Chapter 50

Chapter 50 : Watcher (1)
“Ahh.” Agni barely had time to voice her discontent before several people entered the room and grabbed her by the arms. They came for Katrin as well, dragging the two out of the room and in opposite directions. The last thing Agni saw before Katrin was pulled around the corner was the expression of confusion and dismay on her face.

“I would like to show you something.” Zula said as she grabbed Agni by the hand and led her personally, the other attendants broke off at this point.

“Don’t worry about your friend. She won’t get into too much mischief. I’m glad to see you were enjoying yourself back there.” Zula said as she pulled Agni along through a slender corridor with a small black door at the end.

*You’re close to a breakthrough now…* Shula said suddenly.

*That massage was so relaxing..I fell asleep ha.* Shula also added.


Agni couldn’t help but wonder where Zula was taking her yet in some regards it didn’t matter. It had been a while since she felt so….good. Her spirits were high and her body was stress free–as if all the built up emotional and physical trauma simply melted away.

“There is something I’d like you to see…something I rarely show others but I think you can appreciate it. That is…if you have the courage to enter..” Zula stopped just outside of the slender, black door. It didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary, yet Agni could tell–something interesting lay beyond its boundaries. Her senses told her as much.

With this Zula smiled and proceeded to walk away, looking back only once as she left Agni to her decision.

For Agni, however it wasn’t much of a decision.

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*I think I really like being swept up in the moment, the emotion.* Agni mused as she ran her fingertips against the base of her throat. Standing totally nude, her body warm and relaxed from the past few moments she placed her hand on the door and twisted the handle — all in anticipation of what was to come.


“So soft. And your hair smells so good. Ah, I just love touching you!” One of the women latched onto Katrin’s arm continually said this as her soft hands began to wander. Katrin had been continually doted on since the moment her and Agni parted ways. With one woman on each arm and a man at her back, Katrin was given a place on a comfortable sofa as the trio of attendants further showed her with affection.

The young man at her rear was gently running his fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp in the process. The young ladies paid special attention to Katrin’s hands and fingertips. Though Katrin was concerned about being parted from Agni, this too was nice in it’s own way. She quickly settled into the feeling of being pampered, her eyes closed as a content expression overcame her.

“Your friend Agni won’t be gone long. Let’s talk, you and I. “ Zula’s voice said, suddenly bringing Katrin back to her senses. Zula was now sitting directly in front of Katrin, looking up at her as she knelt and began gently rubbing the soles and forefront of Katrin’s feet, just beneath her toes.

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Darkness and the gentle sound of strenuous activity were the first things Agni noticed upon entering the black door. The temperature of the slender hallway which she found herself in was several degrees warmer than the area of the building she’d just left. If she had to guess, she was in some sort of secret walkway.

After allowing her senses a moment to settle, Agni realized that the sound in the distance was that of sex in the air. She was drawn to it, slowly, silently making her way down the pitch black corridor towards several small beams of light which pierced the darkness. As she neared one she realized she was now gazing into a peephole. The first two were empty, unoccupied but the third proved to be the source of much to take in.

“Ah, ah!” A young woman moaned as the man behind her gripped her hips firmly and thrusted his pelvis. Agni took note of her expression , the angle in which the peep hole was placed allowed her a perfect view. Beads of sweat dripped down both the young woman’s face, as well as the man behind her as they went about the task of pleasuring each other.

“Mmm. I’m cumming!” She moaned as she slid one hand between her thighs and began to rub on her clit as the slapping sound of his hips increased in fervor. With each stroke the bed shook fiercely and the young woman clenched the sheets as if she was about to lose all control. With each thrust Agni watched until the man’s body seized up, no doubt because the woman’s p**** clenched him, draining him of all his juices.

As she breathed heavily the young woman glanced up and their eyes met. For an instant, Agni wasn’t sure whether the woman saw her, but as her lover backed away and a new man took his place it was obvious. The woman knew she was being watched, and Agni could also tell it turned her on even more.

Agni realized that several men were in the room, each of them taking both their time and turns pleasuring themselves and the young woman with them. A devilish smile spread across the woman’s face as she licked her lips, her expression only changing as she felt the girth of a new shaft sliding deep inside of her.

The scene was so erotic, so sexually charged that Agni had begun caressing her own breasts, eventually sliding her hand down between her thighs and edging herself. She gently rubbed her middle finger against her lips causing them to grow wetter by the moment as the lure of completion threatened to overcome her.

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