Chapter 97: Kill Her (Part 2)

Because of the guard’s scream, the entire inner courtyard became brightly lit. Everyone’s room was lit up except for Qi Huan’s room that was still dark.

“What’s the matter, who shouted?” Not long after, Qi Huan heard the housekeeper’s solemn and cold voice coming from outside the house.

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Most people exchanged glances, not knowing what was going on. Only two concubines that Mo Yu had most favored recently looked at each other, their faces a little pale.

They could see that Qi Huan’s cultivation level was not high, so they were very surprised that the sleeping gas was foolproof against her. In fact, they even increased the dosage to drug her, they really didn’t expect things to go out of hand.

Qi Huan put on her clothes, pushed the door and walked out. Then, she saw a group of women chirping around the housekeeper. Her appearance attracted their eyes.

“What are you doing? Go back.” After seeing her, the housekeeper coldly rebuked.

Qi Huan didn’t mind her attitude. She just glanced at those people with a smile, then waved to Little Yin behind the housekeeper, “Come on, let’s go back to sleep.”

Only then did they discover that there was a two-meter-long silver snake on the ground with its mouth wide open. Beside the snake was a man covered in blood and half of his body had melted away.

Before Qi Huan could return to the house, she saw Xing Huang9Xing HuangLittle Huang rushing in from a distance. He had never approached his father’s inner courtyard, but Qi Huan was living there at this time, even if he hadn’t seen the fight in the inner courtyard, he had heard the loud scream, and feared that Qi Huan would really be hurt. If that happened, he really didn’t know how to explain to Mo Ye.

“Are you okay?” Xing Huang glanced at the women and found that everyone’s faces were not looking very good, except for Qi Huan who was the only one smiling.

“I’m okay. The environment here is really good, very lively.” Qi Huan waved at Xing Huang, yawned, and led Little Yin back into her room slowly.

After Qi Huan’s room door closed, Xing Huang’s face turned cold. He glanced at the housekeeper, a hint of coldness, which was very rare, was heard in his tone as he threatened, “Chief Sui, no matter what my father said, you’d better not take it seriously. If anything happens to this woman, no one will dare to protect your life, even if you are the granddaughter of the Heavenly Mystery King. I can guarantee you that.”

Xing Huang glanced at all the women one more time, and then left the place.

After hearing Xing Huang’s words, the face of the housekeeper became even more ugly. Her hands were tightly clasped together, and her sharp nails penetrated in her palms without her noticing it.

“All of you, scram, whoever dares to come out without permission will be killed!” Sui Lei glared at the women, turned and left. Before leaving, she took another deep look at Qi Huan’s house.

Sui Lei belongs to one of the four kings of the Heavenly Devil Realm. She’s the granddaughter of the Heavenly Mystery King, and everyone in the Mo Family knows this. She liked Mo Yu back then, so she was willing to give up everything she had to come to the Mo Family and become their chief just to get closer to him. But Mo Yu only had eyes on that one woman at that time. Later, that woman died. Then, Sui Lei thought it was finally her turn, but after countless women that Mo Yu tried to get in a relationship with, he didn’t even think of her, she didn’t even have the qualifications to be his woman.

But she never really cared because Mo Yu didn’t like any of those women at all. However, Qi Huan’s sudden appearance made her feel a sense of crisis. All these years, no woman who was of lower status than him, could anger him. Now, not only had she (Qi Huan) been arranged to live in the inner courtyard, coupled with the threats from Xing Huang, Sui Lei had listed Qi Huan as her biggest threat.

Poor Qi Huan didn’t expect that Xing Huang’s few words would lead to such a misunderstanding, who did she provoke to have such an unfortunate life!

In the following days, what happened that night did not happen again, and the death of that guard did not cause any troubles or noise at all, as if it was normal for any man to die in the inner courtyard.

Qi Huan originally wanted to wait for someone to ask about the man, but unfortunately no one bothered at all.

Perhaps the threat from the chief really worked because basically no one came to trouble Qi Huan after that, except for the chief herself. Once Qi Huan stepped out of her house, she could feel the chief’s icy eyes circling her like a hawk. Although the day was obviously sunny, she would still feel a shudder of coldness.

“Huang’er, how is that woman staying in the inner courtyard?” Mo Yu lay in his yard admiring a beautiful picture, and asked casually.

“Except that night, nothing major seems to have happened.” Standing behind Mo Yu, Xing Huang stared at the person in the painting. The woman in the painting was smiling, pure and sweet, wearing a red silk skirt that was flowing with the wind, like a beautiful deity. This woman was a deity like Qi Huan, she was Mo Ye’s biological mother.

“Hmph, it seems that I underestimated her. I didn’t expect that she would have a snake with her. I remember that snake was raised by Little Ye. He actually gave it to this woman. It seems that he is serious.” Mo Yu’s voice was filled with dissatisfaction, his eyes still fixed on the painting.


“It’s all delusions. It’s impossible for deity to be together with a devil. Kill her! Kill her before Little Ye comes back.” Mo Yu waved his hand, and the portrait in front of him disappeared. Then he got up and left, leaving a cold command.

“Father…” Xing Huang stood there staring blankly at his father’s back, and sighed after a long time. From the bottom of his heart, he also believed that Mo Yu’s idea was not wrong because back then, Mo Yu was so strong but he still couldn’t protect his beloved woman. He couldn’t do anything but to see her die in front of him, because she was a deity and he was a devil. This was a curse they could never be freed from.

He knew that the love between deities and devils could never end well.

“What’s your name?” Qi Huan squinted outside the house to bask in the sun. Little Yin slept under her feet. Everything was in harmony at first, but the appearance of Chief Sui interrupted the peaceful atmosphere.

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Qi Huan opened her eyes lazily and glanced at him, then she closed her eyes again and replied, “Qi Huan.”

“You are from the immortal/deity world?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Qi Huan replied lazily, she really didn’t know what the chief wanted. If she  was here to find trouble with her (Qi Huan), she (Qi Huan) would be more than willing to let her trouble her. She was really too bored staying in this inner courtyard.

“How did you meet him?”

Him? Qi Huan was taken aback for a moment, wondering who the chief meant. Could it be that this woman also likes Mo Ye? The more Qi Huan thought about it, the more she felt that it was possible. Mo Ye was not a good fellow before, maybe this chief had also been one of his women.

Having this thought Qi Huan felt her blood boil in her body, and she wished to run over to Mo Ye now and throw him a few thunders. So her tone became a little rude, “Why do you want to know? What does it relate to you? Are you checking my household registration?”

Qi Huan’s tone and eyes made the chief feel like she was despised. Her body trembled with anger as she pointed at Qi Huan but she couldn’t say a word. Although she was stronger than Qi Huan, her eloquence couldn’t be compared with Qi Huan.

Back then, the five major sects of the cultivation world united after Xu Kong Zi’s ascension to squeeze out the Qing Yun Sect. As a result, Qi Huan used her mouth to fight the representatives of the five major sects, almost killing them alive. She spent three days and three nights to make sure that everyone understood that the apprentice of Xu Kong Zi could scold all her enemies away with just her mouth. Later, although the incident was strictly concealed and locked by the five major sects, some people still leaked the news, causing countless cultivators to look up to Qing Yun Sect.

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