Chapter 1467 Touch And Temptation

When Director Cai walked, his arms swung rigorously. Wearing a police uniform, he had a majestic back figure and a temperament that Ye Jian was most familiar with.


Director Cai was a veteran who changed his career.


Having this thought, Ye Jian’s eyes darkened… She and her mother’s facial features were extremely similar. Grandpa Gen said that people who knew her mother would definitely know she was her daughter at first glance.


Could it be that Director Cai, who was transferred from a veteran, knew her mother?


Could it be a coincidence?


She couldn’t help doubting it because the way Director Cai looked at her earlier, it indeed looked as if he missed her mother.


Could it really be that he knew her mother? Could it be such a coincidence?


She knew too little about her mother, so little that she clearly suspected that her mother’s death might have something to do with the Old Mrs. Ye and Sun Yaozu, but she didn’t know where to investigate.


For a moment, Ye Jian’s calm mood became a little unstable.


Although her mood was unstable, and that she even felt faintly anticipated, Ye Jian sat in the round chair in the hotel room with Director Cai. As soon as she sat down, she raised her eyes slightly and met Director Cai’s eyes that were filled with memories.


It was actually late now, and she had to go to find the director. Although she had expectations, she was unsure that Director Cai knew her mother, so she didn’t have to have too much hope.


Within a few seconds, Ye Jian adjusted her slightly chaotic mood and returned to calm.


And Director Cai, who did not see her unstable mood just now, was still thinking to himself, those memories buried deep in his mind all flooded up. The moment he saw Ye Jian for the first time, he only felt that she was like her old friend. As the memories deepened, he really felt that Ye Jian was the daughter of his old friend.


Otherwise, how could they look so similar!    

However, they had also received news that the friend of the deceased had passed away accidentally, and comrade Little Ye who looked similar to the deceased,…no, it can’t be, he shouldn’t mention it yet, he has to investigate carefully first.


The room was very quiet. Seeing that Director Cai hadn’t spoken for a long time, Ye Jian couldn’t help frowning slightly as she watched him sinking into his memories.


It was such a subtle movement, but it made Director Cai even more pleasantly surprised.


They are really the same, really the same! Especially when she frowns, she really looks like my old friend… Except for the different expressions between the eyebrows, the facial features were really like they had been carved out of the same mold.


The facial features were similar, but their energy was different. Comrade Ye has cold eyebrows, like pine, and they are proud, while his old friend had gentle eyebrows, like the first bloom of red plum, and there was a woman’s tenderness between her eyebrows.

Comrade Ye didn’t. The delicate eyebrows looked hard, and her eyes were more determined and focused. Although there was a slight smile at the corner of her mouth, her cold temperament showed that she kept a certain distance from others.


Seeing Ye Jian’s face that increasingly overlapped with the face of the old friend in his memory, Director Cai’s mood was somewhat unstable for a while.


He did not speak, and Ye Jian, who was calm, also did not speak. She even picked up a teapot and poured a glass of cool water for herself and Director Cai.

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The faint sound of the water made Director Cai’s gaze move slightly, and he moved his gaze from the young face to the teacup. He sighed with nostalgia in his gentle voice, “I’m sorry for being rude.”


“Don’t mention it.” Ye Jian was not a person who was curious about other people’s private affairs. Even if she could see that Director Cai missed his old friend through herself, she had no desire to find out what he was thinking.


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