Rigged 14

Gangsters dropped everything they were given. Roderick’s legs were starting to shake
“Jeez, you just pissed your pants!” Mitchell looked at Roderick’s crotch.
Roderick’s smirk widened ear to ear in the entire duration when soldiers were unlocking their rifles.
“You want to see a miracle?” Roderick grinned.
Black clouds appeared in the clean sky out of the blue. There was no thunder or lightening but droplets had descended. A big drop of water fell on one soldier’s gun nozzle. He gazed at the senior officer. Roderick read terror in his face when he turned at them.
“Suck the clouds before it’s too late!” Senior Officer almost tore his throat to make himself heard. Either his voice was loud enough to be heard in every place of the camp, or the soldiers had sensed what the officer might tell them to do. They came to action without losing a second.
The shutters of the dome on a big building spread open and a giant pipe came out from there. Pipes were directed towards the clouds about to unleash rain. Someone activated the suction, then the giant vacuum tube began pulling clouds towards itself.
Eduwardo and Mitchell stood speechless after finding out the cause of draught in the land. If someone was to be blamed for the eternal draught, then they didn’t need look further than the military.
The pipe heaved chunks of clouds towards it. The sky was full of them. Then something inevitable happened.  There were too many clouds to be handled. Clouds had began to produce droplets of water. 
One of those big drops fell on Roderick’s face.
The droplets grew bigger and bigger as they rained. Somehow Eduwardo, Mitchell and their men were cherishing on being hit with painful droplets. Unlike Roderick had thought, the rain was not a miracle for those people. 
Surface got muddy when the rain became fiercer. Even though droplets were maintaining constant size, the land was behaving in a very different way.
Drops poked holes in the ground. And the military were also defenseless about for the calamity. Soon the land lost its density. Roderick cursed himself when he found his shoes sinking. The military men underneath the raining clouds were trapped in the quicksand up to their waists.
Some of them had already sunk.
“Run!” Eduwardo screamed.
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