Chapter 1267 – Plotted Against!

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Bai Li Jia Bao raised her hand, “Sister Qing Yan, your injuries are not light. Let me lead Lord Sage to search for it, I remember the way…”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo suddenly tugged Jia Bao and whispered, “Jia Bao, Lady Qing Yan going is slightly safer. You should know that lower cultivation demons would avoid her and would not attack her…”

Her voice was soft, but many present were high-rank cultivators, how could they not hear it?

Everyone looked at Huan Qing Yan with probing gazes mixed with doubt!

Even Ji Mo Ya did not make a comment as well.

From the first day Ji Mo Ya met Huan Qing Yan, he knew that she had the natural ability to control animals. That time at the Huan Estate, she had commanded ants to carry her out of the forest pit she fell into.

At that time, Ji Mo Ya had thought that she was the Greater Demon involved in the murders within Hanging Cloud Capital… 

“No need. I will look for it. I appreciate your good intentions, Jia Bao.”

Huan Qing Yan did not want to argue with Mu Rong Xin Nuo, the utmost task right now was to locate the Demon God Command.

Ji Mo Ya did not object. He knew that his current body was terrible and might even faint at any time. It was true that he was not in any condition to travel.

He sent a silent message to Huan Qing Yan. Telling her to use Stellar Shift to teleport back to his side the moment she encounters danger.

Huan Qing Yan acknowledged.

“Lord Sage, let us go!”

Poison Sage nodded. Although the probability of locating the item was not high, they have to fight for any trace of hope.

He might be very furious with Huan Qing Yan now. Thinking that a woman who can lose such an important item would only amount to nothing in life and may even cause troubles.

However, he held in his anger for the sake of Ji Mo Ya, as Huan Qing Yan was ultimately the latter’s wife.

Poison Sage summoned his flying equipment and was about to depart.

When he suddenly detected a trace of Demon Energy!

He glared at the source of energy and grabbed the air, an invisible green feather appeared in his hands…

“Demon Feather?” A Demon Feather was the method used by demons to exchange messages, the equivalent to a Spirit Crane that humans used.

“Why is there a Demon Feather? Is there a Demon Man spy within Blackrock City?”

They hated Demon Men the most, especially during war. The Demon Men would collude with the enemy and send their information to the demons, causing humanity to suffer high losses.

Poison Sage opened the Demon Feather to read.

Only allowed on

Everyone saw the row of words appeared.

“Lady Qing Yan, the Demon God Command that you gave this Madam has been received. You have made significant contributions to my Demon Race. Once this Madam unites the demon under my banner, you are welcome to join me to develop the Demon Race if you no longer want to stay amongst the humans. This is where your real family is…”

Madam Fox Charm.

Everyone exploded.

“What? She was colluding with the demons and deliberately gave the Demon God Command away?”

“No wonder. How could an item kept inside the storage ring fall out?”

“She must be a Demon Man! Didn’t you hear that all the low-rank demons avoided attacking her…”


Huan Qing Yan calmed down at this point.

Someone was working with Madam Fox Charm and plotted against her!

She felt as though a huge invisible net had appeared behind her and had her trapped within. The only ones that could steal the Demon God Command would only be someone near to her. It can only be someone from her group.

Ji Mo Ya would not harm her, Shang Qiu Meng Qian was dead and Nan Gong Bei Cheng was unconscious. They can be excluded.

The remaining were Tuoba Yan, Bai Li Jia Bao, Min Xie Ran and Mu Rong Xin Nuo. Min Xie Ran would have the capabilities due to his stealth abilities, but he has no motive.

As for the one with the most motive, Huan Qing Yan’s instincts were telling her that it was Mu Rong Xin Nuo!

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