Chapter 1272 – Chen Feng… Take me…

Madam Fox Charm felt more and more anxious. She was at King Rank, Bai Chen Feng was also at King Rank. She was the one that reached King Rank earlier; in theory, should not be afraid of Bai Chen Feng who just got promoted to King Rank in the Demon God Estate.

However, when she saw that oppressive aura emitting from him, she could not help it when she started panicking.

“Your woman? Do you mean Huan Qing Yan? She is obviously Young Master Ya’s woman. So you are the same as Young Master Ya, both of you like the same style. However, this Madam know how to transform!”

After speaking, Madam Fox Charm turned into Huan Qing Yan’s image.

Huan Qing Yan’s beautiful phoenix eyes were filled with allure and desire.

Only a thin material covered the critical areas of her body. She twisted her body alluring and said, “Chen Feng… take me…”

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Madam Fox Charm did not have strong attack powers. She usually relies on her abilities under the skirt to please men before controlling them. Her cultivation technique also requires her to sleep with men, absorbing the man’s energy during intercourse to become stronger.

Bai Chen Feng was finally moved, “Little Yan!”

Even though he tried to struggle, his reasonings had started to crumble. His pair of cold eyes began to burn with passion.

In the end, he leapt forward with a roar.

He pinned ‘Huan Qing Yan’ onto the ground and extended his tongue to lick her face…

If Madam Fox Charm knew this was so effective, she would have turned into this image from the start to control this new Lion King.

She seductively said, “Chen Feng. From now on, the two of us will be the overlords of the demons. I will stay with you forever, and let you do… you…”

Her voice suddenly changed because blood started gushing out of her neck!

Bai Chen Feng had used his fangs to pierced through her slender neck. Huan Qing Yan’s image blurred and Madam Fox Charm turned back, her face covered in her own blood.

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Bai Chen Feng continued the momentum and attacked, shredding her body and causing it to be covered in blood wounds, “I told you before. You cannot touch my woman, you also cannot transform into her!”

Madam Fox Charm was beyond angry as her eyes filled with unwillingness, “Bai Chen Feng, you are truly vicious! This Madam has underestimated you.”

Bai Chen Feng was also covered in blood by now. He extended his furry paw to take the storage ring on Madam Fox Charm’s finger.

Madam Fox Charm resisted him, so the latter decisively sliced off that finger with his claws.

“How dare a Demon Man like you hold the Demon God Command!” Madam Fox Charm tried to struggle one final time, she knew all along that Bai Chen Feng was aiming for the Demon God Command.

Bai Chen Feng coldly snorted, “Lord Lion Emperor has ordered me to retrieve the Demon God Command. The Demon God Command belongs to the Lion Race regardless of your views.”

Madam Fox Charm finally gave up. With a thud, her body disappeared and turned into a fox shadow. Dragging it tattered body, it ran away.

Bai Chen Feng did not chase after her.

A King Rank Greater Demon is not easy to kill, anyone of them would possess some life-saving methods. He might be injured if he continues fighting with her and he cannot afford to be hurt now.

There is an important matter for him to plan.

However, Madam Fox Charm’s current injuries would likely cause her to demote to Great General Rank. She is no longer a threat.

If his great plan succeeds, he would have more than enough time and opportunities to deal with her.

Bai Chen Feng took out the Golden Demon God Command from the ring and looked at it. A cruel viciousness slowly crept up and filled his face.

There must only be success, he cannot fail!

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