Ye.”


This young face was very familiar, she looked like another person he knew, but one had long gone, while the other was still alive.

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Another face flashed in his mind. He looked at the similar face before him; Director Cai’s heartbeat like a beating drum.


He glanced around the room filled with gasoline smell. Director Cai, whose eyes were getting darker and darker, once again looked at Ye Jian inadvertently, “Let’s go outside and talk. Xiao Zhu, I’ll let you settle this place.”


Xiao Zhu was the male policeman who had been talking to Ye Jian just now.


Ye Jian, who noticed that there was something wrong in Director Cai’s eyes, smiled and nodded, and walked out of the room with him.


The Deputy Director also knew how to react; he stayed behind and did not follow. Director Cai obviously had something to ask, so he didn’t have to follow them.

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