Chapter 1277 – Who Is It?

And now, the most excellent bloodline that the Bai Li Clan found had just been revealed to be a Greater Demon…

The entire Bai Li Clan was severely shaken by these multiple setbacks.

Plant Sage sighed, “Are you sure that it is your clan’s bloodline? Why get implicated with demons? This will only result in a disaster!”

“I am sure. Didn’t Nan Gong Bei Cheng use his Third Eye to verify? I did not know where this bloodline originated from. However, the esteemed Chef Sage’s spirit manifested at that time and instructed our clan to locate the bloodline outside our family. Yet we never expect a Half-Demon…”

Plant Sage did not agree or disagree with the statement. He replied in a solemn voice, “Old Poison was enraged with this incident! The demoness caused Shang Qiu Meng Qian to die for nothing by giving away the Demon God Command back to the demons. Beings that are not our race will always not align with us!”

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At that very moment, from outside, a servant boy had a report to give.

“Lord Sage. Someone is causing trouble where the demoness is imprisoned. Some civilians have gotten injured…”

Plant Sage released his divine sense to take a look…


Nan Gong Bei Cheng was standing in the air and in front of the giant bird. Blocking others from throwing things at the Greater Demon.

The Third Eye on his forehead gazed at the gathered crowd below with a powerful and cold look.

The people were all immobilized.

“Young Master Nan Gong, why are you defending a demon? Have you turned into a Demon Man?”

“That’s right! Young Master Nan Gong, you are a hero of humanity, we do not wish to attack you, so please move away. This Greater Demon has been captured by Lord Poison Sage for us to vent our anger. Lord Poison Sage had also declared that we can kill it…”

“Young Master Nan Gong, do you know this Greater Demon? It is said that it disguised itself as a human and went undercover amongst us. Who is it? How is it related to you?”

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Due to considerations for the Bai Li Clan and Ji Mo Clan, the Holy Court did not publicize the identity of the Great Demon. The commoners did not know of the Greater Demon’s real identity.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng remained still and angrily said, “Is there any meaning in attacking a person who cannot retaliate? If you have so much anger and spirit, why not head to the battlefield? There are countless demons at the frontlines for all of you to vent your frustrations!”

The masses were enraged, “Since you are defending this Great Demon, you are definitely not a decent person…”

“Right. Since he is not moving, we will just beat him up as well…”


Nan Gong Bei Cheng was now a King Spirit Master and he was not someone with a good temper as well. However, it was also not convenient for him to retaliate when the people started attacking him too.

His Third Eye has activated a defensive spirit energy barrier that automatically reflected the attacks.

All the attacks thrown at him would be reflected with the same amount of power.

At that instant, a series of wailings appeared.

“Nan Gong Bei Cheng, you are indeed in cahoots with the demons! We will report you to the Holy Court…”

“Exactly. He is also part of the Eight Great Clans. Yet he is willing to degrade himself to be with demons. Pui…”

“Aiyo. The poison needle reflected into my eye. Someone help me, my eye is going blind, help!”


Nan Gong Bei Cheng observed his surroundings, “Anyone who dares to attack this Greater Demon means that you are going against me, Nan Gong Bei Cheng. Unless I am dead, you better use the best tricks up your sleeves!”

The Greater Demon in the air was breathing weakly. It did not display any emotions and its eyes were also firmly closed. It merely floated in the air, swaying left and right due to the winds. Not a single part of its body was intact, it was an extremely miserable sight to behold.

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