Chapter 30: Deep Purples and Bright Reds

Fortunately! In fact, Zhang Han wasn’t lying much. He indeed disliked Wei Wentong very much. What Wei Wentong did was also truly cruel. Although the elimination of Wei Wentong also had a little to do with Zhang Han’s desire to stabilize his position as Perfect, this was not the main reason Zhang Han had invited Shi Hao. In any case, Wei Wentong was the common enemy of Zhang Han and Shi Hao now at the least.

The corners of Zhang Han’s mouth slightly rose and he said: “What Village Chief Shi said is very true! I already have a detailed plan. I invite Village Chief Shi to listen to me in detail…”

Not long after, Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing rent a carriage and left Hibiscus County in the night. Shi Hao was repeatedly calculating Zhang Han’s plans in his heart.

As it turned out Wei Wentiong wanted to go to look for Shi Hao yesterday. However, Zhang Han had stopped him and sent him to carry out the West Flower Region’s dungeon mission issued by Divine and Mighty Alliance. The dungeon mission would formally open after a month. Divine and Mighty Alliance’s dungeon mission was especially used to evaluate and promote the newcomers (players), and give players a chance to display their abilities. The dungeon needed a senior general of Divine and Mighty Alliance to act as a guard. And this time, Wei Wentong was the candidate for this. This, however, was Zhang Han’s chance to get rid of Wei Wentong while remaining within the rules of Divine and Mighty Alliance. In the dudgeon mission of Divine and Mighty Alliance, if you were killed by the players, then you can only blame yourself for being incapable. The other people wouldn’t be responsible.

But with Wei Wentong’s strength, how could he get killed easily? Even if a large group of players attacked him, he might not be able to resist, but he could cut an escape route and escape on his war-horse. Therefore, what was the plan of Zhang Han?

Zhang Han’s plan was two words, Shi Hao!

Zhang Han had investigated clearly. Currently, Shi Hao was the strongest player force in the West Flower Region. Especially that fair-faced Cui Yuanqing. His strength was estimated to have reached the level of A grade historical NPC, moreover, upper-level A grade historical NPC. Although Wei Wentong was an S grade historical NPC, he was middle-level or lower-level existence among S grade historical NPCs. Moreover, his current gears were also ordinary. He was using just standard items. Calculating like this, it was very likely that Wei Wentong would lose against Cui Yuanqing and his team.

But there was still a problem. If Wei Wentong couldn’t defeat, then he could run away. Shi Hao’s cavalrymen couldn’t stop him.

Therefore, this was not enough. But Zhang Han gave Shi Hao a treasure. With this treasure, it was more than enough.

Shi Hao opened his inventory and looked at this treasure and smiled cheerfully.


[Name: Cloud Mist Beast (Epic)]

[Level: 1]

[Agility: 10, MP: 10]

[Attached Skill: Slow Restraint, CD: 1 day, reduce the enemy’s agility by 4 points within the radius of 1000 meters for 1 minute]


Shi Hao laughed. His calculation was very clear. This was a good thing to prevent enemies from running away. After Wei Wentong was slowed down, he wouldn’t be able to escape Pei Yuanqing and his cavalrymen’s joint pursuit for certain. Moreover, Could Mist Beast was a mount and it was especially suitable for a commander to use. Slowing down the enemy could also save one’s life. In addition, there was the addition of 10 points in agility, which was the same as flying.

Upon seeing this, someone attentive might ask that now was the phase of standard items. In fact, even Wei Wentong also used standard items, but why did Zhang Han generously give Shi Hao an epic grade item?

As a matter of fact, Cloud Mist Beast was the ultimate reward of this West Flower Region’s dungeon. Zhang Han had just given the reward to Shi Hao in advance.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“What’s the matter?” When Shi Hao was happily thinking, the carriage seemed to bump onto something and was forced to stop. Shi Hao came out and saw that the road ahead was blocked by a fallen tree. If the road ahead was not cleared, then they had to turn back and change their way.

The coachman looked helpless and reined in the horse to turn around.

Shi Hao, however, had no intention to turn around. Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing directly gave up the carriage and went on foot, wanting to look for a place to rest. Soon, Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing arrived at a village. Upon a closer look, via the dim moonlight, they could vaguely see three big words written at the village entrance, Shan Family Village.

“Is there anyone?” Shi Hao knew that it was not very good to shout in the middle of the night. However, he and Pei Yuanqing didn’t have another lodging. Besides, this was also a village. Someone should be patrolling the village. And from the name as well as the very sparsely populated appearance of the village, Shi Hao could guess that this was a small stronghold established by a player.

Unfortunately, even after Shi Hao shouted for a long time, no one responded. This was purely because the population of this village was too small and there basically was no one on night duty. Everyone was sleeping, who cared about Shi Hao? Seeing this, Shi Hao rolled his eyes and climbed into Shan Family Village with Pei Yuanqing. After all, the enclosing wall of this village was not tall. It was truly dangerous to not have anyone on night duty.

Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing stayed in a dilapidated house for the night.

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Early the next morning, the sun passed through the white clouds and illuminated the glowing cheeks of a female archer player.

This female archer player was very lively, cute and innocent. She had entered the game for neither too long nor too short. But she didn’t even know how to hide her name. Therefore, other people would know that her name was Deep Purples and Bright Reds at one glance. Moreover, she didn’t even wear her armor. She just stored it in her inventory. She, however, was Shan Family Village’s Village Chief. Upon a closer look, the appearance of this female village chief’s character was indeed pretty good.

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Merely, although the gender of the characters in <<Kingdom>> should be consistent with the real gender, the appearance and figure could be changed. Therefore, even if a female character looked beautiful, it didn’t represent that she was truly beautiful in the real world. But there was no such thing as a male playing as a female character.

“Hello, Village Chief Little Red!” A villager from Shan Family Village walked to the front of Deep Purples and Bright Reds. This villager’s name was Li Min. He was not young. He looked about the same age as Twin Dragons Village’s Wang Fu. Li Min should also have the same role as Wang Fu. He should be the administrator of Shan Family Village given by the system.

However, the two words ‘Little Red’ casually spoken by Li Min was absolutely not taught by the system. This could only be taught by Deep Purples and Bright Reds.

Lin Min anxiously said: “Now, our village is still very poor. The matter of farmland and well has just been dealt with, and the issue of food and water can also be counted as resolved for the time being. However, the military strength of our village is far from enough. Although we spent money to purchase a batch of weapons from Hibiscus County’s market to fully arm our only 9 soldiers, this is still far from being enough to deal with the bandits’ invasion of tomorrow.”

Haha! From the words of Li Min, Shi Hao had come across a good show…

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