Chapter 29: Zhang Han’s Invitation

What exactly were the crisis and opportunity of Twin Dragons Village? Let us rewind the time to that day’s morning.

When the sun had just risen, Shi Hao prepared to go to the military camp to train soldiers as per his usual habit of these days. However, Wang Fu delivered him a letter, a letter from Zhang Han.

Shi Hao took the letter and the more he read, the more confused he became. What exactly was going on? It turned out that this letter was Zhang Han’s invitation to Shake the Heaven to attend Hibiscus County’s banquet. This, however, was a tough job for Shi Hao. Go or not go? Go, then he might not be able to return. Not go, then Zhang Han had specifically asked that Shi Hao must show up in person.

After discussing with Feng Tianhao and other people, Shi Hao decided to go! Zhang Yang’s evaluation of Zang Han played a very important role to make this decision. Zhang Han was not Wei Wentong. He wouldn’t use low and despicable methods.

However, Zhang Han was a personage who defeats his opponent head-on. Moreover, there was no guarantee that Wei Wentong didn’t know this news and he wouldn’t intercept midway and kill Shi Hao.

Therefore, even though Shi Hao had decided to go, he would bring Pei Yuanqing with him. Now, in Twin Dragons Village, only Pei Yuanqing could defeat Wei Wentong for sure. As for Feng Tianhao, his skills were too ordinary. Whether he could defeat Wei Wentong or not was uncertain. If Feng Tianhao wanted to defeat Wei Wentong, then it would depend on his techniques to make up.

Without wasting time, Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing immediately set out.

“Since we are leaving, I leave Twin Dragons Village to you all for this period of time.” Before leaving, Shi Hao said to Feng Tianhao, Wang Fu and others. Shi Hao also specially instructed to not let that The Only Hero go. Moreover, strictly monitor him so that he wouldn’t kill himself. By the way, in <<Kingdom>>, communication had distance restrictions. Naturally, whispering could be used, but after a certain distance, the other party wouldn’t be able to receive the whisper. Therefore, after Shi Hao left, the contact between Shi Hao and Twin Dragons Village would be broken. So, Shi Hao said a few more words before leaving.

Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing set out after disguising themselves. All along the way, perhaps, Zhang Han did a good job of keeping secret, or perhaps, the disguise of Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing was too good, no one intercepted them. On the contrary, they often took the initiative to attack. They joined hands to kill many elite monsters and wild BOSSes.

Moreover, during the journey, Shi Hao heard the system notification: “Congratulations to XX player in Divine Flower Continent for recruiting the third historical NPC of <<Kingdom>>. In order to encourage the players to continue their efforts, it is hereby notified that Player XX will be rewarded with a special item.”

Obviously, this XX player was not Shi Hao. The system of <<Kingdom>> would only announce and reward the first three recruitment of historical NPCs. Afterward, there would be no system announcement and rewards.

At this moment, Shi Hao didn’t care who that XX player was and what item he got as a reward because Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing had already arrived at Hibiscus County.

Hibiscus County’s area was huge, at least ten times the size of current Twin Dragons Village. Moreover, the infrastructures in Hibiscus County was practically complete. Everything including hospital, teahouse, restaurant, market, school and so on needed were there. The goods in the market made Shi Hao open his eyes. Unfortunately, although there were a lot more goods and materials here compared to Tranquil Water Village, they were expensive. Shi Hao just took a look. He didn’t purchase them.

Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing suddenly discovered that there were players selling weapons in the market. And Shi Hao was shocked when he heard the price. The price of level 1 iron sword was actually 200 copper coins! One should know that the market price of raw materials of level 1 iron sword was 50 copper coins. Did that mean the processing charge was 150 copper coins? That was a huge profit. He had encountered this kind of price only when he had just entered the game. At that time, he had spent 1,000 copper coins to purchase one level 1 iron armor. But there was no other choice. Shi Hao had estimated that once the player villages began to appear in succession, these things would be sold at 100 copper coins at the most.

