Rigged 13

Roderick clenched his fist in the rage of being traded.
“And signals are back again.” a military man looked at his beeping device.
“You can’t be this much of a douchebag.” Roderick shouted, “I risked my life to get in here.”
“How did you risk your life? By riding a baby duck?”
“Fathering would be an exact word for it.” Roderick uttered in embarrassment.
The duckling appeared there while Roderick and Mitchell were arguing. Those two men didn’t stop bickering at each other till the baby duck quaked. The military men also glanced back at the creature.
It stood silent for a while and contracted its body muscles.
“Gross!” Mitchell was near to throw up after watching the duckling poop.
A soldier walked towards the duck excreta. Neither it looked gross, nor did it smell foul. Instead, it glittered like gold.
“Gold?” the soldier couldn’t stop from saying.
Freedom of Eduwardo, Mitchell and his group went into withheld from there. Those men in uniforms didn’t permit them to leave for the duration of testing.
“This is gold.” Soldier looked at his senior officer when examination was over.
“See, this duck can s*** gold.” Roderick interrupted their conversation, “You can keep it instead of me.”
“So we should trade an inter-dimensional signal emitting man for a gold shitting duck?” senior officer didn’t look convinced.
“Do you think I am a dimensional traveler?”
“Is that your confirmation?”
“No! I didn’t mean it.”
“We were not even doubting you are from another dimens-“
“OFFICER!” one soldier ran to their location. He flinched and almost slipped after seeing the life-sized duckling.
“What?” Senior officer interrogated.
“This duck ate our colonel and ran.”
“Shoot all of them!” the angry officer commanded in the loudest voice possible.
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