Chapter 1537 Single-handedly Attacked From All Directions

The face is more important than fate for a gangster.


Sijiu Alley was not far from the school, six stops away by bus.


Ye Jian, Song Zhiqiu, and Liu Yang got off the bus and rushed directly to the place Wu Bingcheng said.


The three of them all trotted their way because they feared that their classmates would have suffered if they were late.


A steel pipe engineering bracket was erected at the entrance, and several workers wearing construction helmets were squatting, smoking, and chatting.


They ignored the “ping-ping-pong-pong” sounds inside. This kind of sound was common at the construction site.


Seeing the students passing by, they did not stop them, but several looked up at them.


Although Sijiu Alley was being renovated, some residents still did not move out in time. The construction team could not wait that long. They were waiting for the residents inside to move out while the construction was being carried out. So it was normal for people to come and go.


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It’s just that there were a lot of people coming in and going out today.

Seeing Ye Jian and her classmates entered the alley, the resting construction workers continued to rest and chat.


After entering the alley, Ye Jian saw six young people standing crookedly with steel pipes in their hands. She narrowed her eyes slightly.


No wonder Ge Jinglin and the other three needed to hide. The other party had steel pipes in their hands, so they would really suffer a lot if they actually fought.


“They still have steel pipes in their hands!” Liu Yang whispered. At first, he walked side by side with Ye Jian, but he slowed down and walked behind Ye Jian now, “Ye Jian, you walk in the middle, don’t panic, I saw a lot of wooden boards just now, we can use it to defend ourselves.”


Song Zhiqiu turned his head to look at Liu Yang and inadvertently saw Ye Jian raising her right hand and gently touching her right wrist with her left hand; faintly, he seemed to see something thin, like silver jewelry wrapped around her hand.    

Without thinking about it, he said to Liu Yang: “Don’t be too nervous, let’s find them first.”


“I, I… I am not nervous. Ye Jian is a girl. Boys should protect girls.” Liu Yang swallowed hard; his expression on his face was a little tight, obviously nervous.


Being protected by boys felt a little bit funny.


Except for the comrades in the battlefield, covering and protecting each other, Ye Jian really hadn’t been protected by boys in her life before.

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When she first started school, the teacher came in and wrote the two characters “comrade” on the blackboard, and then directly called the freshmen to stand up and explain what it means.


After everyone explained, the teacher wrote a sentence on the blackboard, “The one who can carry you back when you’re dead, the one who will never leave.” This sentence really shocked all the students.


A comrade is someone who is willing to take your risk and give you peace.


You are me, I am you, trusting each other, relying on each other, and guarding each other. That first lesson had touched the souls of the students that day.


Liu Yang was nervous, but subconsciously he still knew to protect his comrades. This was their relationship as comrades.


“Let’s solve it peacefully first. If we really can’t solve it that way, then only we use violence.” Ye Jian didn’t let him walk at the back. The three of them stood side by side again. “In my opinion, these people are paper tigers. They won’t dare to do anything for real.”


Back then, Luo Ran led a group of gangsters, Brother Huang, their leader, was also ferocious at first, but in the end, the two of them were so scared that they knelt and begged for mercy.


It can be seen that such things as group fights are generally done by timid people. Why should the brave people ask for backups then? Brave people should go single-handedly and attack in all directions.

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