Chapter 1533: Unbeatable Talent

Never lost, never discouraged, persist with her original intention and keep moving forward, this is Ye Jian, a simple but extraordinary girl.


As soon as October came to November, the city where the NUTD was located became colder. The students wore slim and straight winter clothes and a coat outside. They looked really cool, walking around the campus. All of them had a kind of handsome and smart look.


The leaves fell to the ground on campus, one after another, forming a thick layer on the ground overnight.


Ye Jian and Song Zhiqiu, who came out of the library, walked while discussing their subject. At this time, Ye Jian was a little lucky. When she chose the major, she followed Xia Jinyuan’s suggestion, giving up a technical major and chose a command major.


Command majors focus on military training, while technical majors focus on learning cultural knowledge. It seems that technical majors will be relatively easy, but truthfully, it is not.


Technical majors not only have the same physical training but also have heavy studies. From the second half of the sophomore year, the students will have to allocate the same amount of time for laboratories, class studies, and training grounds.


Because the NUTD is famous for its technical majors, so the school emphasizes this aspect.


Therefore, technical students tend to have a lot more work than command students, so it is difficult to achieve well academically and training.


As a military academy leader, the NUTD has trained countless missile researchers, scientists, technical experts, and new-type command officers. It is indeed a wise move for Ye Jian to avoid this major.


After all, her development direction is not to join the laboratory with a military rank, but to stand at the frontline to become a special soldier.


Ye Jian is taking joint infantry training, which means she has dual degrees, science/engineering plus military.


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The first two years after enrollment, she will receive unified education and basic military and political training. By the end of the second semester, according to the army’s needs and her training goals that she had specified during enrollment, combined with personal interests and specialties, she had selected “joint training” majors within the prescribed scope.


Ye Jian chose ‘Command Automation Engineering,’ with eight main courses, which were also suggested by Xia Jinyuan.


Her personal abilities have reached the standard, but her technical level has just begun. The ‘Command Automation Engineering’ contains strong professionalism, and the courses’ Military Operations Research’ and ‘Information Acquisition Technique’ will be of great help to Ye Jian in the future.


Based on Ye Jian’s personal abilities, Xia Jinyuan, after careful research, analysis, and several discussions with the Major General, allowed Ye Jian to choose the “Command Automation Engineering” joint training.


After choosing it, Ye Jian actually had to spend a lot of time and effort, but it was still a bit lesser than that technical major.


Song Zhiqiu’s choice was also “Command Automation Engineering”, so after learning that Ye Jian also picked the same course, they had entered the library several times together. And they were always talking about their courses.


Today is a Saturday. The city has been pattering rain for more than ten days, not heavy rain, but it has not stopped.


For the first time, the school did not arrange training subjects. Instead, they even allowed each certain class places.


After this good news was called last night, class leader Song Zhiqiu announced that he had ten “outing notes” in his hand that they could “sign up” in less than a minute. The students’ speed was so fast that it was even faster than when they were gathering after the end of a long training!


In just a blink, all the ten outing permit slips were gone. Just take first, think later!


This shows how demanding this outgoing permit is. It is really rare for the students to be allowed to go out, sometimes there’s not even one for a class.

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