Chapter 1468: I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Asking

If Director Cai’s deceased friend was her mother, he would definitely mention it. If not, there was no need for her to know other people’s private affairs.


Ye Jian, who thought very clearly in her heart, calmed down completely, making the Director of the Tongzhou Public Security could not understand what she was thinking.


Her answer was polite, her smile was indifferent, and her calm and unhurried face. Her attitude made Director Cai, who had just taken the cup she handed him, couldn’t help but say: “You’re stable as a mountain, that’s very rare.”

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Director Cai also didn’t immediately raise the matter that he had been thinking. Serious business hadn’t completed yet, so they should talk about private issues afterward.


Taking a sip of the cold water, Director Cai put the glass down, looked at Ye Jian again, and watched her drinking the water calmly. There was no tension on her face, no restraint between her gestures, and she had a smile on her face. Director Cai nodded with satisfaction secretly.


She had relied only on her strength to resolve the hotel crisis, contacted the Tongzhou police immediately, and showed no intention of taking credit. Then, she immediately withdrew and let the police handle the follow-up matters. It was really rare for a young person to act so steadily.


“You arrested six criminals and provided clues to the person in charge of the case in Tongzhou. Little Ye, I will truthfully write all these in the report and hand it over to the Great Hall.” Director Cai spoke. Speaking about official business, his every word was clear. Unlike the Deputy Director’s deliberate ambiguity, for fear that Ye Jian would take the Tongzhou police’s credit.


“Although our Tongzhou police know that the criminals are operating in the hotel, we don’t know what plans they had. We don’t know that the hotel security personnel have joined the organization. If it were not for your help, tonight would not be so smooth.”


“I will write all these clearly in the report; there will be no concealment. If there is any recognition in the later period, the Tongzhou police will contact you, which will help you a little bit in your military career.”


Soldiers and policemen are the same. They both need to make contributions. The more recognition they receive, the more they will be helpful in future promotion.

Moreover, this is her contribution, and no one can take it for granted. What belongs to her should only belong to her. The Tongzhou police will not want to steal her credit.


But Ye Jian didn’t need it, so she smiled and said: “Director Cai, thank you. I was just doing my duty as a soldier. Besides, I didn’t do anything else. I just caught a few criminals easily. The final follow-up work was finished by the Tongzhou police. The real hard workers are the Tongzhou police.”


She was like his old friend. Although she was a woman, she was upright, and she never rejoiced in her work or showed off.


He drank half a cup of water and talked for four or five minutes. Director Cai relaxed after understanding her attitude towards this matter. He half leaned against the round chair, looking at Ye Jian with long and deep eyes, “Comrade Little Ye, I hope you don’t mind, but I have a few personal questions to ask. If you don’t feel comfortable answering, please let me know immediately.”


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She looked too similar! If he didn’t ask her now, he would regret it!


Ye Jian’s hands holding the water cup tightened secretly; she smiled slightly, “Do ask.”


Facing Director Cai’s far-reaching gaze, Ye Jian knew that he was profoundly missing his old friend at this moment. Her calm mood became a little chaotic again. She thought Director Cai did not intend to talk about his old friend, but he had waited until she was about to leave to mention, igniting the hope in Ye Jian’s heart once more.

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