Chapter 1536 Can’t Beat Them

The two of them had no way to get out at the moment. They deliberately chose their way to run into Sijiu Alley, thinking that they would soon eliminate those gangsters. Who knew that they just hadn’t gone out for more than 40 days, and Sijiu Alley had actually begun its renovation!


Fortunately, there was a construction site here. Wu Bingcheng directly hid into the construction site office and called the school. Otherwise, there would be no way to rush back to school on time.


They only had five hours to be outside, and now more than three hours had passed!


Xu Wen looked at the time and felt a little anxious, “What should we do? Our permit is almost up. Will we be late?” Although Xu Wen had a dad who was also in the army, she had always been carefully taken care of by her family. She was not arrogant, but she was a well-protected girl.


She was forced to take the military academy entrance examination by her dad, just to make sure she would never be arrogant.


Her family background was good, and she had been well-educated since she was a child. From kindergarten to high school, she went to prestigious Beijing schools. She had never gotten into fights, and she had never encountered such an incident like today.


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Had it not been for her classmates to show up in time, Xu Wen might have been dragged into the car.


Now thinking about the incident earlier, Xu Wen’s calf still trembled a little. She would have cried earlier out of fear, but now, she could still calmly think whether Ye Jian and the others would be late.


Wu Bingcheng shook his head, “No, the reason why I asked Liu Yang to call out Ye Jian is because I know that Ye Jian is a very time-conscious person, and she will not let us be late. Don’t worry about that.”


“Da Bing, watch out behind you, don’t be attacked.” He also reminded another male student, Yuan Dabing.


His words made the other three people slightly relieved. Indeed, Ye Jian would definitely watch the time and would not let them be late.


Now they just didn’t know how many people she would bring out with her, probably five people, that seemed possible. Probably not ten because there were a total of 45 students in their class. Ten of them had already come out. If another ten came out, then more than half of the class would be outside; that was impossible.


Five should be five.

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But before Ye Jian came, the four of them had to hide carefully!


From summer vacation to now, they had already been a military academy student for a few months, so they understood a little bit of tactics. The four of them arranged themselves where Ge Jinglin and Wu Bingcheng would keep an eye on the front, and Yuan Dabing would keep an eye on the back. As for Xu Wen, they would let her rest temporarily. Her face was still pale, and it was obvious that she was still in shock after they managed to pick her back from the gangsters.


Outside, more than two dozen gangsters were holding steel pipes in the alley deliberately beating around, making “ping-ping-bang-bang” sounds, and they hadn’t stopped scolding arrogant words from their mouths.


They knew that the students were in Sijiu Alley. Although they had not found them yet, they would definitely see them sooner or later. They had blocked the entrance and exit; now, it was just a matter of how long the students could hide!


They dared to shame their boss’s face, they must be beaten!


Fighting is a common occurrence for them. It is a big deal to lose face in front of their brothers today. How can they not capture the students and teach them a good lesson?


Fighting is also their favorite method to use to handle problems, but they were all scared; none of them dared to go out to fight alone. They liked to call their group, making themselves look aggressive and cool.


Actually, to put it bluntly, it was all for the sake of face.


Seeing how Ge Jinglin and the others took Xu Wen and ran away, the gangsters thought they were easily bullied. However, it was precise because they were shamed by someone who was easily bullied; that was why they felt even more embarrassed!


How could they live up to their reputation if they didn’t get back on those who shamed them!

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