Shi Hao’s eyes were filled with doubts. Could it be that only he knew these things? If not, then why would other purchase at this price? While he was thinking, he suddenly saw someone purchasing a weapon.

Shi Hao immediately stepped forward and asked: “Brother! The weapons are so expensive here, but why are you still purchasing them?”

That passing player looked at Shi Hao and noticed that Shi Hao was hiding his name. This was also normal. Now, most people had already become a little wiser. Only a few people walk on the street while displaying their names.

This person was too lazy to care about who Shi Hao was and replied: “If you don’t purchase weapons here, then you will not have any weapons to use. You know, don’t look at how villages are established one after another in this period of time. In fact, the proportion of people who own a village is still very small! If the people like us don’t purchase weapons here, then where should we go? Moreover, although there are a lot of player villages, many don’t have the ability to produce weapons. As for those big villages that could produce weapons, they either don’t sell or the price is even more expensive than here. It’s as expensive as in Novice Village.”

Shi Hao left the market with a smile. Wasn’t this a business opportunity? Wasn’t this kind of business very profitable? Naturally, it was a big profit! However, if he sold items to other people, then shouldn’t he fear that the other people would use those items to beat him? Because of this point, Shi Hao had no intention to resell the items before.

But now, he didn’t need to fear other people using these items to beat him.

Because Twin Dragons Village was already able to make level 1 items with +2 attributes. He could intentionally make some level 1 items without any additional attributes (Hibiscus County also sold level 1 items without additional attributes. No better items were sold) to sell for money. Like that, there would be a gap in the items he sold and he used. And when you use the items sold by Shi Hao to attack Shi Hao, there would be a big gift.

Shi Hao dragged Pei Yuanqing to wander around the street for a long time.

Only when the sky was getting dark, Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing said: “Come for a flower…” to the soldiers guarding the Council Hall in accordance with the secret signal written in Zhang Han’s letter.

The guard soldier immediately led Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing to a room of the Council Hall. in the room, there was no one else, only an imposing man was sitting upright and still.

This person was Zhang Han. Zhang Han slightly smiled and said: “Village Chief Shi, you made this Zhang wait for a long time.”

Upon seeing Zhang Han’s smile, Shi Hao seemed to understand Zhang Han’s intention. It seemed that Zhang Han had a request for him. Otherwise, with Zhang Han’s status, there was no need to wait for him with a smile.

With confidence in his eyes, Shi Hao calmly said: “If there is anything Perfect Zhang wants for me to do, then don’t hesitate to say directly.”

“You are straightforward!” Zhang Han was waiting for these words from Shi Hao’s mouth. He then said in a low voice: “Village Chief Shi, I invited you for a flower, but where is the flower? To tell you the truth, the flower is here in Council Hall! A flower mutilated by Wei Wentong! A few days ago, Wei Wentong actually wanted to assault a maid of the Council Hall after getting drunk. That maid was just in her prime. She resisted fiercely. Therefore, Wei Wentong killed her in a rage. What’s even more hateful is that Wei Wentong actually also killed her younger sister. This Zhang Han disdain to associate with such a contemptible person.

A hint of understanding flashed through Shi Hao’s eyes. Shi Hao understood Zhang Han’s intentions and also lowered his voice: “Wei Wentong is indeed the biggest hoodlum of Hibiscus County. He must be punished severely. Otherwise, how can military disciple be maintained? What’s the use of military law? And what about the military soul?”

Shi Hao inwardly calculated. Although he understood that Zhang Han wanted to do something to Wei Wentong, who knew whether Zhang Han was speaking out his innermost thoughts or not? Even if Zhang Han was a relatively upright person as Zhang Yang said, Zhang Han must care about his own position of Perfect. Who wouldn’t care? Therefore, it was entirely possible that Zhang Han was intentionally making up a reason to deceive Shi Hao to work for him, but in fact, he was worried that Wei Wentong would one day seize his position of Perfect, therefore, he was using this opportunity to eliminate Wei Wentong.

So, what were the facts here…

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