Rigged 8

Roderick held the long metal detector with his sweating palm. It was slipping and sometimes touching the ground, but it was showing signals, regardless.
“Signals are strong.” Roderick smiled in discomfort.
“Hey!” one mob pointed at the metal detector, “What’s wrong with this s***?”
“Are you missing rust in this?” Roderick raised his eyebrows.
“Nevermind. The detector you had was really old, so I left the old rusty detector in Moffet’s house and stole a new one.” Roderick elaborated.
A noise of an explosion came from somewhere. Everybody paused to figure out where the mishap had happened. Nobody could tell the direction from where the sound had came.
“Somebody blew a car or what?” Roderick deduced.
“Follow the damn signal.” Eduwardo couldn’t care less.
Roderick didn’t think against Eduwardo‘s command and kept on walking.
They marched from there till they came to an abrupt stop.
A barred area was infront of them. Barbed wired walls upto ten meters tall spread across the latitude of the wasteland. Numerous tents resembling to military bases were visible through the wired fence. Some towers were also present inside the territory which they reckoned had armed people detecting for suspicious movements.
A lizard crawled its way from nearby Roderick’s shoe. The lizard ran towards the fence, leaving trial on the sand as it sprinted on the burning sand.
It exploded as soon as it touched the fence. Many bandits flinched by imagining themselves in place of the lizard. Roderick was the one who had more concerns than others.
“Electrical fences.” Roderick watched smoke rise from burnt lizard.
“Can we go across it if we take a route around?” one of those gangsters asked.
“May take us several hours. Maybe even days.” Eduwardo said.
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“We don’t have time.” Roderick got vocal, “Let me think. And you do the same too.”

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