Chapter 1268 – I Believe Little Yan 

What Huan Qing Yan could not figure was how a True Spirit Master like Mu Rong Xin Nuo, was able to steal the Demon God Command from her storage ring without being detected?

“Lady Bai Li, can you explain this?” Poison Sage’s face was utterly black. Unrestrained anger filled his wrinkled old face.

Anyone would be angered. The Demon God Command that was stolen with great efforts was secretly given away to demons by a traitor.

If not for Ji Mo Ya, Poison Sage would have captured Huan Qing Yan immediately.

Huan Qing Yan organized her words, “Poison Sage, everyone, please, believe me, I am framed by someone. Firstly, I am not a Demon Man. Next, Madam Fox Charm and I are mortal enemies. Also, the Demon God Command is something Young Master Shang Qiu and my husband risk their lives to acquire. How could I collude with Madam Fox Charm and give the Demon God Command to her?”

Ji Mo Ya coughed, his face was deadly pale, “I believe Little Yan, she will not do it.”

Poison Sage’s eyes shined, “Who else but yourself can take something out of the storage ring without you knowing? You are now a King Spirit Master, right? Even a Half-Sage like myself will not be able to take out anything from your storage ring without you knowing! Also, this Demon Feather is a Stealth Feather. If I did not sense the Demon Energy and expose it, no one would have discovered that you are communicating with the demons…”

“Lord Sage, I really did not do it. I do not know how the Demon God Command went missing from inside my storage ring. However, I do not have any motive to do so. Lord Sage, please give me some time, I will find the truth of this matter.” Huan Qing Yan tried to appeal with logic.

Poison Sage was silent. It was true that she did not have any motives.

Moreover, Ji Mo Ya was giving her his full support. It was alright to suspect her, but no one would suspect Ji Mo Ya.

The hatred Ji Mo Ya has against the demons was definitely no less than anyone present.

Suddenly, Mu Rong Xin Nuo spoke with hesitation, “Lord Sage. I obtained something in the Demon God Estate by chance, I wish to offer it to Lord Sage.”

The person that Huan Qing Yan suspected the most was Mu Rong Xin Nuo. With Mu Rong Xin Nuo standing out at such a moment, it made Huan Qing Yan feel even more confident that the latter was involved.

Just that she was unable to understand how a True Spirit Master could steal the Demon God Command from her storage ring.

Also, Mu Rong Xin Nuo was definitely not coming with good intentions now.

The Poison Sage was feeling slightly impatient. A random lass suddenly appeared at this time, saying to give him something from the Demon God Estate.

Mu Rong Xin Nuo had taken out the item by then.

It was a small triangular object that was as transparent as glass.

Poison Sage was shocked when he saw it, “That is? Demon Horn?”

He took it for a closer look. It was indeed a Demon Horn, and this was likely the horn of the Soaring Snake!

This was quite a treasure. It can be refined into equipment, or ground into powder as a medicinal ingredient. This Demon Horn also possesses a subsidiary ability, it can force a demon to reveal their true form…

It can also be used to expose Demon Men!

“Good. This is indeed a decent item. I will report this to the Holy Court, and use it to suppress demons.” Poison Sage replied and ended the topic. He needs to handle the situation regarding Huan Qing Yan now and locate the Demon God Command.

Mu Rong Xin Nuo did not stop after offering the Demon Horn. She took a fearful glance at Huan Qing Yan.

“Lord Sage, you can try using the Demon Horn on Lady Bai Li…”

Poison Sage was startled before he soon returned to normal.

He raised the Demon Horn and immediately injected Spirit Energy into it while chanting some sort of spell. A faint glow started to appear on the Demon Horn before it slowly expanded.

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