Chapter 181: Asswipe

‘How is this even possible?’

“What in god’s name? He did what the fourth level Hai Xingwen and Bone Doctor couldn’t?”

“How baffling!”

“I got it! He was hiding his strength!”

“Hiding what bloody strength? I think I know what’s going on. The Fourth Level Eight Trigrams Array reflects any attack with added power. But this kid’s so weak that perhaps the array had nothing to reflect.”

“The more power, the stronger the backlash. He has none so the array holds nothing on him!”

“He’s no different from Xu Zhu, from Demigods and Semidevils, who was clueless about chess!”

“Damn his rotten luck!”

“It’s insane!”

“I can’t take it. If I knew the array has such a flaw, I’d used it months ago.”

“They say memory metal is a sacred item that only a sixth level refining grandmaster can use. But it’s price alone is enough for anyone to live a lavish life!”

“Godlike luck…”

“Now I’m a believer…”

Everyone cast Li Mo glares of envy and hatred.

“Big brother, is that possible?”

“In no way there is…”

Hidden by the crowd’s complaints about Li Mo’s luck, the Zhuge brothers were whispering.

The Fourth Level Eight Trigrams Array did reflect an attack with added power. And true, without attacking there’d be no reflecting.

But even so, it didn’t mean anyone could just waltz in. Didn’t that Bone Doctor send all those bugs but not one could get in?

How did this happen then?

Zhuge brothers weren’t shocked by Li Mo’s strength, but by his movements.

‘Coincidence? If so, then his luck truly is godlike…’

“I’ll try as well. I just want the phoenix feather!”

Someone ran into the array, only to end up spinning around in place.

“Ahhh, fire! No, the blistering wind! Ugh, so friggin’ cold. Ahhh, the earth shakes!”

The Zhuge brothers cast him out when the guy’s face was ashen and trembled all over.

The Eight Trigrams array was placed according to the eight directions. Entering through a random point, even without using any power, could still kill them just from the illusions.

How could one move freely in the Eight Trigrams array?

Pipe dream!



Despite the failure of the first attempt, many others ran inside for the second treasure.

None used attacks, but all were struck by illusions.

Among the 29 challengers, only two managed to take two steps into the array. All the others halted the moment they entered.

“He’s Luck Emperor!”

“I submit!”

“If I ever hear one say luck is weakness, I’ll beat him up.”

“Crap, when luck reaches this level, it becomes better than even power.”

Half an hour later, there were no more challengers.

“Stop right there. My friend wants to buy the memory metal off you with 100 million. While I will take a small handler’s fee, merely 50 million.”

Overreaching Sage Zhang Ji brought over an imposing, yet not the least bit courteous, middle-aged man over.

“What makes you think I’ll agree?”

“It won’t matter. Oh my, did you already forget how I scared you that time on the rooftop?”

Zhang Ji glared, “He is Handong Province base’s leader, Hai Pingwen. You may have entered the highest ranks, but you don’t have the strength to back it up. The headquarters also only has around a hundred such high ranking men. But man, you’re unbearably naive.

“Don’t think for a second having Mo clan open a back door for you that the world’s your oyster. Mark my words, the Mo clan is only famous among the populace. It is nothing much in the expert world. Handong base’s leader, Hai Pingwen is the Hai Clan Head, the strongest clan there is. For such an outstanding man to offer you a hundred million for the ore is already a gesture of goodwill.”

Li Mo smiled, “Sure seems high enough, this goodwill of his.”

Zhang Ji chirped, “Of course.”

Hai Pingwen was happy too, “Then you agree? Great, tell me your credit card number and I’ll send the money right now.”

Li Mo pointed at Zhang Ji, “He did, so give them to him.”

“What are you saying? Did you forget that fear on that rooftop already?” Zhang Ji’s face sank.

“Who the hell’s afraid of you, asswipe!” Li Mo stuck his middle finder to Zhang Ji.

“Y-you dare talk back to me? You think I won’t…” Li Mo gave him a jarring slap in response.

Zhang Ji was shell shocked.

“I couldn’t settle this grudge earlier since the testing. Now, however, I had it up to here with your stupidity! Piss off if you value your life!”

Zhang Ji got slapped and cursed. He was now staring in space. He thought he had Li Mo on the ropes. Not even in his dreams did he thought it possible Li Mo would not only curse him but even hit him.

“Y-you haven’t seen the last of me.” Zhang Ji’s face was aflame, but instead of retaliating, he bolted.

“This guy pushes you around the moment he sees you weak. But if you fight back, he’d run away like a mouse.”

“He’s as average you can get, an A-class moron.”

“Of Mobei Province’s 18 sages, only the leader, Fei Yanlai has skills. The rest are far beneath him.”

“Hai Pingwen, was it? Is Hai clan great, famous? But from your manner, I can tell you’re no different either.”

Zhang Ji ran, but Hai Pingwen stayed. Li Mo was angry now and didn’t care who this man was as he berated.

Egging Zhang Ji on to make this 100 million deal for memory metal was proof enough of this man’s character. 

Who didn’t know a million points was worth more than just a hundred million RMB?

Hai Pingwen was unphased, “Youngster, some experts can’t be offended. Don’t get too smug, or you’ll soon be crying.”

“Then what are you doing messing with me for if you know that already? I’m a busy man and got no time to waste on flies.”

“Ha-ha, I’ll remember those words.”

The trading continued and Li Mo used the points reward to buy the things he wanted.

After squandering every point, he rode Lan Yue’s car, en route to the real Experts Alliance headquarters.

This broken-down institute was only a base, not the real location of the headquarters.

Lan Yue gave Li Mo a black guidebook and a golden badge.

The guidebook held a record of all members in the alliance, from the highest ranked to the freshest recruit. 

Li Mo’s name just so happened to be dead last.

There were five highest-ranked people and 129 elites. The five were Chief Yao Changsheng, Vice-chief Lan Yue, and elders Luo Tieshi, Jiang Li, as well as Lin Yourong.

Li Mo scanned every member’s name but stopped over Luo Tieshi.

‘The universe’s fierce races are hiding in the highest ranks of the Experts Alliance!’

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