Chapter 51

Chapter 51 : Watcher (2)
“Ahh, so good.” Agni was practically purring at this point as the sensation of overwhelming lust took over.

*This is too much… it’s driving me over the edge…* Agni thought to herself as she watched the young woman be taken.

*One…two….four people? Oh my..* Agni thought to herself as she counted the bodies in the background. One man stepped forth and took up a position on the bed as the young woman was flipped over onto her back. Agni couldn’t help but notice the fairness of her skin, creamy and silky smooth–drenched with sweat as the second man gripped his rod and pressed it against the lips of the woman.

She bit her lip for just a split second then began the act of feasting on his c***, gripping it by the base and hungrily sucking at the head of his dick. Agni couldn’t help but admire the gusto in which she attacked the situation, it was almost as if her mouth formed a vacuum seal around the head of the man’s p****.

The more Agni watched, the more she was drawn in — her fingers working faster and faster by the second to please her aching body. There was no logic, only the sensation as waves of pleasure began to wash over her body, causing her thighs to quiver with each passing moment.

The view within the room heated up with each passing moment as the woman’s beaus pinned her legs up into a V shape and began to fill her tight, wet p**** to the brim with each stroke. They took turns pleasuring themselves, and her as well as a third found a spot on the bed to be jerked off by her eager hands.

*F*** this is so hot..ah I can’t take it!* Agni moaned to herself as a wave of wetness drenched her aching p****. She eagerly bit at her lips, her face contorted in an expression of lust and ecstasy as she came for the first of many times.

The men were not gentle, and even the act of ravishing her body was a boon to Agni’s lust. Soon Agni found herself furiously rubbing her own clit, her fingers slipping into her juicy, wet body occasionally as she determinedly pleasured herself.

Deep, pounding strokes and moans of muffled pleasure filled the air until finally the young hostess drained all of her nearby boy toys of their energy and c**.

“F***..” Agni whispered to herself as she desperately tried to stoke an unquenchable thirst.

[Succulust has reached 27% mastery. Ability has been upgraded. Requirements for summoning familiar have been met — visit the Demonic Chapel in Kirlunst to perform the summoning ritual.]

Agni would have been more happy about the next alert, if she wasn’t so damn horny.

[Carnal Meter unlocked. You can now store and utilize erotic energy to enhance your succubus ablities and skills. Succulust ability relies on Carnal Energy to activate.]

Having made herself orgasm a second time, Agni finally came to her senses somewhat as she took note of the pair of alerts. However the lure of even more erotic energy pulled her into a different direction further down the hallway.





Agni could hear the sound of flesh being “punished” with each step. Finally, upon reaching the peephole, her eyes widened as she noticed the debauchery in play.

“I’ll let you lick my heel– if you squeal for me.” A tall, slender woman — at least 180 cm in height towered above her target, a chubby balding man. He squealed in response to her taunt and moved to flick his tongue against the stilettos on her feet. In her hands she held a small leather whip with dozens of strips at the end and she patted it against her hand with the most seething of disapproving looks as her expression.

“I didn’t give you permission to move!” She growled as she moved her foot and pressed the front of her shoe down against his brow. Unable to resist, his head impacted the floor with a soft thud. It looked uncomfortable to say the least, though–his face said otherwise.

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“That’s it… worship me like the filthy rat you are.” Her voice contained a voracious delight, as if she was savoring every moment. The man’s ass wagged in the air and it was now apparent to Agni that he was bound by the wrists, hands tied behind his back. As she looked on, she noticed a truly cringe inducing smile painted across the man’s lips as he gazed upwards. It was obvious what his eyes were transfixed upon.

The woman was clad in black — strips, lace and leather. Her dress came up to a dangerous length just six cm below her love mound. And it was doubtful that she was wearing any panties at all. This was made clear by the outline of her nipples — the fabric clinging to her body was so tight that underwear would be obvious.

She lifted her heel and brought it down upon the man’s shoulder blade, slowly grinding the point deep into his flesh until a whimper issued forth from his mouth. Though her face was covered by a Venetian masquerade mask which extended just past her cheeks and nose, Agni was able to make out a wicked smile of delight. She flicked her tongue against her beet red lips before she raised the whip in her right hand and began whipping the man furiously.

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“Don’t you?” Agni couldn’t tell if there was disgust or lust in her voice, perhaps both. The sight was both disarming and alluring. Agni could feel her own body responding, her nipples growing hard, her lips quivering. For a moment she released a long, deep breath which she’d been holding in.

It was at this moment that the whipping noise ceased and the tall dom glanced over in her general direction. It was just for an instant, and no eye contact was made — so Agni assumed she was in the clear.

“So you’re underestimating me. Do you think I don’t know?” She brought the whip down again, as if taking out some pent up anger on the man pinned beneath her feet.

“All peeping birds will be punished.” She said as she finally lifted her foot from his back, having drawn blood in the process. She then squatted before the crumpled man, spreading her thighs in the process so that he could have a good look at her paradise.

“Feast.” She commanded as she grabbed him by the back of the head and lifted his face to her lips. She pressed the man’s face into her body without care for his well being, as if she wanted to smother him in her flesh. She threw her head back for the briefest of moments, her body shuddering as the man hungrily lapped at her body. The sound of his slurping sucks and moist licks filled the air.

The woman shuddered a few more times under the waves of pleasure she was now experiencing before she cocked her head to the side and gazed in Agni’s direction.

“All peeping birds will be punished.” She repeated again, licking her lips as she said so.

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