Chapter 1276 – Married A Demoness!

“I know. Uncle, Elder, I know everything that you told me. No one hates demons more than I do. My father was killed by demons right in front of my eyes. I was imprisoned by the Snake Emperor for over a year, my imprisonment becoming a nightmare haunting me my entire life…”

Ji Mo Ya’s face was flushed, it was filled with anger, sorrow, pain, disgust…

The most complicated emotion in this world.

Ji Mo Yi Fan supported him, “Enough talking. Brat Ya, we know you. Take care of yourself properly, let bygones be bygones, the road ahead is still very long.”

“Ji Mo Ya shook his head, “No, I need to meet her. Uncle, Elder, please be assured. The hearts of different races can never act together. She and I are on two different paths now. I am just feeling unwilling, there are some things I wish to ask.”

He wants to ask her how it feels like to deceive him, is it very refreshing!

He wants to ask her what great schemes she has by getting close to him and even bearing his child!

He wants to ask her if not for the Demon God Command incident exposing her, how long would she have treated him as a moron for?


There were just too many questions.

He had once loved her so dearly!

Now, all of it has turned into anger and disgust.

Demon. What a joke.

He hated demons the most, yet he got himself entangled with a demoness for so many years. Fighting against all the odds to marry a demoness!


Ji Mo Ya vomited a mouthful of blood, causing a thick fragrance to permeate the air.

The Patriarch and Fifth Elder exchanged looks. Brat Ya’s will was too strong. If they were to obstruct him by force, it will not be beneficial to his recovery.

“If you are so adamant in meeting her, we will not stop you. You are no different from a paper man now, let Fifth Elder accompany you to the Holy City where the demoness is imprisoned…”

“Where is Little Treasure?” Ji Mo Ya asked.

“He is currently with Sage Cai. Little Treasure’s identity is unique, the Holy Court is still discussing how to handle this matter…”

Ji Mo Ya’s gaze relaxed.

“How is the war situation at the borders?”

“The demons are unexpectedly calm. They did not use the Demon God Command to launch any attacks… No one understands the current situation. However, many Half-Sages have come out of seclusion, there is no need for you to worry about the war.”

Ji Mo Ya’s gaze turned gloomy and dark, “Okay. I have to trouble Fifth Elder to accompany me for the trip to the Holy Court!”

“Sigh, this brat…”


Holy Court.

Due to the Demon God Command, the situation had become very dire. Sage Cai and Poison Sage had departed for the battlefront, leaving only Plant Sage to defend Holy City.

“Lord Sage, the Bai Li Clan seeks an audience!”

Plant Sage was guarding the Holy Stones when a young servant gave the report.

“Let him in.”

A travel-worn Bai Li Ren entered shortly.

He had just rushed over from the battlefield.

“Lord Sage, about Qing Yan… the demoness, what is the situation?”

Plant Sage projected the vision stone that Poison Sage had recorded in reply. It was a recording of the words that Poison Sage had announced to Holy City after dragging the Greater Demon back. It also has the testimony by Mu Rong Xin Nuo and an explanation of everything that happened.

Bai Li Ren displayed a complicated face, “Lord Sage. When I passed by the sky above the Holy City, I noticed that the demoness is on its dying breath. I know that Lord Poison Sage is not planning to let her live, but… this demoness still possesses the bloodline of our Bai Li Clan. She is only a Half-Demon, can we…”

Bai Li Ren’s words lacked power, the Crazy Sage of the Bai Li Clan has been missing for several months.

Also, rumours have been spreading outside that the current war had started because of the Bai Li Clan…

The Bai Li Clan has sinned!

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