Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Too Familiar (1)

Agni held her breath as she walked the corridor, her mind racing as she moved towards the exit.

*That was intense…* She thought to herself as she opened the door. To her surprise, Zula was waiting on the other side with a difficult to read smile on her face.

“So..what did you think?” Zula asked as she took Agni by the arm, pulling her near.

“That was…I … I don’t know.” Agni replied.

“Mmm.” This was all Zula said as she began to walk, arm in arm, with Agni.

“How did it make you feel–watching?” Zula asked. The question was so direct that Agni blushed before answering.

“I liked it.”

“Would you ever…participate in anything like that?” Zula’s next question was somewhat expected, but still Agni had no response ready.

“I don’t know..”

“I see. Your mind says no but…” Zula stopped and took up a position in front of Agni, pressing her fingertip against Agni’s chin as she spoke.

“What does your body say? Does she react…to the things you find…. Foreign? Do you find yourself craving…lusting..needing?”

Zula’s direct nature was making Agni sweat, but not in a bad way. The darkness, the idea of watching from the shadows was appealing but Zula’s conversation was making Agni bashful. What’s more, Zula was quite aware of this. Perhaps she had figured Agni out from the moment they locked eyes.

*That’s probably enough…for now…* Zula thought to herself as she took Agni’s arm and continued walking with her.

“Ah– Agni!” Katrin shouted as Agni and Zula rounded the corner. Katrin quickly freed herself from the groping hands of several young women who looked thoroughly disappointed.

“Aww.” One young lady commented as she folded her arms and frowned.

“She got away. Tsk.” Another lady whispered.

“K-Katrin? What’s wrong.” Agni whispered as Katrin latched onto her free arm.

“N-Nothing.…” She said, a nervous tone to her voice.

“So… what do you two ladies think? The offer still stands…working with me would be–” Zula stopped as she searched for the right word, “ enlightening.”

“I think I’ll pass. Ha ha.” Katrin answered almost immediately as she chuckled nervously. Agni caught a glance of Katrin’s robe hanging off her shoulders as another young lady on the nearby sofa licked and sucked her fingers. She could almost guess what happened.

“It sounds nice but… I’ll have to decline too.” Agni responded.

“Awwwwwww!” All of the women in the room practically moaned in unison with disappointment.

“Well, I expected as much but, the offer still stands. As I said, people would pay handsomely for experiences with a Succubus. There’s also a huge demand for wholesome women too…” Zula said as she cast a glance in Katrin’s direction.

“Regardless. You can come back any time– you know the way now right?” Zula said as she grasped Agni’s hands, clasping them together as she spoke.

“For a massage or — anything else that tickles your fancy.” Another escort said as she waved at Katrin.


A different sort of relief filled Katrin as the pair exited the Silken Petal some twenty minutes later.

“They really like you, don’t they?” Agni asked, laughing to herself.

“A little too much..” Katrin returned as she waved back to the six ladies standing at the entrance of the building.

“What’s not to like though am I right?” Agni said with a nudge as she and Katrin walked out of the gates leading into the brothel. All of the attention being poured upon them was both exciting and tiring. Though it was only mid afternoon they both felt relaxed and tired.

*Oi.* Shula’s voice said suddenly.


*Did you forget? You got what you wanted back there. You may praise me.* Shula replied.

“Oh, that’s right– my Succulust ability did improve.” Agni whispered.

“Really? That’s great. Then it means the trip was a success, right?” Katrin replied.

“Mhmm. It seems like the ability changed as well. Let’s see.” Agni said as she paused to open her Skills menu.

[Succulust – (Passive) {27%} +5% Strength, Agility and Speed when activated. When the Carnal meter is full, +15 additional percent to Strength,Agility and Speed. Cost : 0. ]

“What does it say?” Katrin asked as she crowded Agni to see.

“What’s a Carnal Meter?” Katrin then asked.

“I think, when the ability rose in mastery something new unlocked.”

*Wrong.* Shula said.

*What do you mean, ‘wrong’?*

*You’ve always had a Carnal Meter. You just didn’t realize it. The more in tune you become with yourself, the more you’ll discover even more abilities.*

*Like?* Agni asked, but she received no answer.

“Um..Agni? Are you okay?” Katrin asked, having noticed the fact that Agni seemed to be staring off into space.

“Ah, yea. Sorry, just.. Talking to Shula..err- I mean the angry voice.”


“So basically, if I understand right, this third meter in the upper left corner of my HUD is Carnal Energy. I already have quite a bit, so let’s try it out.” Agni said as she closed her menu and uttered the words.


“………..Did it work?” Katrin asked after observing for a moment.

*HA HA HA! What the hell was that? Dork.* Shula said as she laughed obnoxiously.

*If you know something then say so…* Agni thought.

*Nope.* Shula replied.

*Then what use are you?* Agni retorted.


“It looks like I’ll have to figure this one out later.. And Shula’s not being any help. Let’s just…go.” Agni replied as a mood of annoyance settled over her.

The two walked for quite some time, having quite a ways to go before exiting Sprim Row. Along the way they stopped at various street stalls and even made a few purchases. It wasn’t long before they left the Silk Road area and were on their way to the Sprim Row gate.

*Oi.* Shula said.

*Shut up. I’m not in the mood.*

*Oi. Seriously.*

*What Shula? What do you want? I’m not in the mood right now.*

Only allowed on

*Someone’s been following us since we left the Silken Petal.*


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*Yes. Don’t look back. But there are three of them. They will probably try something when we near the gate.*

*Why didn’t you say something earlier?*

*Because– I wasn’t sure until now. But they’re definitely watching both you and Katrin.*

Upon hearing this Agni stopped in her tracks and turned around, placing her hands on her hips as she shouted, “I know you’re there. Come out.”

Katrin seemed confused, that is until three grifty looking men stepped out from the shadows.

*Agni — behind you!* Shula said, alerting Agni to the fact that three additional people stepped out onto the street just two meters behind them.

“Huh!?” Katrin said as she drew near to Agni. “What’s going on?” She whispered as she cast glances towards the men who were now closing in from all directions.

“I don’t know. Let’s find out.” Agni replied, her eyes taking on a pink tone as one of the men stepped forth to speak.

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