Chapter 205: Dual Swords

“This is my Floating Snow Sword. Take it! Can we start again now?”

Ming Tian casually threw an excellent grade treasured sword at Ling Xiao.

Although an excellent grade treasured sword was indeed precious, Ming Tian was not good at using swords, and he had anyway originally intended to sell this thing. Even if he had to give it to Ling Xiao for free, he wouldn’t hesitate too much.

“Good sword!”

Ling Xiao caught the Floating Snow Sword and felt that it was much better than his Ice Glaze Sword.

Each weapon had its own advantages such as increasing the power of moves or economizing the usage of true essence. They were definitely not just decorations.

After obtaining the Floating Snow Sword, Ling Xiao put away his Ice Glaze Sword. He then looked at Ming Tian and said: “Senior Apprentice Brother Ming Tian, I hope you can fight me using a cultivation base of Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein. Otherwise, you will have no chance of winning!”

Ming Tian’s complexion changed greatly as he grew furious.

He coldly snorted and said: “Just now, I truly underestimated you. I admit that I’m not your opponent with a cultivation base of Initial Rank Seven Martial Vein. But at the same cultivation base level, I have never lost to anyone. Don’t speak too much nonsense.”

“That’s what you said, but Senior Apprentice Brother Ming Tian, what if you lose again?”

Ling Xiao replied without batting an eyelid.

He felt that if Ming Tian didn’t use a cultivation base of Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein, it would just be a waste of time. Therefore, compensation was necessary.

“Ling Xiao, don’t reach for a yard after getting an inch!”

Fei Yu at one side was unable to endure it and loudly shouted.

“Shut up!”

Ming Tian fiercely glared at Fei Yu. He then took out a True Essence Pill and said: “This is a top-grade True Essence Pill, the best medicinal pill below the Transcendent Realm. How about using it as a reward?”

“Many thanks for the gift, Senior Apprentice Brother.”

Ling Xiao nodded, and his new Floating Snow Sword trembled. Using his previous fighting style, he attacked.

Blood Blade Shadow King Kill!

A strange sword pierced towards Ming Tian.

Merely, this time, its angle and direction were completely different.

The terrifying aspect of the Blood Blade Incomplete Soul was that the same move could exhibit completely different attack methods, making it hard for an opponent to defend against.

“Humph, do you think a similar move can injure me again?”

Ming Tian snorted, and a silver fox’s phantom appeared behind him.

This fox had nine tails. Its eyes glimmered with pallid light, and its claws were incomparably sharp.

As soon as it appeared, a powerful and strange aura permeated the hall.

“Nine Tails Ren Spirit!”

“Moreover, a complete Ren Spirit!”

“Complete souls can be divided into three grades—— Transparent, Incorporeal, and Entity. Ming Tian’s Ren Spirit has obviously reached the Incorporeal State!”

“Is this a complete Ren Spirit? It’s impossible for Ling Xiao to win now. Although his incomplete soul has reached 80%, there is still a huge gap between it and a complete soul, not to mention that Ming Tian’s complete soul had already reached the second stage.”

Nine Tails Ren Spirit suddenly appeared, bringing a blood-red fierce wind around Ming Tian that turned into blood-red armor.

Ling Xiao’s Floating Snow Sword hit the armor and was unable to cause any damage. In addition, a powerful repulsive force sent him flying.

“Hahaha, Ling Xiao, do you still dare to say that you are invincible at the same cultivation base level now?”

Upon seeing that he was able to easily break Ling Xiao’s attack, Ming Tian’s confidence soared. His mind which had initially been slightly shaken completely returned to normal.


Ling Xiao frowned a little.

 He felt that it was not as simple as the other party using a complete soul. The armor around his body must have the special effect of a certain Transcendent Internal Core Law.

Although his Blood Blade Shadow King Kill was a strange move, it was still slightly inferior.

Ling Xiao stabilized his figure without changing his expression. No one could guess what he was thinking.

Looking at Ming Tian again, not only did the nine-tailed demon fox behind him look fiercer, but his armor had changed a little to resemble a demon fox.


