Chapter 93: Tag Along

“Miss, you seem uncomfortable?” Ming Huo lowered his head, and the tip of his nose slightly touched Qi Huan’s white neck, causing her to shiver in fear.

“I, I, I am o-okay, r-ruler, if there’s nothing else, then I’ll leave first~” Qi Huan fumbled for the doorknob behind her, intending to escape. This Ruler Ming Huo was too dangerous, it was better to keep a distance from him.

“I can send you back, miss.” Ming Huo chuckled. The heat from his exhaled breath made Qi Huan’s neck numb and heartbeat felt a little uncontrollable.

After finally finding the doorknob, Qi Huan breathed a sigh of relief, and leaned sideways to avoid Ruler Ming Huo’s face, which was a little more dangerous than a bomb. She pulled hard, the wooden door was easily opened, and then she turned back towards the ruler and gave a brilliant smile, “Ruler, enjoy your bath, I shall leave first, bye.”

With a bang, the wooden door was closed again. Qi Huan leaned on the wooden door and slowly slid down, feeling that her legs were uncontrollably weak. This man is too terrifying!

On the opposite side of the door, Ming Huo touched his smooth chin with interest, “Qi Huan? Hehe, she’s really interesting.”

“Ruler…” A low, old voice came from the other side of the bath. Qi Huan didn’t even notice that there were actually three people in the room.

Lang Qi1Lang QiMing Huo's guard, what did you see?” Ruler Ming Huo pulled off the towel around his waist, walked slowly down the bath, stretched out his graceful arms, leaning on the side of the bath, squinting his eyes and listening to his personal guard’s report.

“She has the nine-tailed celestial fox.” The guard who was hiding in the dark spoke very succinctly, but straight to the point.

“Oh, haha, well, I have to say, Yan’er is pretty sensible now, at least he knows the severity of the matter.” Then, Ming Huo’s thin lips lifted slightly, drawing into an upward curve.

“Ruler, you want to keep her?” Lang Qi suddenly spoke after a long time.

“Having her here is…really no problem, after all, she is quite an interesting little thing.” Ruler Ming Huo’s loud laughter spread in the dark hall after he finished speaking.

Probably after being strongly stimulated, Qi Huan unexpectedly found her way back. She ran in vain for half an hour, and finally returned to her bedroom. She dragged the little fox by the tail to the bed, and then collapsed on the bed.

She had really been unfortunate lately. She vowed that even if she was bored to death, she would absolutely not dare to wander around in Ming Huo Palace again.

It’s a pity that things backfired. As soon as the sky just turned bright the next day, Qi Huan heard a knock on the door.

She didn’t know why but ever since she ascended, she always felt groggy, even if she went to bed as soon as the sky got dark, she also woke up very late the next day.

The non-stop knocking on the door made Qi Huan feel even more angry when she got up. She sat up straight and stared at the door wickedly.

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“Miss Qi Huan, are you in there?” A low, sweet voice came into the room.

“No.” Qi Huan replied before falling back down and covering her head with her blanket. Please just pretend that I’m dead. My head hurts. How come my body becomes so problematic after I became a deity? Is it that I’m not used to the weather here?

“Oh~ Then I, the ruler, will just wait outside the door.” The voice didn’t contain any displeasure, instead, there was a kind of gentleness.

The ruler? Qi Huan was stunned for a moment, then she suddenly remembered the owner of the voice, and she jumped out of bed. Sh*t! Why is the Ruler Ming Huo here? Doesn’t he have anything else better to do?

Qi Huan hurriedly put on her clothes. She forgot to put on her shoes as she rushed to the door, “I didn’t know it was you, ruler, I apologize for sounding rude.” As the door was opened, Ruler Ming Huo’s enchanting face was facing directly at Qi Huan. His face was even dazzling a little under the sunlight.

Qi Huan tried her best to squeeze out a smile. She couldn’t do anything to him as he was the ruler of this place and she was in his territory. If this was in her own place, she would have smashed the person with thunder if anyone dared to disturb her sleep.

“Miss Qi, you seem to be in good spirits.” The corner of Ming Huo’s mouth raised, and his eyes stayed on Qi Huan’s delicate white feet a little longer.

“Uh… haha, it must be because you’re here, ruler.” The corners of Qi Huan’s eyes twitched a bit. He woke her up early in the morning just to say such innocuous things to her. This man was really too bored! Shouldn’t he be asleep with his wife at this time? Also, which eye of his saw that she was in good spirits!

“I heard that Miss Qi, you’re a disciple of the Qing Yun Sect?” Ming Huo asked slowly.


