Chapter 92: That’s Right

Qi Huan originally thought that Yu Long’er would take her to find her shifu in a few days’ time. Qi Huan totally forgot the time difference between the mortal world and the immortal world. After spending a few days in the immortal world, she suddenly realized that what Yu Long’er meant about “a few days” was probably at least one year’s time.

However, Qi Huan wasn’t very anxious. Her shifu wouldn’t be lost anyway, and this palace was very comfortable. The only thing that she couldn’t really accept was that after staying in the palace for ten days, apart from Yu Long’er, she couldn’t see anyone else at all. Occasionally, Yu Lan would come to talk to her about things in the celestial world, but Ming Yan had completely disappeared without a trace.

At first, Qi Huan would just stay in her bedroom, but even if the environment outside the palace where she lived was beautiful, and even if she was sleeping on a comfortable bed, not seeing anyone all day long was really too much for her to handle.

Looking from the attic, the sky outside gradually dimmed, and the horizon was purple, as if it had just been burned by fire. In fact, the immortal world was no different from the mortal world, but the ling qi here was thousands of times more abundant than the mortal world, and the place was too vast.

Qi Huan heard that Yu Long’er and her brother had something to do, so she couldn’t come to accompany her. Being alone in the palace, Qi Huan really felt uncomfortable. After looking around and finding no one, she jumped out of the window with the little fox in her arms, ready to take a leisure walk.

Although there was no raging flame in the Ming Huo City, Ruler Ming Huo was a cultivator of the fire attribute of the five elements. The fire attribute in this city was extremely abundant, resulting in the lowest temperature in the city being 30 or 40 degrees. Fortunately, Qi Huan was relatively stronger after becoming a deity, but even so, she still needed her little fox, the mobile air conditioner.

After nearly two hours, Qi Huan stood in the huge palace, looking very confused. This place was too big, she couldn’t find her way back at all. And the barrier limited her strength, so she couldn’t fly up to find her way even if she wanted to.

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As for the little fox, it only knew how to wag its tails and sleep. It was sleeping soundly at this moment.

“This Ruler Ming Huo really must be too bored. Nevermind making such a huge palace, why didn’t he set up a map or something.” Qi Huan muttered as she walked across a curved bridge by the pond. Suddenly another luxurious palace appeared in front of her.

And why are the buildings here look so alike? Qi Huan sighed, sincerely hoping that there was someone living in there that would let her stay with them, otherwise, she would really have to simply find a place to stay.

“Hello? Is anyone in there?” Standing at the gate of the palace, Qi Huan shouted for a long time, but no one came out. She rolled her eyes, really wanting to faint directly. She didn’t know if it was her illusion or the little fox being lazy, but she felt that even her breath had fire, she felt so hot.

Ish, I don’t care anymore, I’ll just stay here today, I’m too tired, I really can’t walk anymore!! After making sure that no one was around, Qi Huan walked towards the entrance of the luxurious palace. She was just going to borrow this palace for a night, no one would find out about it. Besides, it was not her fault, hey, it’s Ruler Ming Huo’s fault!

She tiptoed towards the gate and stretched out her hands to push open the scarlet gate. Unexpectedly, the heavy wooden door opened in response.

The world outside gradually darkened, so Qi Huan did not notice the plaque hanging above the palace gate when she walked in. She also forgot that Yu Long’er once told that it was forbidden to simply enter anywhere in the Ming Huo Palace with a plaque written “Ming Huo”.

And it just so happened that on the plaque hanging outside at the wooden door, there were only two blood-red characters: Ming Huo.

The inside of the palace was pitch black, without a hint of light, but the heat was rushing towards her face. Qi Huan frowned, “Hey, can you be more focused on your work? Or do you want me to cook you and eat you up!” Qi Huan whispered to the little fox, accusing him with dissatisfaction.

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The little fox groaned, stretched out two small furry paws to cover its ears, and continued to snore and sleep, with no intention of answering Qi Huan. However, the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped, and Qi Huan let out a long sigh of relief.

“Who are you?” A low, sweet voice came into Qi Huan’s ears, and at the same time she noticed that the door had somehow closed, so there was no moonlight now. The place had completely plunged into darkness.

“Me? Why should I tell you?” After rubbing her thumb and index finger, a silver thunderball floated on Qi Huan’s finger. Although the light from the ball didn’t spread far, it was enough to act like a little light bulb.

With the light from the thunderball, Qi Huan also saw where the speaker was. There are basically no furnishings in this palace, making the place a bit eerie. The speaker was more than ten meters away from her, and he… was chilling in a bath, looking at her?!

Holy moly! She had lived for so many years and had never seen a man naked in a bath! Luckily, he was still soaking in the water. Although his upper body was naked, his lower body was still soaked in the water.

