Chapter 53

Chapter 53 : Too Familiar (2)
“You ladies lost?” The ‘leader’ of the band stepped forth, a husky man with thick, bulging muscles and a bald head.

[Fargo Reiner Rank 2 Guardian]

“No, we’re fine.” Agni responded, as she glanced at the other two men at Fargo’s side. Both of them were Rank 1 and from the look of it Striker, category. The Striker category of adventurers focused on close range combat — tanks, damage dealers, etc.

These particular adventurers had very generic class descriptions — one Warrior and two Fighters.

*There’s also a Paladin class and two Shield Bearers behind you.* Shula added.

“Are you sure? Maybe we could–show you around.” Fargo said as he walked closer.

Agni cast a glance at Katrin who was now gripping her arm rather tightly. And Agni couldn’t blame her, their wonderful afternoon was slowly turning into an annoyance.

*Be careful, something seems off.* Shula said, before she added–*They definitely have an agenda.*

*Yea. Kidnap.* Agni replied as she called forth her halberd and slammed it’s end into the cobblestone street.

“That’s far enough. Whatever you have to say, you can say it from where you stand.” Agi commanded as she carefully listened for signs of movement coming from her rear.

“Ha. This one’s got some fire in her. Relax little lady, we just wanna talk.” One of the Fighters to Fargo’s left said. His voice had a slimy feel to it, as if he was relishing in delight with each word. Sadly, Agni recognized that feeling — it was one she regularly indulged in when it came to erotic moments. It was as if she could feel the moment against her lips, savoring each drop.

“And it takes six people to talk?” Agni rebutted.

“Heh.” This was all the reply Fargo gave.

“Fine. Truth be told, we’re looking for able bodied people to join our Chapel. A Specialist class and a Scribe would be a great benefit to our Chapel’s prestige. We were only hoping to talk to you for a moment. The extra men are simply due to the area, it’s dangerous here on the streets of Sprim Row–just so you know.” Fargo said.

While his reasoning sounded logical, there was something off about the situation. Agni only doubted herself for a moment until she glanced over at Katrin’s face — the level of discomfort there was enough to harden her resolve.

“No, thanks. We’re not interested.” Agni said as she grabbed Katrin by the wrist and moved to walk between the group of men to her rear.

“But, you haven’t even heard our proposal yet.” Fargo said as the men before Agni moved to close ranks and block her exit. Agni stopped in her tracks and inhaled a deep breath before sighing.

Every shred of her being as bounding with the same adrenaline rush as the moments leading into a battle.

“I should have known. The day was going too well. I was content. Feeling great…and you just had to mess it up.” Agni spoke loudly as her senses sharpened to a dangerous level.

“Fine. Since you gentlemen seem hellbent on blocking the way, I’ll just make you move. Let’s do it then.” She growled in anger as she released Katrin’s hand and twirled her Halberd effortlessly. The group of men chuckled to themselves, clearly feeling superior in their numbers.

“Go. Make sure not to hurt them too much.” Fargo directed as he gave a nod of his head.

[‘Devilish Intuition’ Unlocked.]

The alert caught Agni’s attention for only the briefest of moments as the three men in front of her began to move.

“Halt.” Agni commanded, forcing one of the approaching adventurers to halt in his tracks. She dashed forth and thrusted an upwards palm strike, landing directly on his chin. The blow was powerful enough to lift him off of his feet, jarring his brain in the process. He fell to the ground with a hard thud as one of the men to Agni’s rear made a whistling sound in response to her show of ability.

“One shot. The boss is going to reward us well.” The man could be heard saying. The other two Rank 0’s hopped into action, calling forth their weapons — two broadswords, one for each as they dove into battle.

“Katrin. Are you good to go?” Agni asked.

“Y-Yes!” Katrin responded, calling forth her gun and a scroll.

“Try not to hurt them too bad.” Agni said as she evaded sweeping blows aimed at her arms and legs.

*As I thought, they’re trying to abduct us by force. In that case I don’t need to hold back.* Agni thought to herself.

“Kill your partner here.” She commanded, forcing one of the Guardians to turn on the other. He fiercely began attacking his cohort, allowing Agni to team up against him and knock his blade from his hand.

The extended range of ‘Whisper’ and it’s upgraded usage was ideal for the situation. As the Guardian cleaved through his comrade, the effects of his Whisper effects broke. This was also the exact moment Agni chose to thrust the butt of her halberd into his throat and flow lightning energy through it, incapacitating him in one swift strike.

As the body of the slain Guardian began to fade away, no doubt recalled to whatever spawn point set by the hapless adventurer, Agni turned to face the other three adventurers before her. Katrin had her gun pulled as she eyed the trio for any sudden movements, the pair now focused all of their attention on the remaining three attackers.

“Check them.” Fargo said, turning to the person on his left.

The man lifted his hand, as if casting some sort of spell. Seconds later a shimmer of light floated upwards from his palm and he suddenly began reciting detailed information about both Katrin and Agni.

“Not even level 50? And these guys were downed in an instant? That’s the power of a legendary class I suppose.” Fargo replied as he listened to the man’s results.

*They shouldn’t be able to scan us. Is this some kind of skill?* Agni thought to herself as her grip tightened on her halberd.

*Clearly these two aren’t as weak as the others.*

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