Chapter 206: Severed Arm Regrow

“He truly is a monster! Ming Tian can’t defeat Ling Ling Xiao with the same cultivation base.”

As Dai Yuling saw it, Ling Xiao, this fellow was a genius in the truest sense. A genius like Ming Tian had no advantage in front of Ling Xiao.

Two types of certain kill skills were simultaneously displayed. For ordinary martial artists, it was simply unimaginable because that consumption was something they couldn’t bear.

Ling Xiao was different.

Ling Xiao’s true essence was simply too abundant. In terms of true essence level, he was not inferior to Peak Rank Eight Martial Vein Martial Masters.

Moreover, he could continuously absorb true essence via the Landscape Martial Soul’s special effect to replenish his consumption. It was very simple for him to use two certain kill skills.



Ming Tian’s complexion was very unsightly; he clearly knew the might of Ling Xiao’s attack.

At this instant, his aura rapidly rose, and his cultivation base reached Peak Rank Seven Martial Vein from Late Rank Seven Martial Vein.

“Insufficient!? it’s actually not enough!”

Ming Tian’s complexion became even more unsightly.

He had already released his cultivation base to Peak Rank Seven Martial Vein, but he still felt that it was not enough to stop Ling Xiao’s attack.


A loud explosion resounded, and a blood-red claw collided with two sword qis.

Ling Xiao was sent flying. He somersaulted more than ten times before being able to stand still. Not only that, but there was a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth.

That final sharp red claw had broken both of his arms.

On the other side, Ming Tian was completely unscathed, but his complexion didn’t look good.

Just now, he had instantly raised his cultivation base to Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein and gained an advantage in this fight by relying on the suppression between cultivation bases.


Shi Lei asked in a daze.

“Ming Tian, you were too ruthless. Did you forget it is forbidden to severely cripple an opponent? Do you want to cripple Ling Xiao?”

Just a moment ago, White Cloud Temple Master had wanted to stop the fight, but he had been too late.

This change had happened too fast. He truly had not expected for Ming Tian to be forced to use a cultivation base of Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein.

Ming Tian lowered his head and said nothing. Now, he felt humiliated. With two Transcendent Martial Arts cultivated to the great success realm, he had actually had to rely on the suppression of cultivation bases.

Too disgraceful.

The geniuses of Heavenly Ren Academy, however, had a flash of joy on their faces.

They also inwardly cursed that Ling Xiao deserved it.

If Ling Xiao were crippled, no matter how good his potential was, it would be useless.

“Junior Apprentice Brother!”

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“Noble Son!”

On the Hidden Dragon Battalion’s side, Ling Yixue and Leng Mei hastily tried to support Ling Xiao.

Ling Yixue was even angrier. She vowed that she would use the same method to cripple Ming Tian to avenge Ling Xiao.

“Don’t come!”

Unexpectedly, Ling Xiao just shook his head and said loudly: “Senior Apprentice Brother Ming Tian, our battle is not over yet. Cultivation at Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein is interesting.”

“Ling Xiao, stop causing a disturbance. We know your fierce spirit, but your both arms are already broken. How can you fight?”

White Cloud Temple Master, Shi Lei, and the others thought that he had become a bit crazy after being crippled.

“Broken arms?”

Ling Xiao smiled, and his arms shone with a golden light. Within a moment, his broken arms were restored.

“Severed Limb Regrowth!”

“How can a trifling Martial Master achieve severed limb regrowth? Isn’t this something that only transcendent martial artists can achieve?”

“I heard that if you cultivate <Nine Transformation Golden Body Art> to the ninth transformation, you can achieve this using a lot of gold. However, I also heard that other than the creator of <Nine Transformation Golden Body Art>, no one has ever cultivated to this level!”

“Hahaha, this boy! How come you surprise us every time?”

Shi Lei smiled.

As for the geniuses of Heavenly Ren Academy, their smiles stiffened, and they looked very embarrassed.

