Rigged 7

Quiet a time had passed since Mitchell and the other guys had decided to go along with Car Bandits. They had nothing to talk about throughout the drive. The journey did not become less awkward at any point. Same silent ride took Mitchell infront of a house where they got off their cars and entered inside the house.
A man was sitting in his desk, fixing some electric equipment.
“Moffet,” Gary said, “These guys were looking to ruin our plan.”
Mitchell had heard enough. Gary’s bait had lured them right in the frying pan.
Turned out, Mitchell was the one with least courage. Bike bandits charged at their enemies before they could pull their guns at them. Mitchell joined them in the same activity.
The fist fight made Mitchell realize which group had the upper hand. Mitchell and his guys were fresh exhausted ones while Gary’s men were tired to their bone marrows.
Somebody fired a bullet.
Exhaustion didn’t matter anymore from there. The work of fingers made bullets fly everywhere inside the room.
Mitchell and the bikers weren’t sitting hand tied either. They took down many bandits with their crazy shooting skills. They were skilled in gunfight. But in no time bikers were cornered.
Gary jumped behind the reception desk where he found Moffet ducking with his fingers in his ears. His face was red instead of being pale. Gary thought Moffet’s facial veins were to about to explode.
“We will defeat these guys.” Gary screamed to be heard, “What will we do with the rest of his associates?”
“I have already done it.” Moffet assured, removing fingers from his ears.
“Were they here?”
“Yes. And I got to know what they were going for. So I put a battery bomb in their metal detector.” Moffet smirked and stuffed his ears again.

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