Chapter 28: The Letter Writer

Shi Hao stood at the gate and saw that one-meter tall man in front of him. He then asked: “Who are you?”

That person seemed to be in a bad mood and unhappy as he replied: “The person whose things you robbed!”

Shi Hao was dumbfounded. He remembered that he and Feng Tianhao had obviously robbed just the things of Heroic Overlord Under Heaven. This person didn’t cover his face, so Shi Hao could clearly see his face. He absolutely was not Heroic Overlord Under Heaven, also not those three lackeys of Heroic Overlord Under Heaven. But what was the meaning of his words?

Shi Hao continued to ask: “Who exactly are you?”

That person indifferently looked at foolish fighter Shi Hao and replied: “My character name is The Only Hero!”

Shi Hao thought. The Only Hero? Is he somehow related to Heroic Overlord Under Heaven? That’s possible. After thinking so, this matter certainly made sense if The Only Hero was Heroic Overlord Under Heaven’s elder or younger brother. The Only Hero might have already been very optimistic about this place, and carefully explored this place before Shi Hao established the village here. And by the time Heroic Overlord Under Heaven obtained Village Building Order and came to establish a village here, they discovered that another village was already established here. Therefore, The Only Hero’s understanding degree of resources around Twin Dragons Village was greater than Shi Hao. After all, Shi Hao was not a pro player. He had no experience in resource exploration.

It was a pity! Shi Hao missed a point. If The Only Hero truly knew Heroic Overlord Under Heaven, then Heroic Overlord Under Heaven wouldn’t have suffered such a loss.

Shi Hao misunderstood and said: “Since you are here to take revenge, then I have nothing to say to you. Now, since you are alone, I’ll not bully you. Leave quickly, otherwise, I’ll make the guards arrest you. With your current equipment, you will not be able to run away without a war-horse.”

The Only Hero didn’t know Heroic Overlord Under Heaven. He also didn’t know that Shi Hao and Heroic Overlord Under Heaven had issues. But The Only Hero indeed had grudge against Shake the Heaven and Blowing Wind Left A Scar. And this grudge was basically as Shi Hao guessed. As it turned out, The Only Hero planned to establish a village in this location! The Only Hero’s terrain exploration skill was very outstanding. Since the very beginning of the game, he had thoroughly researched the large and small terrains as well as resources nearby. The Only Hero deemed that only this place was the best place to establish a village.

However, when The Only Hero was still planning to obtain the Village Building Order as quickly as possible, he suddenly heard the system announcement about a player established village. The intuition of The Only Hero told him that his valuable place might be gone. Therefore, he ran back to take a look and it was truly gone!

The Only Hero naturally flew into a rage! One should know that The Only Hero’s real name was Shan Yixiong. Although Shan Yixiong was a free player, most of his skills had reached the pro level. He had always been a shrewd and calculative person. He would never take losses easily. Therefore, since he had eaten a loss, he must retaliate against Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao. That anonymous letter was the retaliation of Shan Yixiong.

The Only Hero said: “Run? Why would I run? I came here to give you a chance. You should immediately destroy your village and leave with your Village Building Order. I’ll only give you this one chance. If you obstinately stick to a wrong course, then someone will come to take care of you later. At that time, you won’t even get your Village Building Order back, moreover, you will be locked in the game prison for three days. If I were you, I would be wise. Do you understand my words?”

The ‘someone’ mentioned by The Only Hero was not someone else, was Wei Wentong. And Wei Wentong was the first person to know this matter of Shi Hao, which was the handiwork of The Only Hero. The Only Hero had already calculated everything. He had already come into agreement with Wei Wentong. Wei Wentong would put pressure on Shi Hao to help The Only Hero uproot Twin Dragons Village, and The Only Hero would give the Village Building Order in his hand to Wei Wentong, letting Wei Wentong establish a village here. Like that, Wei Wentong would be the Village Chief and The Only Hero could be the vice-chief. However, Wei Wentong would not stay and rule over the place. He will return to Hibiscus County, and The Only Hero would be the actual ruler of the village.

Although this approach was somewhat different from his original plan, it was also better than just watching Shake the Heaven and Blowing Wing Left A Scar seizing the territory he liked first.