They had thought Ling Xiao crippled and unable to pose any threat to them, but he had immediately ruined their expectations.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ming Tian, let’s continue.”

Ling Xiao moved his arms and felt that they were exactly the same as before.

Sure enough, <Nine Transformation Golden Body Art> was miraculous. Although the restoration of his two arms had cost him two million taels of gold, it had been worth it.


Ming Tian frowned and said: “Do you truly think that with your cultivation base of Late Rank Seven Martial Vein that you can challenge me at a cultivation base of Rank Eight Martial Vein?”

Although Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein was still far away from his true cultivation base at Initial Rank Nine Martial Vein. His mastery of Transcendent Martial Arts was higher at this realm, and his abilities would be greatly improved in all aspects.

He truly didn’t believe that Ling Xiao could defeat him.

“In a fight against you with a cultivation base of Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein, I only have a 20% chance of victory, but I have 50% certainty for a tie.”

Ling Xiao said indifferently: “Senior Apprentice Brother, how about this? Can you give me that top-grade True Essence Pill if I can remain undefeated now? As for the matter of you violating the rules and raising your cultivation base, let’s not count it.”

In order to challenge Ming Tian who had raised his cultivation base to Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein, Ling Xiao raised such a suggestion.

Because he would definitely benefit a lot from fighting such an expert.

Only under such tremendous pressure could he quickly make breakthroughs in all aspects.

“Okay! I will fulfill your wish!”

Ming Tian gritted his teeth and said.

A hint of ruthlessness flashed through his eyes. Since Ling Xiao had the ability of severed limb regrowth, he didn’t need to hold back. He would teach Ling Xiao a good lesson today.

He knew that even if one were capable of severed limb regrowth, one would still feel the pain from the wound.

He just had to make Ling Xiao suffer a bit. Like that, Ling Xiao wouldn’t dare to look down upon him anymore.

Although both he and Ling Xiao were White Cloud Great Master’s disciples, he was a true disciple while Ling Xiao was just an entry disciple.

He truly couldn’t endure these successive embarrassments.


He roared, and his aura soared. The Demon Fox Feather Robe became more solid, and the whistling sounds of his Nine Tails Ren Spirit became louder.

He truly didn’t believe that with a complete Ren Spirit and a cultivation of Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein combined with his Transcendent Internal Core Law, he wouldn’t be able to suppress Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao smiled a little. The Blood Blade Incomplete Soul and Giant Sword Incomplete Soul behind him disappeared and were replaced by a cherry tree.

Merely, this cherry tree was somewhat strange. It was actually pitch-black, even its petals.

“Cherry Tree Martial Soul?”

“A complete martial soul!”

“Ling Xiao actually has a complete martial soul! How many hidden trumps does this boy have yet to display?”

The repetitive surprises had somewhat numbed the onlookers.

Only Fei Yu and Fei Liu’s eyes were filled with so much hate that blood almost oozed out from their eyes.

Because they knew that Ling Xiao’s Cherry Tree Martial Soul was the Cherry Tree Ren Spirit that had been snatched from Fei Mu.

Ling Xiao didn’t care about Fei Yu and Fei Liu’s gaze. He knew very well that Ming Tian who had suppressed his cultivation to Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein was stronger than other same level Martial Masters.

Therefore, he would attack with his full power now.

Divine Prison King Fist’s First Style——Bull Head Split!

The pitch-black cherry tree was an oriental cherry from hell. An aura of decay and death filled the entire Training Hall.

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In the midst of this cherry tree’s cover, a death bull exhaled black breath from its nostrils as its blood-red eyes stared at Ming Tian not far away.

Before anyone knew it, Ling Xiao’s entire body had been wrapped within the death bull.

This was his <Bull Demon Technique> under the special effect of <Divine Prison King Fist>.

Seeing this scene, Ming Tian threw away his contempt.

After two consecutive embarrassments, he had become more cautious. Therefore, he prepared to display his strongest attack with his cultivation base of Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein.

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