Chapter 185: Jade Lake Club

Lan Yue was the one who added Lin Qingrou in the mix. By his words, “To investigate as well as keeping her away from the headquarters so no secrets get leaked.”

Even if Li Mo didn’t stick his hand out, Lan Yue would’ve sent him either way. The only difference would be the mix-up of the teams in that scenario.

A captain had more rights than a member. The number of points earned would be greater, and, most importantly, they ranked higher than simple base leaders. They could decide to ignore anyone else’s orders, as long as it benefited the mission. 

The inspection teams would leave three days later. In this time, they were free.

Li Mo received the captain token as well as detailed info on the Chuan Province base. When he was just about to hide in his room and transfer to his Feng City’s home, Bai Wudi and Mo Zifei’s calls came. 

They both invited Li Mo out to dinner.

No matter how he pulled it off, for Li Mo to be crowned champion in the Experts Testing Grounds was a damn good reason to celebrate. And since Mo Zifei retook his Army God title back was also good news, he thought of taking Li Mo out. 

Bai Wudi was of the same thought.

Li Mo gave his best to refuse. He just got the memory metal and was dying to refine it.

“Nephew, this is the first time I asked you out. Can’t you go along, for once?”

“I won’t ask you again, but this time you have to come. You are Mo clan’s grandson and many want to meet you. It will be dreadful if they wouldn’t recognize you when you meet later by chance.”

With Mo Zifei’s nagging, Li Mo relented.

“Fine, I’ll go. Where?”

It was only a night anyway, and he’d be working all day tomorrow on refining.

“Jade Lake Club, Queen Mother of the West VIP lounge.”

Li Mo said, “Can I bring someone over?”

“Sure, the more the merrier. I also want to meet your friends.”

“Just the one.”

“No problem.”

With that out of the way, Li Mo called Bai Wudi. He had refused Bai Wudi prior, and now that he thought about it, it was best if he’d bring with.

“Jade Lake Hotel, Queen Mother of the West VIP lounge? Damn, slick Li, you sure are rich.”

Bai Wudi’s tone was filled with admiration.

Li Mo asked, “Is Jade Lake Club famous?”

To anyone else, the Jade Lake Club was very famous. But Li Mo begged to differ. After all, he saw the real and genuine Peach Garden. Nothing could top that…

“That’s an understatement. It is one of the most popular places in the country. The girls there make me drool…

“But I’ll leave them all to you.”

Li Mo was speechless…

Half an hour later, Bai Wudi opened the window of his red beetle.

Bai Wudi waved from behind the wheel, “What are you staring at? Hop in.”

“Hey, how can a grown man drive such a tiny car? Won’t people laugh at you? And don’t you think a two-seater is cramped?”

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“It’s a long story. I will tell you when I have the time.”

Li Mo dipped his head to enter the small Beetle. It was so tight inside that his head knocked on the roof. Looking at Bai Wudi, even he was hunched back to keep his head low… 

“If you are strapped for cash, I can…”

Bai Wudi rolled his eyes, “I am still the successor of the Bai clan. I may not be able to take out billions, but a few millions are no problem.”


“A man never admits defeat, right?”


“Do you know how famous the Jade Lake Club is?” Bai Wudi switched topics.

“It is among the first in the country. The girls there all, without exception, are named after the Jade Lake fairies. The seven fairies will steal your heart with just a look…”

Bai Wudi’s was drooling.

‘Who knew this guy was so lecherous…’

“Jade Lake Club’s most famous names are the seven fairies and the Heavenly Empress…”

Li Mo’s heart skipped a beat at the last one.

Among China’s legends, Heavenly Court’s leader was Jade Emperor and Queen Mother of the West was his spouse. But the reality was different.

Heavenly Court’s first leader was known as Heavenly Emperor, and his consort, Heavenly Empress. These were their true titles. But since China didn’t know the complete story behind the legend, and after countless ages, it was reduced to the story everyone knew. 

The ones who knew the real meaning behind Heavenly Empress were only those who belonged to the true Heavenly Court.

“Seven fairies, each like a flower. And then there’s the Heavenly Empress. Oh my goodness, it’s paradise. Did you know? Not just anyone can see Heavenly Empress. Money won’t work there. To meet her you have to fulfill three conditions.”

“Don’t tell me the Jade Lake Club is a so-called bordello!”

“Yep, a bordello through and through.”

“Don’t you usually get any girl you want in those?”

“That only applies to the average girls.”

Bai Wudi put on a mystifying look, “Last time I had the fortune to catch a glimpse of the violet fairy. Oh lordy lord, that look was enough to make me realize all other women are naught but dung.

“You think the great me of the Bai clan would end up like this if not for that single glance?”

“What are you talking about? How does this car have anything to do with Jade Lake Club?”

“Everything and nothing. Let’s go back to Heavenly Empress. Do you know the three superstars singers in the entertainment world of today?

“Washed-up Ye Xiaolu, the gentle Heavenly Empress Lin Jing, and lastly, the most recent one that only rose two years ago, the one who will always take first place in any singing competition, Yang Wanjin.”

“Yang Wanjin?” Li Mo was dazed.

Heavenly Court’s very first empress was also called Yang Wanjin! 

“Don’t tell me you know her! Spill it, how does she look? Do you have a photo?”

“I never saw her, but I seem to recall the Queen Mother of the West bearing the same name.”

Then Li Mo’s mind was struck by the face of that perfect girl in white, the one he brought back from the Heavenly Court’s place.

“Yep, yep, no one ever heard of Yang Wanjin three years ago, but now, she got millions of fans just with her voice and figure. Even I am a great fan of her.”

Li Mo said, “What then is a superstar doing playing mistress in a bordello?”

Bai Wudi skidded to a stop.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“We may be friends, but that does not give you the right to insult my idol!”


“What mistress? Heavenly Empress Yang never had been one. She is the owner of the Jade Lake Club!”

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“Don’t ‘eh’ me! I warn you, if I ever hear you say that again, I’ll bite you.”

“In the Queen Mother of the West VIP lounge you only get to see one of the seven fairies, just one. The rest are average fairies of Jade Lake. As for Heavenly Empress Yang, that’s impossible.”

“She is the boss, so of course she herself couldn’t attend, uh, see her guests.”

Bai Wudi’s glare set Li Mo straight.

“Since you never saw how she looks, why are you so infatuated?”

“Her figure and skin make her a true fairy. You must see her to believe it.”

Bai Wudi flashed his phone and played a video of her singing a song.

The voice was filled with grace and soothing tones. Her figure perfect. Even though only her wrist was visible, it was enough to capture anyone’s heart.

Li Mo was stunned, ‘There’s more to her than meets the eye.’

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