Chapter 1534 Go, Let’s Join The Group Fight

Ye Jian and Song Zhiqiu just talked about what students who went out would bring back, when Liu Yang, a classmate, walked in hurriedly, and when he saw Ye Jian, his eyes popped out, if it wasn’t for fear of the pickets, he would have rushed over.


He sped up his pace, sweating profusely, he lowered his voice and said to Ye Jian: “There’s an accident outside. Xu Wen accidentally spilled her ice cream on a person’s jacket. She quickly apologized, but the other party actually molested her!”


“Xu Wen was shocked. Ge Jinglin and the others came out of the supermarket and saw a few of them dragged Xu Wen into a Santana.”


Subsequently, the energetic male students who saw their female classmate being bullied so badly suppressed their anger and rushed to drag Xu Wen back. Who knew that those gangsters refused to let her go and even started a fight immediately.


“Ge Jinglin and the others are wearing winter uniforms, but they have large coats on the outside. They didn’t dare to fight too hard for fear that their military uniforms would be exposed. Who knew that the other party thought they were scared, so they are chasing them right now, threatening them into a fight.”


Ye Jian’s expression became cold, “There are ten of them, two girls Xu Wen and He Jing, and eight boys. They are all together?”


“That’s the thing, they’re not together. If all ten of them are together, then they have a chance to win the fight, but they are separated; that’s why they hesitate in fighting with the gangsters.” Liu Yang explained anxiously, “If they really fought, we will be at the losing end, because if the other party decided to complain to the school, then we will be in trouble.”


Being molested and almost being dragged into a car by young gangsters… fighting back is self-defense!


The problem now is that there are not enough people to fight!

Song Zhiqiu immediately said: “We can’t trouble the school, let’s go and have a look.” After finished speaking, he glanced at Ye Jian, and he suddenly said with interest: “My cousin said you are very good at fighting, you can easily take down ten people solo.”


“As your classmate, I don’t know if I should be honored to see your sassy and heroic appearance today.”


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These school tyrants would definitely not say this kind of thing before because for them fighting was a very farfetch thing, something that wouldn’t even cross their minds.


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In the twelve years of education they have received, only bad students will fight, top students will always be well-behaved and obedient.


It seems that the military academy is like the military department; it is a place that can inspire guts in anyone. These students were once so weak that they couldn’t even throw a bucket of water, but today, they even started to play violence, and they even play it so naturally.


The environment really changes people. Daily training has stimulated the belligerent, aggressiveness, and strength in these young students. They have strict disciplines to restrict them from crossing the line. However, once threatened, even a bookworm can become a beast.


Although violence is to be used, they still have to act sanely. Song Zhiqiu knew that he couldn’t beat four people, so the best option was to ask for help from his classmates.


And the person he decided to call for help was none other than Ye Jian.


Because only Ye Jian could get an outing permit from the instructor.


Liu Yang was already too stunned, so when Ye Jian and Song Zhiqiu walked to the teacher’s office together, he quickly caught up to them, “Comrades, you guys don’t mean that we’re going there to join in the fight, right?”


“No way, how can we do that? If the school finds out, we will all be punished; stay calm, stay calm, we must be calm. We can report the situation to the teacher and let the teacher deal with it. Isn’t this way better?”


Yeah, that’s a typically good student’s approach.

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