Chapter 184: Inspection Team

“Every member that had been in this alliance for more than a decade heard Chuan Province base leader, Wang Yexing’s message at the time. He found an intact ancient site flourishing with long-extinct herbs growing about. And that was just the fringe. Going further in, he found the legendary ba serpent(T/N: said to swallow elephants.). It was a hundred meters long and with a gaping maw that devoured all. Wang Yexing used the power of his entire clan, but couldn’t even scratch it and suffered dozens of losses.

“Wang Yexing requested help from the headquarters then and the chief put a great deal of importance on this mission. Over the past decade, a hundred people in the fourth level were sent and as many as three elder power experts, in the fifth level. 

“And this bitter and long war had come to an end with driving off the ba serpent. They have returned with two items, Dragon Herb and Farmer God Cauldron.”

“Farmer God Cauldron!” The crowd gasped in shock.

Farmer God Cauldron was an ancient cauldron that had legendary medicines soaked into it when Farmer God used it to refine many wondrous pills and elixirs. legend had it that using it in alchemy, the effect of the ingredients would increase many folds.

Lan Yue nodded, “Precisely that legendary cauldron. The alliance wouldn’t have anything against Wang Yexing getting it all by himself. But now that we toiled for ten years, losing dozens of men, and we were the ones to obtain it, it is a clear breach of ethics for him to just take it for himself!

“Not just once has the headquarters asked Wang Yexing to return the Farmer God Cauldron, but do you know what he did? He not only refused but even had the nerve to hide it as well as the Dragon Herb, coming up with the lame excuse that Farmer God Cauldron and the Dragon Herb are fake so he destroyed them.”

“Wang Yexing must pay!”

“So that’s why he didn’t come at the Experts Testing Grounds since!”

“Chuan Province’s Wang Estate is powerful, or he wouldn’t have done this in the first place.”

“It doesn’t matter. Wang Yexing has crossed the line.”

“Indeed. He took such miraculous items for himself and takes the Experts Alliance for fools!”

“How dare he…”

Lan Yue looked was pleased with their reactions, “Wang Yexing not only breached our rules, he even threw that flimsy excuse that Farmer God Cauldron and Dragon Herb are fake in our face. We cannot let such transgression slide, nor can we move without proof. That is why I am forming an inspection team made of ten men to run an investigation in the Chuan Province.

“People, if Farmer God Cauldron proves to be real, the ones who are to gain from this are none other than yourselves. Let me ask you, who is willing to join the inspection team?”

It was dead silent in the audience.

Wang Yexing’s attitude went beyond brazen. But Chuan Province’s Wang clan wasn’t without renown. None knew their true power, so wouldn’t sending just ten be a suicide?

Wang Yexing embezzled Farmer God Cauldron and Dragon Herb, showing he was confident in his power. No expert was willing to risk his head over this.

“I will!” Except for Li Mo.

The crowd burst out laughing.

They all knew of Li Mo’s ‘power’. And now they were firmly convinced this guy was a greenhorn.

“Good, are there others?”

No one spoke.

Lan Yue added, “Everyone will get a hundred thousand points once the mission ends!

“As well as choosing one of the magic weapon personally refined by the chief!”

The points weren’t enough incentive, but the magic weapons refined by the chief had their hearts stirring.

Though the chief hadn’t graced the public in two decades, Lan Yue who wielded a chief made magic weapon ten years ago, crushed a fifth level opponent in one blow.

Chief’s magic weapons were easy to use. All one needed was the third level of power.

The hundred thousand points were nothing compared to the chief’s magic weapon.

“I will!”

“Me too!”

“Fine, I as well!”

Enough reward would make one brave any danger, getting five more volunteers.




Ten minutes later, three more stood up.

Add Li Mo as well and they were nine.

“What’s there to fear about that rotten Wang clan?”

Zheng Huahu mocked. He and Zheng Hualong were among the nine that signed up.

Lan Yue was a bit let down, “Is there no one else? It is only an investigation.”

No one answered.

“Since no one else is willing to come, the investigation of Chuan Province will be in your hands.

“Zheng Hualong, you have the highest level, so you will be the captain.”

“Understood!” Zheng Hualong gave a curt reply.

“Li Mo, as you are the first to volunteer, I commend you for your valor and appoint you as the other captain.”

Li Mo cupped his hands.

“Vice-chief Lan, this isn’t right. The Experts Alliance has always held strength above all else. I am far stronger than him and it’s only fair that I’ll be the vice-captain!” Zheng Huahu complained and mocked Li Mo.

Lan Yue said, “The inspection will be done by two teams. Each captain will make his own inquiries, thus supervising each other’s progress. Zheng Huahu, what supervision will there ever be when you brothers are the captains?”

Zheng Huahu didn’t back down, “Even if I can’t be, that doesn’t mean the kid can. Besides me, the next best captain candidate is old Liu.”

Zheng Huahu was speaking of Liu Chuanshu, 37 years old soul gifted cultivator at peak third level. Although only a third level, his gift gave him an edge, lifting him through the ranks. 

Liu Chuanshu chuckled.

“If my memory serves me right, Liu Chuanshu is your brother in law!”

“Cousin in law, to be specific.” Zheng Huahu was bashful.

“Regardless, nepotism is strictly forbidden. Li Mo is the second captain and that’s that.”

“The others can now choose their teams.”

“I’m in first.”

“Me too.”

“I am quite familiar with brother Hualong so I’ll pick first as well.”

“No matter how you look at it, the first is my choice.”

“Ha-ha-ha, so is mine.”

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Of seven, six stood behind Zheng Hualong in a blink, leaving Liu Chuanshu alone.

He wanted to join the bustle as well, but Zheng Huahu’s stare cut his wish short.

“Deary me, our second captain is so pitiful standing there all alone. I think I’ll join his team.”

Liu Chuanshu giggled and walked behind Li Mo.

Lan Yue didn’t comment.

“The inspection teams will set out tomorrow. The nine of you must keep an eye out on the others and report to me the moment you find anything suspicious.”

But on the next day, Li Mo’s small team would be graced with another member, Lin Qingrou, the Silver Heroine.

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