Chapter 1269 – Demon Race!

The light aimed at Huan Qing Yan!

Huan Qing Yan felt that something was not right the moment she saw the light released by the Demon Horn. An uncontrollable feeling appeared within her body, as though something was being unsealed from ice…

“Mu Rong Xin Nuo, you are planning to harm me again…”

Before her words could finish, the clear cry of a bird was heard!

Huan Qing Yan’s limbs slowly transformed as a layer of feathers soon quickly covered her body, her figure continuously expanded, and expanded…

An irritable yet fearful feeling welled up within her!

No, no, no, what is happening?

How did she become like this?


Stop changing!

It was unstoppable. She was unable to control her body inside the enveloping light of the Demon Horn…

Huan Qing Yan looked towards Ji Mo Ya in fear, seeking help. Yet she saw the complicated gaze from him was filled with shock, anger, sorrow…

This made her panic even further, “Husband! What is happening to me?”

She has changed into a rainbow coloured giant bird and wanted to fly up into the sky.

But Poison Sage forcefully stopped her.

Everyone was dumbstruck as a commotion surged like a tide.

“She’s a bird demon! Heavens!”

“No wonder she colluded with Madam Fox Charm and left the Demon God Command to the demons. She is a Greater Demon all along!”

“Look at Young Master Ya’s expression. He likely did not know of this as well. She could even deceive our Young Master Ya… truly vicious.”

“Maybe the demons sent her because they had failed all their assassinations attempts. That is why they deliberately sent a Greater Demon to deceive our genius and gave birth to a Half-Demon Child for him. They want Young Master Ya to carry the sin of being with demons, what a deep scheme!”

“The proof and witness are all present earlier, yet she tried to use Young Master Ya’s trust to slip through!”


Huan Qing Yan spoke, “No, no, no. Ji Mo Ya, it is not like this, I do not know how I turn into this as well…”

Yet all that was heard was a series of chirps!

Fluster, anxiety, loss, fear, terror…

Her mind was instantly in an enormous mess.

Poison Sage spoke in rage, “What a demon. To think that you hid so well. If not for the Demon God Command, how long will you be deceiving us, humans, for? My Shang Qiu Clan’s elite youth used his life to obtain the Demon God Command, yet you switch it away. Have you been planning the destruction of humanity and leading us towards there?”

Poison Sage might be unhappy about Shang Qiu Meng Qian’s death earlier. Still, he knew that it was for the greater good of humanity, his death was worth it because they got the Demon God Command!

Yet now, he died for nothing because of the schemes of the demons!

Poison Sage had the impulse to exterminate Huan Qing Yan on the spot!

Huan Qing Yan’s giant form looked similar to her Phoenix Spirit Treasure, but only much more massive, beautiful and majestic. Its towering form was emitting a hefty amount of demon energy that surged into the air, blocking off the sun and moon.

She is a demon!

She only discovered now that she is really a demon!

And of the Ancient Phoenix Race, the entire inheritance knowledge of the Phoenix Race gushed into her mind like a torrential flood…

She was actually a Greater Demon. Why did she live with humans for so long and why had no one told her?

Her parents have always been mysterious. She thought they were the Sages of the Upper World Realm. Yet they are actually Demons of the Upper World Realm!

Ji Mo Ya looked at the giant phoenix in the air with a fixated gaze. Next, blood leaked out from his mouth before he collapsed.

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