Chapter 1273 – Blood Tears

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The entire Holy City was in shock.

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Poison Sage had returned to Holy City with a Greater Demon. As a Greater Demon cannot enter the Holy City, it could only be imprisoned inside the sky prison above the city.

When the Greater Demon arrived, many people of the Holy City turned up to look at it.

The furious crowd started throwing various stones or Spirit Energy Bullets at it. The Greater Demon’s beautiful feathers got severely damaged and became tattered, looking extremely pitiful… 

“Smash it to death. My Elder Brother died on the battlefield because of the demons. All demons deserve to die!”

“Right! Demons deserve to die. It is said that Blackrock City nearly fell, but fortunately, the Poison Sage, Young Master Ya and his group arrived on time.”

“Lord Poison Sage is so powerful. He managed to capture a Greater Demon back for us to vent our anger!” 


The Greater Demon beat its wings in fright, it wanted to fly away but it was trapped by the invisible spirit chains in the air.

Its mournful cries covered the entire Holy City. 

More and more people started to gather, they also brought along various needle or throwing equipment with them. Some were poisonous while some were not, all of them were used to ‘greet’ the Greater Demon.

Poison Sage stood on the parade square, his voice covered the entire city. “This Greater Demon took up a human form and infiltrated our society as a spy for many years. This time, it gave the Demon God Command that we obtained to the demons, causing the elites of humanity to suffer severe losses. It has committed unforgivable crimes. Now that we have caught this Greater Demon, anyone will be allowed to have their revenge. However, this demon is very dangerous and it is advisable to not get too close to it…”

“To think that there was a spy hiding among us for several years? Who can it be?”

“Utterly shameless. The loss of the Demon God Command is a devastating blow to humanity. I am going to beat it to death no matter who it is!”

“Beast, let me show you the pain of myriad arrows piercing your heart…”

The Poison Sage had set up several restrictions around the Greater Demon for safety reasons, this prevented the crowd from getting close and also prevented the Greater Demon from escaping.

This method that the Poison Sage made was very vicious, but it also received cheers of approval from the masses.

Many humans have sacrificed themselves due to the war, resulting in an accumulation of grievances. The Greater Demon was a good target for them to vent their frustrations.

Even more magic equipment that was coated in all sorts of poison shot out, aiming at the Greater Demon in the sky.

The Greater Demon was filled with desolation and sorrow, tears of blood started to flow out from the corner of its eyes.


In a region filled with ice and snow that covered ten thousand miles.

Snow Sage was currently facing the enemy Tiger Emperor.

The Tiger Emperor was a mighty Winged Spotted Tiger. It was born with wings, allowing it to move agilely, while its pair of sharp and thick fangs were exposed.

Each of its roars was like thunder that shook the ears. Each pounce it made caused the surrounding plants and rocks to shatter and be destroyed. All these made it look extremely ferocious.

People were unable to observe the fights of Sages and Emperors because their battles were too powerful. Everything within a thousand-mile radius would be destroyed. 

Wine Sage and Snow Sage were tasked to defend the borders.

Now that the demons have destroyed the peace, they must prevent all Emperor-Rank demons from approaching.

Once an Emperor-Rank Greater Demon crosses the borders, the border cities can forget about defending as no one can stop it.

Snowflakes flew around Snow Sage, each flake contained powerful killing intent.

“Tiger Emperor, our two races have enjoyed peace for several years. Why start this meaningless slaughter?”

The Tiger Emperor roared, “You humans have crossed the line. You are the ones that massacred the small Wolf Tribe first! The Tiger, Lion and Wolf tribes have formed an alliance, swearing to have our revenge…”

“There must be some misunderstanding. This Old Man would like to invite the other Demon Emperors to calmly talk about this.”

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