Chapter 1469: What Do You Want To Know

It would be great if Director Cai really knew her mother.


Director Cai didn’t speak immediately, though. Instead, he watched Ye Jian for a long time, then he sighed: “You are very similar to my old friend, her surname is “Sun.” Your facial features are very similar to her, but your temperament is completely different.”


His old friend’s surname was “Sun.” Ye Jian’s heart trembled. She could only focus until halfway through the sentence. “Sun” was her mother’s surname, Director Cai, Director Cai…, her calm black eyes suddenly burst into bright light, and they instantly looked at Director Cai, and she said softly, “Director Cai, my mother is also named “Sun.””


Do you really know my mother? Does Director Cai really know…Mom?


Ye Jian’s fingertips trembled as she held the cup tightly. She was quite nervous.


Director Cai’s eyes flashed sharply. They were both having the same “Sun” surname. Is Ye Jian really the daughter of my old friend?


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If it is true, then, what about the letter that we received saying that my old friend’s daughter died?


Furthermore, the comrade, who came back from inquiring about the letter, also said that she had indeed passed away. He even said that she was young and naughty. She ran out to play in the water alone at noon during summer but accidentally fell into a pond and drowned.


Director Cai’s eyes burst out with turbulent waves from his heart; he continued, “She was in the army before.”


If she is really the daughter of his old friend, then she should know some of her mother’s deeds.


Ye Jian naturally knew a little bit, but she really didn’t know much because Old Uncle Gen didn’t know much either.


But at this moment, to meet her mother’s old friend, Ye Jian resisted the excitement in her heart and tried her best to answer without rudeness, “I don’t know if the old person you’re talking about is my mother or not. I only know that my mother is a martyr and that she had, unfortunately, died in a mission when I was three years old.”


Suppressing the excitement in her heart, Ye Jian remained as a calm and self-contained special soldier. Her appearance was relaxed; although it was as calm as the sea, it was also deep and unpredictable.


Her mother’s sacrifice was suspicious. Now, a man who was very likely to know her mother suddenly appeared. Although this was indeed a coincidence, it was better to be cautious.


The ups and downs of Ye Jian’s previous life had made her more cautious, and at the same time, made her not trust other people easily.


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“Your mother is somewhat similar to my old friend. She is indeed, a soldier. She was sacrificed in a mission after seventeen years of her career.” Ye Jian cautiously probed, Director Cai did the same. They did not speak too much; they used only a few sentences to carry out what they wanted to say.


Director Cai was cautious because what he heard was that his old friend’s daughter had died unexpectedly. Ye Jian was suspicious because of her mother’s sacrifice. She didn’t take the initiative to talk first. She only answered whenever Director Cai spoke.


“It’s a coincidence. My mother also sacrificed on duty 17 years ago. When she was sent back, the leaders of the military and political committees said that my mother was sent to the incinerator by the Prime Minister himself…” Talking about the past, Ye Jian couldn’t help gently closing her eyes; the corners of her eyes were already moist.


Sometimes it was not a good thing to have a good memory. She remembered that day very clearly; even if she had reported two lives, she was still sad.


It was fall that time, and the peach blossom forest was covered with a thick layer of pink, red, and white petals. She was playing at home when she suddenly heard Sun Dongqing’s faint crying from outside. She didn’t know what happened at that time. She remembered looking up and saw two soldiers in military uniforms and caps walking out.

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