Chapter 1279 – Demon Art

“Humph! Brat, I knew you were up to something since long ago.” Lion Emperor added on angrily, “With just this much, you can forget about going against this Emperor!”

His free claw emitted a cold glint as it grabbed at Bai Chen Feng!

Bai Chen Feng was unable to avoid the claw in time, so he raised the Demon God Command in his hand to block the attack.

“Crack!” the full-powered attack of the Lion Emperor struck onto the Demon God Command. His fingerbones immediately shattered and blood gushed out!

At the same time, he felt his energy being sucked into the Demon God Command like a receding tidal wave!


The anxious Lion Emperor tried to struggle and break free, but his hand remained rooted. While his body was unable to muster even an ounce of strength as everything continued to be sucked up by the Demon God Command.

Bai Chen Feng only felt a surge of powerful energy coming from the Demon God Command and the energy was bluntly forced into his body!

His meridians and vessels in his body expanded and he was in great pain, it felt as though a dense rain of needles were showering on every inch of his body. Yet, there was also an incredibly soothing feeling spreading through his body at the same time.

A mix of pain and comfort appeared in his body at the same time.


Bai Chen Feng could not endure this feeling in the end and started to laugh out loud; at the same time, tears were continuously flowing out of his eyes.

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“What happened?”

Many of the Lion Demons behind them sensed that something was wrong and immediately charged over.

“This Emperor orders…” when Lion Emperor was completing his sentence, he suddenly felt that he could no longer speak!

He now lacks the strength to just say something!

The Lion Demons were observing the situation and immediately tried to grab Bai Chen Feng in return.

“Hahahaha…” without stopping his laughter, Bai Chen Feng used his free hand to retaliate and send all the Lion Demons flying!

Amongst them were three other Lion Kings!

More Lion Demons tried to attack, but they were all casually sent flying away by Bai Chen Feng.

Upon seeing how powerful Bai Chen Feng became, many of the demons uncontrollably stopped in their tracks.

After some time, the light of the Demon God command receded. The mighty and powerful Lion Emperor reacted as though everything within him was sucked dry and he weakly collapsed.

On the other side, Bai Chen Feng’s face was filled with a rosy glow. He felt a mighty power within his body, an impulse to release this energy on everything surged within him.

It was unknown who spoke out, “What Demon Art is this? This Demon Man has absorbed Lion Emperor’s powers, heavens! This mystical Demon Art is too terrifying.”

Everyone checked. That demon was right?

Even Lion Emperor was displaying a shocked expression of loss. He no longer wanted to fight Bai Chen Feng and he tried to escape. However, it was too late.

He was unable to free himself.

He said in a panic, “Bai Chen Feng! What do you want to do to this Emperor?”

“What do I want to do? Naturally, to kill you!”


Lion Emperor fell.

“What audacity coming from a Demon Man! You dare to kill our tribe’s Lord Emperor! Prepare to suffer the consequences!”

Several Lion Demon Kings roared out when they saw what happened.

“Humph!” a cold glint flashed through Bai Chen Feng’s eyes before he took action!

The demons only saw a blur before they saw the Lion Demons who had shouted earlier have had their throats slashed!

“You, you, you… you now have the power of a Half-Emperor?”

“You are only a Demon Man! How dare you!”

“Lion Emperor, how are you?”

The lifeless Lion Emperor was already laying on the group. All his energy was completely sucked up by the Demon God Command and given to Bai Chen Feng.

Bai Chen Feng’s body started expanding and changing.

It immediately reached several meters in height and was even larger than the true form of the Lion Emperor!

He shot a glare at the demons, looking down arrogantly at them; like heavens looking at mortals. His gaze gave off an ancient feeling, as though he was one of those Ancient Greater Demons of legends.

The demons shuddered.

The demons were bloodthirsty in nature and followed only the strong. The old Lion Emperor has died and the new Lion Emperor was now born…

Even if they were unwilling, they have no choice but to submit!

“Who else!” Bai Chen Feng shouted as he took a majestic stance.

All the Lion Demons took a step back.

“From today onwards. I, Bai Chen Feng, will be your Emperor!” Bai Chen Feng coldly declared, “All who do not submit will be executed!”

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“Yes, Emperor!”

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