“…I’ll bring you to look for the founder of Qing Yun Sect… Anyway, follow me.” Seeing the confusion on Qi Huan’s face, the perfect smile on Ming Huo’s face became slightly distorted. Is she really a Qing Yun Sect disciple? Why does she look so confused? It was really questionable how the Qing Yun Sect had been maintained for so many years without breaking its inheritance.

“Oh~.” Although Qi Huan hadn’t seen the founder before, they were all from the same sect, so she was still somewhat excited to meet him.

She didn’t know if her actions were considered to be leading herself on to the pirate ship or not, but what she did know was that after she spent three days alone with Ming Huo onthat extraordinarily luxurious spacecraft, she really felt that she would rather fall off the spacecraft and die than to spend another day with this man.

Was this person a sticky rice cake in his past life? Nevermind clinging to her all day long, since Qi Huan didn’t think it was too bad to have a handsome man by her side all the time, but why must he be so hot like a stove!

After leaving Ming Huo City, Ming Huo’s heat seemed to be uncontrollable. As a result, Qi Huan’s clothes became thinner and thinner. In addition, she also kept using the nine-tailed celestial fox to keep her cool, otherwise she might really die from heatstroke.

Ruler Ming Huo’s spacecraft is much better than the flying sword. It is like a mobile luxury palace with everything you need, and there are even two separate bedrooms. But Qi Huan could guess that their journey must be very far this time. Although she had this beautifully handsome man with her, she still preferred to sit quietly in front of a skeleton than to be with him.

“Qi Huan, have a sip of tea to reduce your anger.” Seeing Qi Huan lying on a couch casually, Ruler Ming Huo smiled and walked over with a cup of green tea.

“Um…” Qi Huan hugged her little fox tightly, but her heart roared, you’re the one that is making me angry, as long as you stay away from me, then I won’t be angry!

At first, Qi Huan was still respectful to Ruler Ming Huo. After all, he was the ruler. He was like a giant panda in the modern times, a national treasure. However, after spending some days with him, she really couldn’t put up the act anymore. Anyway, she didn’t show any courtesy towards her Senior Uncles as well when she was in Qing Yun Sect last time, so one day alone with Ruler Ming Huo was enough for her to show her true colours.

It seemed that Ruler Ming Huo wasn’t really dissatisfied either. He knew that although Qi Huan had become a deity, she still liked to eat snacks, so before boarding the spaceship, he specially prepared a lot of spirit fruits unique to the immortal world, and various delicious drinks. Qi Huan’s refreshments were served on time every day, and sometimes they were cooked on the spot for her as well.

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If this was in the modern times, Ming Huo could be considered a good man of husband material. He could rule the hall and he knew how to cook. He looked handsome and his strength was unfathomable. He was basically a perfect man except for his perverted eyes.

Of course, Qi Huan only appreciated him, she didn’t have the courage to like such a person. Nevermind their age since she herself was already several hundred years old, and age really didn’t matter much after becoming a deity. The problem is that according to Yu Long’er, Ruler Ming Huo was a lustful man. He had never married, but he had 18 children. Qi Huan hated this kind of man the most. So, no matter how good his attitude was, she just wasn’t impressed.

“Would you like to play chess?” After spending some time on the spaceship, Qi Huan had taught Ming Huo to play backgammon, but unfortunately, after teaching him, she became the loser. Except for the first match where she taught him, she lost in every match after that.

Fortunately, he didn’t place any bets with her, otherwise she would have been broke by now.

“No.” Reaching out to take the cup of green tea that Ming Huo handed over, Qi Huan took a sip. Although she didn’t know what it was made of, it was unexpectedly sweet. After a sip, it left a kind of fragrance in her mouth, even her breath had a sweet taste.

“Do you want to play dice?” The pair of dice was made by Qi Huan when she was idle and bored in the mortal world. A few days ago, when she was playing with the little fox, Ming Huo saw her, and decided to learn from her. Later, she found that Ming Huo was really very good at games. If he didn’t become God one day, he should really become a gambler in the modern world.


Qi Huan’s successive refusal did not disappoint Ming Huo though. Unlike those aloof deities, his temper seemed particularly good. He would never be angry at her, no matter what she said.

However, she felt that these were all just on the surface, and the true Ruler Ming Huo might be quite a terrifying character. There are a total of 36 cities in the immortal world, amongst them, four are main cities. Ming Huo City is one of the main cities. Although she didn’t know why Ming Huo City was not lively, she understood that the person who could be the ruler of one of the four main cities in the immortal world, was not someone simple.

“Then let’s chat.” Ruler Ming Huo sat beside Qi Huan, propped his chin like a child, and looked at her while blinking his eyes.

“…Ruler Ming Huo, aren’t you tired?”

“I won’t get tired, seeing you.”

God, please forgive me. Qi Huan rolled her eyes, wondering who she had offended in her last life, to have her meet this kind of man.

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