“Uh…I didn’t mean to…you, you continue to bath, pretend that I’m not here.” Qi Huan stepped back awkwardly, and then rushed to the door at lightning speed. It’s a pity that the door just wouldn’t bulge no matter how hard she pushed. She even kicked it several times, her foot screaming in pain but the door still didn’t move.

“Hey, young lady, you still haven’t answered me yet.” The voice was still calm, but there was a hint of interest in his tone.

“I’m your father’s guest, yeah, he invited me to the palace~” Although it was just a quick glance, Qi Huan saw too many things in that glance, like the man in the bathtub was very young and had long red hair. His upper body was exposed, and although it was covered with red tattoos, it still couldn’t cover his strong muscles.

With that, Qi Huan deduced that this person must be Ming Yan’s brother. In her understanding, Ruler Ming Huo should be quite old, so this man definitely shouldn’t be the ruler.

Qi Huan felt that Ming Yan’s name was not as big as his father’s, so rather than saying she was Ming Yan’s guest, she said that she was his father’s guest. It was best to use Ruler Ming Huo’s title to give this man a scare, otherwise if he dared to rumour that Qi Huan broke into a man’s bathroom, she would be too embarrassed to stay in the immortal world.

“…” The man was silent for a while, with a hint of confusion in his tone, “My father? My father died in the Heavenly Devil Realm 50,000 years ago.”

“Oof!” Qi Huan suddenly felt a little silly, “Who are you then?”

“Ming Huo.”

“Oh. It’s nice to meet you, hehe, then are you the Ruler Ming Huo?” Qi Huan had already retreated to the door at this time. She really knew that she had made a mistake now, so she dared not lie anymore! If she had known, she would have learned some innate hexagram spells from Uncle Kua Xu when she was in the mortal world, so she would not fall into this kind of situation!

“That’s right.” Qi Huan was sure that she had heard him chuckling. He must be laughing at her. She covered her face embarrassingly, she really wanted to dig a hold and bury herself now!

“Miss?” There was some distance in his voice when he said this, but when Qi Huan looked up, she noticed that, out of nowhere, there was another person standing in front of her.

Ming Huo’s face was only about ten centimeters away from hers. His hot breath gave her goosebumps all over her body.

Qi Huan swore that she was definitely not a pervert. She looked down subconsciously. Luckily, Ming Huo knew to cover his lower body when he came out of the bath.

“Um…I definitely didn’t mean to offend you, it’s just that the Ming Huo Palace is a bit big and I’m lost~” Qi Huan tried to turn away but her head felt like it was already attached to the door panel, no way she could go back any further. Ming Huo’s breath still surrounded her.

“Oh~~ I see, I have misunderstood you then, miss. I hope you can forgive me. Rest assured, in a while, I will tear down the entire palace that blocked your sight…” His voice became lower and lower, and the heat emanating from Ming Huo was getting harder and harder to resist.

Qi Huan really wanted to punch Ming Huo in the head. Did he not know that he was like a walking stove! It was obvious that he was not a good person, he already knew that he was breathing fire, and yet he purposely came closer to her, he must have bad intentions.

“Erm…you…can you just…stay away from me a little bit.” I’m suffocating here, you pervert! This was what Qi Huan wanted to say, but she didn’t have the courage to say it out loud.

As arrogant as she was, she didn’t dare to scold Ming Huo. There were only twelve true princes in the entire Immortal Realm, and according to Yu Long’er, the Ming Huo’s strength was comparable to the respected deities.

Qi Huan guessed that with her, Little Yin and the little fox, altogether, they could probably not compete with Ming Huo at all. Of course, with or without her wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Knowing that she couldn’t beat her opponent, then she definitely couldn’t offend him. This was Qi Huan’s law of dealing with things.

“Sorry if I’ve offended you, miss, I hope you’ll forgive me.” Although his words were polite, Ming Huo still showed no intention of retreating at all, but got closer and closer to her instead.

Ming Huo’s face was very close to Qi Huan, the tip of his nose almost touched hers.

Although there was no light in the hall, Qi Huan could still see his appearance clearly. Ming Yan was only 80 percent similar to his father, which personally, she felt that it was quite sinful, but this man in front of her, looked basically the same as his father.

It’s really a waste of opportunity that this man wasn’t a vixen. His charming and narrow peach blossom eyes were shining with a little light. There seems to be real flame burning in his eyes. Under the bridge of his brawny nose, his thin and moderate lips were slightly opened, very seductive indeed, as if it could attract people to taste his lips. When he squinted and smiled, he had a pair of dimples on his cheeks, which made him look a little cute. Qi Huan, who was used to seeing handsome men, couldn’t help taking a few deep breaths, almost fainting.

She chanted Namo Amitabha in her heart. It was dangerous to seek or be greedy for beauty. After chanting over and over several times, she finally squinted her eyes and turned herself into a “rapist” and threw herself on to his body.

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