Chapter 183: Total Agreement

Lan Yue requested a general meeting for three things. 

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For one, regarding Li Mo’s office and making an exception for Lin Qingrou.

Li Mo’s office was based on pure dumb luck, so Lan Yue brushed him off to the side. While in contrast, Lin Qingrou’s display was fabulous. After he and the three elders had a long talk, they unanimously agreed to have her promoted to elite.

Lan Yue gave a very short introduction of Li Mo to all. The latter, however, just stood in the limelight a few seconds then walked down from the stage and so plainly it didn’t even earn a twitch from the audience. 

But when it came to Lin Qingrou, the sixty or so people all went wild.

“Vice-chief Lan’s proposal is stupendous. I approve!”

“I second. But something is bugging me though. Does Vice-chief Lan know Silver Heroine’s identity?”

“It is quite inappropriate to make her an elite without knowing who she is.”

“Yeah, there’s no doubt about Silver Heroine’s strength, but her identity may very well be a problem.”

Lan Yue stood, “I will investigate Silver Heroine’s identity forthwith. This urgent proposal is to not let a talent go to waste. As we all know, TS, our arch-enemy, has always engaged in stealing our members.”

Through voting, the results were soon in. Two thirds were for Silver Heroine to join the headquarters as elite. 

“Great, with the majority in agreement, this matter is settled. Her investigation and appointment will proceed at the same time.”

With that out of the way, Lan Yue proceeded to the second order of business.


“Vice-chief Lan, what is Starscape? What’s so special?

“This is the first time I hear of it.”

“I once heard it is a multinational developed game that is still in its testing phase. But no matter how advanced, it is still just a game.”

“I know so much more about it yet how come none of you know anything? Many average testers have played Starscape and came out as experts. Each one of them.”

“No way…”

More than half were clueless as to what Starscape even was. But there were the rare few who understood what this game was all about.

Lan Yue requested silence, “Nor was I impressed about this Starscape game when I first heard of it. But then I started hearing more and more about it and even personally confirmed its frightening truth!”

Lan Yue turned serious, “People, why are there pitifully few cultivators in this day? And why is it that no matter how talented or special our bodies are, we are forever doomed to remain in the fifth level?

“Many of you will answer with Earth’s spiritual qi being too thin. But I am here to tell you that it is both right and wrong.

“The underlying cause is that Earth, because of reasons unknown, it gradually became a harsh environment for cultivators. The spiritual qi became tainted, leading to the one we have today.

“Who among us isn’t talented? As long as we have a cultivation fitting environment, we will not only surpass the fifth level, but even achieve the legendary immortal stage, the seventh level. And we won’t stop there either.

“Why didn’t we achieve it? Because we have been shackled here.

“Has anyone here plaid games before? The players’ body will stay right here, on Earth, while the game is a platform, a medium. And through it, we will break new grounds in cultivation!”

Lan Yue presented the Starscape’s login device, “This here is the tool linking us to that mysterious network. The people call it a login device. But I know it by a different name, spiritual root!”

Li Mo was amazed.

Spiritual root wasn’t a common term. It went beyond his expectation to find out Lan Yue knew of it.

‘By the looks of it, the Experts Alliance has deeper secrets.’

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Of Earth’s three great organizations, Li Mo picked Experts Alliance because it had the highest talent base out there!

To top it off, these experts grew in power in such a harsh environment. How amazing was that? If they activated a spiritual root, where would the path lead them?

No one there was more clear on this than Li Mo. If the Earth hadn’t been such a dump, the Experts Alliance’s members would’ve soared.

“The spiritual root I am holding is only a first grade, but it can be increased. The higher it is, the more in tune with that mysterious network we’ll be.

“My words may be hard to grasp. Of the Thunderstruck Enterprise-made spiritual roots, I managed to get my hands on three. Two of which I gave to Zheng Huahu and Zheng Hualong a month prior. Now, you shall witness for your selves the brothers’ change.”

Zheng Huahu and Zheng Hualong walked on stage. The power surged around them in waves, sending fierce winds that smashed the walls, chairs, and floor.

“Harming with spiritual qi! That’s proof of a fifth level!”

“For it to be so powerful it must be at peak!”

“My goodness, they reached peak fifth level in a month?!”

“T-this is the effect of the spiritual root?”

Everyone was shocked.

Lan Yue requested silence again and the brothers ended their display.

“How did you cultivate the past month?”

Zheng Huahu answered, “We didn’t. Our power increased naturally day by day.”


Lan Yue gestured for Zheng Huahu to continue.

“We didn’t do anything this month, but there was in fact a change. Our spiritual qi grew and grew every minute of the hour. I believe it to be linked with the spiritual root.”

“Spiritual qi grows without even cultivating?”


“Amituofo, God, Buddha, is such a thing possible?”

Only Li Mo was calmer than ever.

For spiritual qi to grow every second was normal. Once humanity made a connection to the God Realm, one’s trait activated.

In the universe, snow people had no trait to speak of, while humanity’s rise after the vanishing of the ten great sacred beasts, was mostly due to their trait. In fact, it could be rated among the best there ever was.

That coupled with all sorts of mystical constitutions – elemental body, yang body, yin physique, sacred body, divine body and so on and so forth – it was hard to ever grasp how fast they were going down the road. But one thing was clear, the constant and automatic growth of spiritual qi was universal to humanity, while all those constitutions were few and far in between.

Lan Yue continued, “This is the effect of having a spiritual root. We have the Zheng brothers as living proof.”

“I and Thunderstruck Enterprise have reached an agreement. We test their instances and they will give us fifty spiritual roots a year. I now wish to ask everyone…”

“I agree!”

“What asking? I also agree!”

“I want to be the first tester!”

“I totally agree!”

The crowd erupted even before Lan Yue could finish.

Who didn’t want to go beyond the fifth level?

What could possibly go wrong with testing some instances?

“I agree!”

Lan Yue nodded and gestured for silence.

“Now, for the third topic!”

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