However, Shi Hao didn’t know these things. He still thought that The Only Hero was here to take revenge for Heroic Overlord Under Heaven. In Shi Hao’s view, the ‘someone’ mentioned by The Only Hero was A Blade Hundred Thousand. But A Blade Hundred Thousand had already promised to not trouble Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao again. Why would Shi Hao fear?

Shi Hao said: “Okay! F***, since it’s like this, I’ll capture you.”

The Only Hero was dumbfounded. How come his calculation was wrong? Could it be that Shake the Heaven was not afraid of Wei Wentong? That was impossible. According to the reason, shouldn’t Shi Hao take the initiative to pack his things and leave? Why was Wei Wentong’s deterrent force so disappointing?

The Only Hero was very shrewd and also very slick. Upon seeing this, The Only Hero ran off. Unfortunately, even if he wanted to run away now, he wouldn’t be able to run away. After hearing the command of Shi Hao, Twin Dragons Village’s Cavalry Task Force rushed out. Each of them was much faster than The Only Hero. In addition, among the people who made a move, there was the captain of Cavalry Task Force, Feng Tianhao!

“Ah! Let me go, you guys will face disaster in a few days.” After The Only Hero was caught, he was locked in a dark room. He couldn’t run away. The Only Hero roared crazily. But no one in the Twin Dragons Village cared about him.

A few more days passed. The development of Twin Dragons Village reached a small bottleneck. The resources were not enough to use for the time being. Shi Hao opened the administrator interface of Twin Dragons Village.


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[Name: Twin Dragon Village]

[Village Chief: Shake the Heaven]

[Tax: 5% (affects financial revenue)]

[Population Support: 85+1 (affects residents’ working efficiency)]

[Public Security: 85 (affects residents’ security)]

Only allowed on

[Reputation: 110+1 (affects the attraction of NPC)]

[Village Level: 2]

[Current Residents: 445/500 (five level 1 housing can accommodate 500 people)]

[Current Resources: 1200 foods, 1000 water, 1,000 copper coins, 100 iron ores, 100 material stones, 100 lumber, 100 gold]

[Current Armament: Level 1 Iron Bow (2)*0, Level 1 Iron Sword (2)*0, Level 1 Iron Armor (2)*0, Level 1 Iron Arrow (2)*0, Level 1 Blue Cloak (2)*0, Level 1 Iron Shield *0 (the number 2 inside brackets represent the enchantment of the items, the attributes are increased by 2 points; these items are being equipped by soldiers)]

[Village Area: 2 square kilometers]

[Territory Area: 100 square kilometers]

[Current Buildings: Level 1 Stargazing Platform (Durability: 5,000), Level 1 Council Hall (Durability: 10,000), Level 1 Warehouse (Durability: 5,000), Level 1 Military Camp (Durability:5,000), Level 1 Tailor Store (Durability: 5,000), Level 1 Smithy (Durability: 5,000), Level 1 General Store (Durability: 5,000), Level 1 Housing*5 (Durability: 100)]

[Constructible Buildings: Lumber Workshop, Hospital, School, Dock, Market, Pub, Teahouse]

[Resources Required for Upgrade: 40,000 copper coins, 4,000 iron ores, 4000 material stones, 4000 lumber, 4000 gold]


Shi Hao then inspected the military strength of Twin Dragons Village. Now, Twin Dragons Village already had 100 level 8 fighters equipped with level 1 iron sword (2), level 1 iron armor (2) and level 1 iron shield (2), and they also possessed the skill level 1 Defense Armor (Shield); 50 level 6 knights equipped with level 1 iron sword (2), level 1 iron armor (2) and level 1 war-horse (2), and they also possessed the skill level 1 Powerful Attack (Melee); and 30 level 8 archers equipped with level 1 iron bow (2), level 1 iron armor (2), and level 1 iron arrow (2), and they also possessed the skill level 1 Precise Shooting (Bow and Arrow).

Among them, Defense Armor, Powerful Attack and Accurate Shooting, these three skills were all active skills, which consumed MP to increase corresponding combat power.

In short, even with such military strength of Twin Dragons Village, there was still a gap when compared to Wei Wentong’s military strength. Shi Hao and others should continue to work hard. However, time never waits for anyone. As The Only Hero said, the crisis of Twin Dragons Village came.

But the crisis and opportunity always exist side by side. This crisis of Twin Dragons Village was also Twin Dragons Village’s opportunity…


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