Chapter 1535 The Art of Speaking

Song Zhiqiu patted the good student on the shoulder, “Comrade, we have been in school for more than forty days, don’t you feel panicked? Don’t you want to go out to vent? Now there are good reasons for you to vent. Do you really want to refuse?”


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Yeah, that’s right! They could say that the three of them went out to pick up their comrades. If the other party did not want to give in and force them to defend themselves, then they had no choice but to take action. That’s a valid reason!


Besides, the gangsters were so daring to even drag a female cadet into their car. Their intention was obviously impure to even dare to kidnap people in public. Their character was already extremely bad, to begin with!


They were forced to take action to protect their comrades. How could the school punish them?


Liu Yang became interested. He also suggested whether to bring a few more students who could fight.


“That’s enough, there are already ten out there, plus three of us, that’s enough. Calling a few more people over would mean that we are planning to have a group fight; that would change our intention.” Song Zhiqiu explained. It could be seen that this good student was a courageous and strategic person who had not been unfamiliar with fights before.


Liu Yang finally understood. Although, in essence, they still went out to fight in groups, they had to make the school think that their starting point was a “peaceful settlement.”


When Ye Jian made a move, the instructor only asked a few questions about the reason for them going out. Ye Jian didn’t hide the reason; she told the details of the matter one by one. The instructor gave three outing permits to Ye Jian and said: “Solve the matter well, don’t make any mistakes.”


Wow, this is crazy! The instructor was surprised by the incident; their school’s female cadet was actually dragged into the car; if they didn’t show them a bit of their muscles, those gangsters would really think that they could do whatever they want.


Liu Yang looked at the three outing permits, just like that, and they were given permission to go out! He was so surprised, his eyes looked like they were going to pop out! 


My goodness!


So easy!   

“This is the art of speaking, grasping the key points. In the future, learn more about it.” Song Zhiqiu was also surprised. Ye Jian grasped the key points, and said them first with a solemn expression and tone, and then changed her tone to sound anxious and unsteady, expressing her intentions, and at the same time not forget to tell the instructor that she would handle the matter appropriately.


Ye Jian was intelligent; even in speaking, she was full of wisdom.


The three of them were able to leave school directly after they had permission. Still, to prevent their identity from being exposed, the three of them returned to their dormitory as quickly as possible and changed into their casual clothes, and left school together after five minutes.


Sijiu Alley is a famous snack street in the city. In the past, there were several exits. However, in October this year, the city was renovated, and Sijiu Alley was listed as a key renovation project.


Four students, including Ge Jinglin and Xu Wen, who were unfamiliar with the city, directly rushed in, only then did they find that…the road led to nowhere!


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“Darned it, search the place carefully! I don’t believe we will be trapped!” Outside the engineering support, a few young gangsters walked over with steel pipes in their hands, arrogantly shouting.


Ge Jinglin calculated the number of opponents; his face was a bit uncomfortable. When he couldn’t hear the footsteps, he whispered: “Twenty-three, we only have four of us. There is no chance of winning at all. We can only wait for Ye Jian and the others to come.


They were outnumbered, so they could only delay by hiding and waiting for reinforcements.


Fortunately, they found a hiding place. Otherwise, they would really run into the gangsters, and they would definitely be beaten up barehanded against the steel pipes in the gangsters’ hands,… Ge Jinglin was anxious after thinking about it; they might even be beaten until their bones were fractured.

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