Rigged 12

Mitchell, Eduwardoand the rest of the gang members were sitting at the same spot ever since the eagle attack had happened. Soldiers had gunned down some hawks trying to breach in, which made birds stay away from the area for a while.
Despite of having lesser chances of another invasion, they were not allowed to be inside tents. Perhaps they were being kept there as a way to save military personnel from bird attack. Just as an easy target for lazy predators.
Regardless, there was a sense of security in them because they were not surrounded by soldiers like before. And by looking at the way soldiers were shooting birds, they were pretty sure they had no danger with those birds.
Few minutes later, none of them had a slight idea of what to feel when they saw Roderick coming towards the camp on a duckling’s back. Looking at their fur, they guessed it had hatched recently.
Eduwardo stood up as Roderick stopped the duckling just outside the fence. Soldiers ran out from their tents, holding rifles that could scare the daylights out of him.
“He is our friend who was caught by the eagle.” Mitchell told a soldier.
Roderick also cooperated by raising his hands, but the innocent duckling ran inside the barred area wasting no second.
“Leave him, please. He is harmless.” Roderick said, walking his way to the area.
“What will these people do to us?” Roderick asked after coming face to face with Eduwardo.
“They have decided to let us go.” Eduwardo answered.
Roderick looked around. He sensed he was making the situation tense by displaying his dissatisfaction. He didn’t want to be ingrate in a merciful surrounding, so he kept his silence intact.
They only started mumbling with each other when some soldiers left their place to bring food and water for them. They took little time to bring water and MRE items.
“One pack of food and a bottle of water for each.” The soldier distributed them.
Roderick spread his arm to take.
“Not for you.” The soldier said.
Roderick, confused, looked around. Only Eduwardo stepped to answer him, “We traded you for our freedom. The military men are saying they detected inter-dimensional signals while you were here. Ever since you left, those have signals disappeared.”
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