Chapter 1538 People from Two Different Worlds

Liu Yang was a little nervous initially, but he suddenly felt better after listening to Ye Jian. Looking at those people who were wearing various tights, wrapping their bamboo-like legs, he couldn’t help laughing, “They’re all so skinny like a pole, I think I can hit both of them alone.”


Anyway, he had quite some muscle!


“Don’t talk big. Who knows later you’ll need Ye Jian to protect you.” Song Zhiqiu laughed and teased Liu Yang, half-joking and half-seriously, “We just take care of ourselves first later, don’t hold back Ye Jian.”

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His cousin said that she could beat ten people on her own. He hadn’t really suspected it was a fake.


Seeing her cold expression, her eyes slightly raised, showing that she didn’t put those gangsters in her eyes at all. She was obviously very confident in herself.


Ye Jian smiled and asked him, “How many can you fight? Three?”


“Yes, most probably three, five will be too many for me.” Song Zhiqiu took Liu Yang’s shoulders, raised his brows, and smiled: “We should have some chance of winning.”

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Ye Jian’s smile deepened, “You deal with three, Liu Yang deals with one. Ge Jinglin and the others come out later. Our chance of winning is still quite high.”


Before fighting, come up with a plan first. This is called planned combat.


The six gangsters, who were standing on guard with steel pipes in their hands, were talking.


Seeing someone coming in, they looked up, their eyes had a bit of self-righteous ferocity, staring straight at… Ye Jian, who was walking in the middle.


“Excuse me, please, thank you.” Ye Jian stood in front of them, with a faint smile on her mouth, and bowed first.


The young man in the middle stared at Ye Jian’s gaze a little awkwardly, spat out the betel nut residue he was chewing, and approached with a smile, “Hey beautiful, where are you going? How about you let us send you?”


This kind of attitude really deserved beating!


Liu Yang and Song Zhiqiu took a step forward at the same time, staring at the young man who was talking. In the local dialect, Song Zhiqiu said, “Please move aside for us to cross, thank you.”


Someone inside yelled out, “Heck, are you guys guarding well! Did anyone escape!”


“No, we are all guarding well!” The young man who blocked Ye Jian replied loudly. As soon as he spoke, the smell of betel nut in his mouth was so nauseous, “Brother Hui, there’s another beauty here. Would you like to come out and have a look?”


There was a roar of laughter from inside, “It seems that you’re blessed with beauties today, Brother Hui! Brother Hui, do you want to go out and have a look? Let us handle the matter inside here. As long as they don’t run out, we will find them for you, Brother Hui!”


“Darn it, don’t talk nonsense, find that kid who embarrassed our boss first! I’m sure they haven’t run out. Search carefully. Lock all the doors. God d*mn it, I’m going to beat the sh*t out of them!”


There were not many residents coming in and out. The gangsters talking inside were becoming more arrogant. 


The man who spoke was the one Xu Wen accidentally spilled her ice cream on his coat. The young man was big and rude, bald, had ears with five or six stud earrings, and a string of silver jewelry hanging from his neck. He was also chewing betel nuts as he walked shakily as if he had lice on his body.


The other two dozen gangsters basically wore the same clothes. They wore silver jewelry around their necks. Some wore black jackets while others wore denim jackets. Their trousers were either loose jeans or tights. A silver chain was hung around their waist like a belt. The way they dressed and talked was utterly different from Ye Jian and the other students. They were people from two completely different worlds.

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