Chapter 182: Newspaper 

Li Mo’s reason for getting in the headquarters was to root out all the aliens.

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Luo Tieshi was precisely one of the two heads of the eleven fierce races coalition, Rosa!

After three long hours, the car finally pulled next to the capital newspaper building. 

This was more like a true Experts Alliance headquarters, dozens of times classier than that decrepit institute out of town.

The capital newspaper building’s first three floors were filled with offices for regular workers. From the fourth floor up, the Experts Alliance used them for operations. 

Lan Yue assigned Li Mo an apartment inside then left.

As the vice-chief, he had to inform Chief Yao Changsheng of this matter.

Chief Yao Changsheng had the highest floor, 29th, all to himself. The only ones allowed access to it were the vice-chief and the elders, after issuing a petition.

Lan Yue arrived here and waited for the two women guards at the foot of the stairs to deliver his letter. 

Only after a full hour did a reply come.

“Chief said you have made a grave disservice for which all your points are stripped but still allowed to keep your position as vice-chief.”

Lan Yue cupped his hands.

“Has chief said anything regarding the memory metal matter?”

The guard shook her head, “Chief didn’t reply.”

Lan Yue nodded and bade farewell.

The only way to the 29th floor was if the chief agreed, no exceptions.

“By the way, Vice-chief Lan, chief also said the disciple selection requirement is lowered to 16 years of age, with ten more applicants allowed, and forwarded one month.”

Lan Yue jerked, “One month? Won’t that make it ten days from now?”

“Yes, these are chief’s instructions.”

“The age has been lowered, the quota increased, and even held in advance. This is too abrupt.” Lan Yue found it difficult to cope.

None of the women replied. Their task was to convey chief’s messages, not answer Lan Yue’s questions.

“I’ll do all I can. But please pass this on to Chief. In the years of the Chief’s absence, the alliance has lost much of its reputation. There is also TS that keeps threatening us and interfering with our work. If it’s possible, I hope Chief will come out for at least once and raise morale.”

“I will convey your words.”

“Thank you.”

Lan Yue left.

Lan Yue sighed just as he exited the 29th floor and put on the dignified appearance of a vice-chief.

“Please inform the three Elders I want to see them. Also, convene all elites in the capital, I have an important announcement to make!”


In a pitch-black room, a faint light from an oil lamp burned with great difficulty. It barely had enough oil to maintain it, soon plunging the room into eternal darkness once again.


Just as it went out, a blue qi flew at the lamp making it burst in a glorious glow.


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Strands of black qi wafted from the lamp, seeping into the old corpse on the floor.

“The Underworld River has no path for wraiths to tread. What are you waiting for, Su Mingyuan? Awaken!”

With a shout, the lamp died out and the corpse flashed his eyes open.


The old corpse started wailing.

He looked around and found a shadow sitting on the floor. He fell to his knees before it.

“I am eternally grateful for saving my life, master!”

“Rise.” The shadow spoke.

“I could save you only because of your soul’s particularly. As long as a strand remains of it, regardless of how much you split yourself, you can recover. It is one ability that not even I possess.”

Su Mingyuan stood up with nothing but respect for the shadow, “Master, your skill has reached the heavens. There’s nothing out of your grasp in this world!”

The flickering lamp flashed a brief brighter, revealing a man in a Daoist robe, a face white as jade, with black smooth hair and in his twenties. 

He was none other than the first on China’s Heaven Board, Zhou Mengxian!

Su Mingyuan prostrated again in joy,  “Congratulations master in the advancement of your divine art.”

Zhou Mengxian said, “Everlasting Art is only that. What divine art? This cultivation method isn’t true eternal life, just enough to keep my youthful appearance. What’s so great about it when it won’t even extend my life?”

“For master, the first step is eternal youth, and the second is eternal life. It won’t be a problem for you, master.”

“Su Mingyuan, you’ve been asleep for so many days and while your cultivation is stagnant, your ass-kissing got more refined.”

Su Mingyuan was stern, “My words are genuine!”


Zhou Mengxian walked to him, “Su Mingyuan, your soul is special, but coming into this world three times had wounded it gravely. In other words, there is no body anywhere in this world that can take you the next time you fall.”

Su Mingyuan looked at his aged hands and touched his face bitterly, “I understand.”

The last time Su Mingyuan came back was through Su Haoyang’s body, his son. This time was through his father, Su Qingjie. 

Su Qingjie went missing a decade ago when in truth, he was taken by Su Mingyuan to the freezer with his soul sealed in his own body. It was all so he could use it for rainy days and come back again.

“Now tell me, who killed your senior brothers? Where are they buried?”


“The cause of all this is Shenjing’s Li clan’s Li Mo, a child!” Su Mingyuan gnashed his teeth.

Zhou Mengxian’s eyes flashed open and the sharp stare had even Su Mingyuan afraid to meet it.

“Child? If he is indeed a child, it would be impossible to have such power. He might very well be an old monster who trained in the Everlasting Art as well!”

“Humph, regardless, to dare provoke my ire, I will make him pay dearly. I toiled decades into raising ten special constitutions, only to lose eight in a second. My revenge will be all-consuming!”

“The kid is bound to die if master moves!” Su Mingyuan laughed.

“I can’t right now. My talisman drawing art is about to advance. How can that puny Li Mo compare to two more centuries added to my life?

“This is a top soul stone I found in Beihai. Train with it and in a month, your soul will recover. Your father’s body sorely lacks in power to yours. I will also impart you with the Everlasting Art to go with your new body. I will also give you ten sixth level talismans for you and your head senior sister to go and kill that kid. Bear in mind, bring me both his body and the bodies of your senior brothers!”

Su Mingyuan’s hand trembled from excitement, “Thank you, master!”

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