Suddenly, a claw shot out from the blood-red armor and tried to grab Ling Xiao with lightning speed.

“That’s Ren Race’s Transcendent Internal Core Law——<Demon Fox Feather Robe Art>. I didn’t expect to see it here. Moreover, he has already cultivated this Transcendent Internal Core Law to the fourth layer, entering the great success realm. A genius is truly a genius!”

White Cloud Temple Master sighed endlessly. On one hand, he had muttered these words to himself. On the other hand, he was actually explaining it to the others.

Giant Spirit Kill!

Facing Ming Tian’s attack, Ling Xiao didn’t retreat. After dodging the opponent’s attack using Cloud Dragon Divine Walk, the incomplete soul behind him also changed into his Giant Sword Incomplete Soul.

At the same time, his Floating Snow Sword condensed a large amount of sword qi and pierced towards Ming Tian.

“What a grand attack, but it’s useless in front of my <Demon Fox Feather Robe Art>!”

Ming Tian basically didn’t put Giant Spirit Kill in his eyes. From the unusual Demon Fox Feather Robe, blood-red claws shot out to forcibly block Giant Spirit Kill’s sword qi.


Something that surprised Ming Tian happened.

Although Giant Spirit Kill indeed didn’t cause him any harm, a section of his true essence had been frozen.

Furthermore, a part of his overflowing true essence was actually integrated into Giant Spirit Kill, increasing the power of the attack.

This caused his Demon Fox Feather Robe to suffer repetitive impacts, so he had to increase his true essence output.

However, one shouldn’t forget that he had suppressed his cultivation base to Late Rank Seven Martial Vein. Therefore, forcibly using the great success realm Transcendent Martial Art gave him a huge burden.

Now, since he had increased his true essence output, it was not a good situation.

“If you don’t raise your cultivation base, you will lose!”

What Ling Xiao was most afraid of was the battle ending early!

“Damn it! I don’t believe that I can’t defeat you with the same cultivation base!”

Ming Tian was an arrogant person, a confident person, a person full of pride.

He was absolutely unwilling to admit defeat.

His true essence output increased, and the red Demon Fox Feather Robe grew in size. The Nine Tails Ren Spirit behind him also rushed over and swung its claws at Ling Xiao.

“Don’t believe it? Then, I will let you see an interesting thing!”

Ling Xiao suddenly took out his Ice Glaze Sword.

He held Floating Snow Sword in his right hand, and Ice Glaze Sword in his left.

Not only that, but behind him, Blood Blade Incomplete Soul reemerged, yet the Giant Sword Incomplete Sword didn’t disappear.

“Two incomplete martial souls appearing simultaneously? How can this be?”

This time, even White Cloud Temple Master stood up in surprise. The others didn’t know what to say.

Even in ancient times when martial souls had flourished, only a few had possessed two or more martial souls.

Furthermore, there was only one person who could wield two martial souls simultaneously: Heavenly Emperor Landscape who had created the Human Race’s Sacred Dynasty.

Merely, Heavenly Emperor Landscape’s own body had turned into mountains and rivers, so it was basically impossible for his martial soul to appear again. He had also never had a descendent to inherit his martial soul.

What was going on with this boy?

“Humph, two incomplete martial souls? They are still just incomplete souls. It’s nothing amazing!”

Ming Tian said with disdain.

“Is that so?”

Ling Xiao smiled, and suddenly, his dual swords came out together.

“Giant Spirit Kill!”

“Blood Blade Shadow King Kill!”

Fight the enemy with dual swords!

A terrifying power-move coordinating with a strange technique-move appeared.

Even if Ming Tian possessed a Transcendent Internal Core Law, it was useless. With the cultivation base of Late Rank Seven Martial Vein, he was simply unable to exert the full power of his Transcendent Internal Core Law.

But Ling Xiao could fully display his unique techniques.


After enduring for a long time, Dai Yuling finally spat out a mouthful of turbid qi with a bitter smile.

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